Difference Between Various Types of Concrete Mixing Plant

LUTON GROUP provides Five types of the concrete mixing plants, like Belt conveyor, Bucket feeding, Foundation Free, Container and Mobile type. There are difference between various types of concrete mixing plant. People can choose the plant based on their working site, project requirements, and budget.

Difference Between Various Types of Concrete Mixing Plant

Belt Converyor Type Concrete Mixing Plant

It’s most popular for commercial concrete and large project, very high effective, it also need larger floor area and price also higher. The capacity from 60cbm to 240cbm per hour. Read more

Difference Between Various Types of Concrete Mixing Plant

Bucket Feeding Concrete Mixing Plant

It usually used for small project or the smaller floor area. Even the efficiency is not higher than belt type, but it not too slow, average batch is only 72s, and the capacity could be 25-120cbm. The cost is much lower than Belt type. Read more.

Small batch concrete plant

Free Foundation Type Concrete Mixing Plant

As the name foundation free, If the working site is difficult to make the foundation, it will be a good choice. It’s a special design for this kind of project. The capacity is around 90-120cbm per hour.

free foundation concrete production plant

Container Type Concrete Mixing Plant

The installation of this mixing plant is like stacking wood. Very simple assembling and disassemble. Same time and foundation. If your project is too rush, and the environment and noise requirements are relatively high, it will be a good choice.

container concrete batching plant

Mobile Type Concrete Mixing Plant

Mobile type plant is very popular lately. It used for different project changes, easy movement and installation. The cost effective is very high. Two kinds of the mobile type can match your project. Read more.

custom mobile concrete batching plant

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