High Pressure Concrete Pump

A high pressure concrete pump has a larger capacity for transferring concrete into higher or far site in pipelines in lesser time. They are ideal for both small and large constructions. These are used mainly for concrete construction of railway and highway tunnels, bridges and tunnels, hydropower, mining, high-rise buildings and national defense projects.

The construction process gets cost-effective due to these high-pressure concrete pumps while these pumps tend to have a longer life as all parts are wear-resistible and replaceable if needed. These concrete pumps ensure a stress-free, power-packed operation, which runs smoothly.

Luton’s high pressure concrete pump is suitable for all sorts of constructions either commercial or residential offering all yields from 30 m³/h to 90 m³/h. They also have a 30% higher productivity rate and can easily reach heights of 60 meters.

Types of High-pressure Concrete Pump

There are three types of high pressure concrete pumps:

Concrete Mixer Pump

Concrete Mixer Pumps are stationary, they are not meant to be moved around at smaller construction sites during the building procedure. The operation flexibility of this concrete mixer pump is quite good, and the relative speed is also very fast, the total cost of procedure is 50% lesser. It improves productivity at least 4 times that of traditional methods, which greatly speeds up the construction process.

The mixer pump carries out multiple functions of mixing, driving, pumping and distributing. These are used usually when plazas or multiple-story buildings are being constructed.

The role of the boom system is to complete the conveyance and supply of concrete, and support the whole vehicle to ensure its firmness and constancy. The pipelines are reached at any level without any difficulties with the Boom Concrete Pumps.

concrete mixer pump

Concrete Trailer Pump

Concrete Trailer Pump are smaller compact units that are best if used for construction being done at a smaller scale. They are also called Line Concrete Pumps and truck-mounted concrete pumps as their pump is attached through a line pipe to the back of a trailer or truck. They can easily move around the construction site with the help of the attached truck. The maximum pumping height of the truck-mounted pump can be up to 250m.

Considering the working movement, the towed pump is the vilest. The concrete conveying pipes are supposed to be arranged priorly every time, and it is a lengthy process to change. The distribution range is also minimal, and a trailer is needed for traction when transferring.

high pressure concrete trailer pump

Concrete Boom Pump

The pump truck is same as to accumulating a boom on the basis of the vehicle-mounted pump, which further expands the working flexibility, but the supply height is relatively restricted, which has reached 100m now;

The role of the boom system is to complete the conveyance and supply of concrete, and support the whole vehicle to ensure its firmness and constancy. The pipelines are reached at any level without any difficulties with the Boom Concrete Pumps.

diesel concrete boom pump

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Features of High Pressure Concrete Pump

High Pressure Concrete pumps are successful and show multiple features.

  • They are cost-effective as well as energy-efficient.
  • These pumps are weather protected which ensures longer life.
  • They are equipped with an environmentally friendly engine, which has a low secretion rate.
  • The pump has a huge suction opening to let the machinery stay cool during the procedure.
  • Powerful Pumping system.
  • Hassle free flow of concrete is ensured due to the strong conveyance lines.
  • A larger amount of work gets done in lesser time with no use of manpower.
  • At smaller construction sites, they have high mobility due to the attached truck.
  • Easy Operations are carried out with lesser vibration and lesser noise pollution.
  • The process is safe and user-friendly.
  • High pressure concrete pumps have all the parts compacted together in a start of art design.
  • The sturdy gate at the base ensures a fast cleaning.
  • Suitable for all building types.
  • High quality equipment in lesser price.
Electric concrete trailer pump

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How Far Can a Concrete Boom Pump Reach?

A concrete boom pump can easily reach 62 meters at height and on the ground. But in case the boom concrete pump is of higher capacity then it can cover the distance of 100 meters.

Advantages of High Pressure Concrete Pump

  1. High pressure pump can help the contractors finish their construction projects within the constraints of cost, quality, time, and scope as they have high efficiency.
  2. High pressure pump can be used in transporting concrete on various types of projects as their use varies from towering, high-rise buildings to lower warehouses or silos.

Buying VS Renting Pressure Concrete Pump

  1. If a buying-vs.-renting decision is to be made, buying the concrete pump can be concluded to be a more feasible option.
  2. The cost of this machinery could be just covered within 3 years and the overall life of it is 15 years. This means that money that was needed to be spent on renting would be saved for the next 12 years.
  3. Moreover, this machinery would form a permanent asset of the company making the portfolio of the company more persuasive and appealing to potential clients during bidding activities.


Diesel Concrete Pump

Boom Pressure Concrete Pump

Are High Pressure Concrete Pumps Sustainable?

The concept of sustainability revolves around three parameters: the environment, economics, and society. This construction machine fulfills these three parameters adequately. High pressure concrete pump can be marked as environmentally friendly due to the fact that they consume less oil and releases minimum emissions if compared to alternative pieces of machinery used for the same purpose. They save money as well as reduce the burden on the labor force thus promoting overall sustainability.

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