How Does a Concrete Batch Plant Work

A Concrete batch plant, also named concrete batching plant, batching plant, concrete mixing plant and concrete mixing station, is an assembly device used for the mass production of fresh concrete. So how does a concrete batch plant work? It’s very important for operator to learn the concrete batch plant working process. The operator don’t fully control and monitor the whole process conditions until he masters the knowledge of concrete batching well, which is benefit for improving the quality of concrete.


Batching Plant Components

A concrete batch plant is mainly composed of main mixing tower body, mixer, powder bin, screw conveyor, belt conveyor or hopper elevator, weighing system, liquid supply system, pneumatic system, electric control system, dust filter(or collector), batching machine and control room. Next, this article will present the contents on how does a concrete batch plant work by virtue of vivid pictures and specific words.

The Concrete Batch Plant Workflow

how does a concrete batch plant work
Luton concrete batch plant process

The Picture of How does a Concrete Batch Plant Work

1.The aggregates will be fed into bins by wheel loader or belt conveyor.

2. When batching the materials, the doors are opened by the cylinders and each aggregate discharges into their own weighing hopper for accurate accumulated weighing or individual weighing. Microcomputer automatically alarms when overweight.

batching and weighing system

3. After aggregates batching finished, they will be transported onto inclined feeding belt conveyor by flat belt conveyor.

belt conveyor type concrete plant

4. Material transported from the feeding inclined belt conveyor to the transition hopper in the upper part of the host mixer for temporary storage.

Aggregate waiting hopper is a transition hopper that plays the role of a temporary aggregate storing, it shortens the cycle working time in a mixing station.

5. The dust removal device makes aggregate, cement, coal ash generated collected and prevent pollution. Power stored in silo which is composed of silo body, top roof dust collector, level indicator, inlet-tubes, manual butterfly valves, broken arch devices and other components.

bag house dust catcher

6. Cement powder is transported by screw conveyor into the weighing hopper for metering. Luton power metering hopper employs precise weighing sensors to ensure accurate powder weighing.

screw conveyor for sale

7. Water and admixtures transported through the pipeline to the respective weighing hopper for weighing, after weighing, the butterfly valve below the admixture weighing hopper then open, the admixture discharged into the water weighing hopper for mixing and dilution, then discharged to the host mixer via a booster pump.

8. In the main mixer, all materials are blended by twin shafts, which are raised and then dropped by gravity, by doing this mixed by two shafts evenly and thoroughly.

Quickly (about 60 or 72 seconds), the finished concrete combination materials are unloaded which suggests this batch of concrete mixing process is done.

Above are the all contents on how does a concrete batch plant work. For more information on the concrete batching plant or how to find a suitable concrete plant for your construction project, contact with us directly and Luton will give you professional advice.

Brief Introduction on Concrete Batch Plant

Features of Luton belt conveyor

Our inclined feeding belt conveyor adopts semi-closed design, waterproof and dust proof.

Maintenance walkway is designed at two sides of the inclined belt conveyor, easy for belt maintenance and with emergency stop pull switch, make sure easy maintenance and safety.

Central has a tension device, ensure adequate tension to prevent belt slippage. The top has automatic cleaning device, scraper and belt cleaning, ensure belt as clean as new.

JS Twin-shaft Compulsory Mixer

LUTON Group developed the JS series twin-shaft compulsory mixer with high mixing efficiency, good uniformity, good sealing performance, safety, and high reliability etc.

The mixer is mainly made up of mixing system, feeding systems, discharge systems, water supply systems, electrical systems and other components. Mixing barrel is welded together, mixing cylinder liner inlaid with five kinds, with countersunk head screws are firmly coupled with the barrel. Ensure the liner interchangeability.

Spindle seal with new LUTON patented sealing technology, multiple seals, imported original seal, ensure the sealing reliability.

Mixing blades adopt new generation of double helix with continuous stirring, replacing the traditional shovel blade mixing blades, mixing time can be shortened more than 50% percent, and stirring evenness increases more than 15 percent.

Mixing blades are with double-helix shape, the spiral arrangement of the mixing blades curved to form a double helix and two opposite rotation axis, at the same time that the material vigorous radial and axial propulsion movement intensifies, making the material in the mixing bucket as a boiling status and mixed in a short time.

Lubrication System

The spray device is designed in right above of the two spindles and parallels with them, making the host water spray mixing process more uniform. Pressure pump high-pressure water jet, can quickly cleans residues adhered to the two spindles, keep the spindle always as clean as new.

Control System

The last commands issued from the control system, the completed stirred material injected to concrete mixer truck by discharging hopper.

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