Fully Automatic Concrete Batching Plant

fully automatic concrete batching plant

Fully automatic concrete batching plant, combined with semi-automatic concrete batching plant are two types of concrete batching plant according to different control methods.

Different from semi-automatic concrete batching plant, which needs some operators monitor the working procession all the time, the control system of fully automatic concrete batching plant conducts the whole production by engine computer, PLC and control panel. Just an operation of pressing the start button, all the production process will be conducted automatically.

Both fully automatic and semi-automatic concrete batching plants are available in LUTON GROUP.

Hot Models of LUTON Fully Automatic Concrete Batching Plant

The fully automatic control system of concrete batching plant is easy to operate, with high-degree automation, integrated monitoring and remote operation. It is the preferred concrete batching system for large and medium-sized building, road and bridge projects and commercial mixed stations.

Stationary Fully Automatic Concrete Batching Plant

central mix concrete plants

Production Capacity: 25/35/50/60/75/90/120/180/240 m3/h
Batching Machine: PLD800/1200/1600/2400/3200/4800
Max. Aggregate Size: 80/60mm or 100/80mm or 120/80mm
Twin-shaft Mixer: JS500/750/1000/1500/2000/3000/4000
Aggregate Feeder: Bucket (Skip hopper)
Mixing Cycle: 60s or 72s

Mobile Fully Automatic Concrete Batching Plant

mini concrete batch plant

Production Capacity: 25/35/50/60/75/90 m3/h
Batching Machine: PLD800/1200/1600/2400/3200/4800
Max. Aggregate Size: 80/60mm or 100/80mm
Twin-shaft Mixer: JS500/750/1000/1500
Aggregate Feeder: Skip hopper type or belt type
Mixing Cycle: 60s or 72s

How Much Is Fully Automatic Concrete Batching Plant

Fully automatic concrete batching plant price a wide range from $25,000 to $360,000 according to different producing methods, design technology, control technology, types, production capacities, configurations, shipment, assurance and so on.

Also, the cost of a fully automatic concrete batching plant is affected by brands, local policy, material price, and the market situation.

So, it is difficult to say a definite price for an fully automatic concrete batching plant. If you want to get the details about the price, press the following button and contact us. Don’t hesitate and open the gate to success for yourself right now.

Applications of Fully Automatic Concrete Batching Plant


2HZS120 Belt Conveyor Stationary Plant in Philippines

The model of ready mix concrete plant has been sold in South Africa was HZS35


Comparison Between Fully And Semi Automatic Concrete Batching Plant

PLY control system

The main differences between fully automatic concrete batching plant and semi automatic concrete batching plant originate from the control method of the whole system.

The components and working process of the two types of batching plant are similiar, so there will not be introduces in detail here. For related content, you can refer to the article semi automatic concrete plant.

Batching Plant Types Fully Automatic Semi Automatic


1.More upfront investment 1.Less upfront investment
2.Fewer Operators are required. 2.More Operators are required.

3.Easier Operation:

Just press a button and all the procession is executed

sequentially without human intervention requirement.

3.Multiple-Step Operation:

Control the procession step by step by operators pressing different control buttons. Manual intervention is available for material ratio control, fault intervention and so on.

4.Suit to large or medium size projections and commercial concrete production

4.Suit to industrial engineering projects and small-scale construction projects.

Common Points

1.Overall Structures

2.Producing Capacity

3.Basic Configurations

Both have seven main system, including Material Storage System, Conveying System, Weighing System, Mixing System, Control System, Dust Collecting System, Pneumatic System and so on.

4.Production Process

Materials Feeding→ Batching → Conveying → Mixing → Discharging → Transporting

Control System of LUTON Fully Automatic Concrete Batching Plant

  1. Operation and management are integrated in computer, and the operation is simple and convenient.
  2. The batching system is centrally controlled by the microcomputer, saving labor.
  3. The Operation data of the whole plant can be saved for more than 10 years, which is convenient for setting management.
  4. The formula can be expressed by numbers, convenient for user identification, the number of recipes can reach dozens.
  5. Error analysis and automatic detection ensure the real-time monitor of the producing procession.
  6. The control mode is switchable between automatic and manual. In the case of automatic control, the manual operating system can still complete the control of the mixing station, such as batching, stirring, unloading and so on.
  7. With screen monitoring system, you can monitor the operation of the equipment at any time.
  8. High level buzzer and siren provide fault alarm function.
  9. The main hardware used in electric control system is Schneider or Siemens products, featuring advanced performance, high reliability and beautiful appearance.
HZS75 Plant is working on site


LUTON Group is one of the most popular concrete batching plant manufacturers in China, whose products are sold to more than 80 countries all over the world.

For more than 20 years, LUTON GROUP has been committed to researching, designing and producing various types of mixing plants that meet the needs of various concrete users, and also provides customers with a full range of professional and thoughtful consulting, installation, maintenance and other services.

The types of LUTON fully automatic concrete batching plants are various, covering stationary concrete batching plants, mobile concrete batching plants, belt concrete batching plants, hopper concrete batching plants, dry concrete batching plants, wet concrete batching plants, ready mixed concrete batching plant, precast concrete batching plant, etc..

With LUTON keeping on advanced and accurate technology design and pursuit high quality of concrete plants, LUTON fully automatic concrete batching plants are approved by every customer with:

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  • Reliable structure and elegant appearance
  • Durable and Long service life
  • Customizable Configuration
  • Precise measurement performance
  • Steady and accurate controlling performance
  • Real-time monitor the whole working station
  • Centralized control of the microcomputer, easy to operate
  • Switchable between fully automatic control mode and manual mode
  • High Efficiency and Productivity
  • Simple and Convenient Maintenance
  • Adoption of high-quality components from top brands
  • Low noise, less dust, environmentally friendly design
  • Whole procedure customized service
  • 18000+ plants manufactured and sold
  • 20+ years industrial experience with pioneering design