How does a Concrete Batch Plant Work

About the Concrete Batch Plant

A Concrete batch plant,also named concrete batching plant, batching plant, concrete mixing plant and concrete mixing station, is an assembly device used for the mass production of fresh concrete. So how does a concrete batch plant work? It’s very important for operator to learn the concrete batch plant working process. The operator don’t fully control and monitor the whole process conditions until he masters the knowledge of concrete batching well, which is benefit for improving the quality of concrete.


Batching Plant Components

A concrete batch plant is mainly composed of main mixing tower body, mixer, powder bin, screw conveyor, belt conveyor or hopper elevator, weighing system, liquid supply system, pneumatic system, electric control system, dust filter(or collector), batching machine and control room. Next, this article will present the contents on how does a concrete batch plant work by virtue of vivid pictures and specific words.

The Concrete Batch Plant Workflow

how does a concrete batch plant work

The Picture of How does a Concrete Batch Plant Work

Aggregates are packed into batching equipment by loader. After a short time , they are packed right into the metering hoppers. After that metered aggregates conveyed by belt conveyor or hopper elevator upper to the mixer host where rest weighed materials are also filled into.

It is pointing out right here that the transportation of the powder is fully finished by the powder conveying screw.

At the same time, the water and additives are straight pumped to the measuring system and ultimately to the mixer.

In the main mixer, all materials are blended by twin shafts, which are raised and then dropped by gravity, by doing this mixed by two shafts evenly and thoroughly.

Quickly (about 60 or 72 seconds), the finished concrete combination materials are unloaded which suggests this batch of concrete mixing process is done.

Above are the all contents on how does a concrete batch plant work. For more information on the concrete batching plant or how to find a suitable concrete plant for your construction project, contact with us directly and Luton will give you professional advice.

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