How to Debug Concrete Trailer Pump

Concrete trailer pumps are widely used in high-rise, high-speed, overpass and tunnel and other large-scale concrete projects. Users must have an in-depth understanding of the company’s product performance, quality and services when operating the equipment, and how to debug concrete trailer pump, then the following conditions must be met when debugging the concrete trailer pump equipment:

Luton diesel concrete pumps
  1. The components, accessories and random items of the equipment to be debugged should be fully equipped according to the standard.
  2. Prepare hydraulic oil and lubricating grease, and the oil quality of hydraulic oil should meet the requirements.
  3. Fill hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil and cooling water as required, and add hydraulic oil to the specified oil level.
  4. The concrete trailer pump should be inspected, debugged and tested to make it into normal working condition, and the hydraulic system should meet the standard after debug.
  5. The diameter of the concrete pump pipe for debugging is 125mm.
  6. The experimental concrete should meet the standard.
  7. The equipment should be placed on a level and firm ground.

In addition to strict inspection when purchasing products, in fact, daily maintenance is also an indispensable and necessary work, so as to achieve the ideal effect of easy use and longer service life during operation.

How to Debug Concrete Trailer Pump?

1. Pump inspection

In general, after the pump is installed in place, the overall inspection of the pump should be carried out first. Usually, the inspection contents include: whether the liquid level in the fuel tank is within the specified range, hydraulic hose joints, pipe clamps and other connecting parts whether it is loose, whether there is oil leakage, whether the connection of electrical components is broken or disconnected, whether the contact screw is loose, whether there are foreign objects or impurities in the hopper, etc. These are the areas where the pump should be checked.

diesel concrete mixer pump

2. Electrical inspection  

For the inspection of electrical appliances, first check whether the on-site voltage is (380±10%)V. Usually, the pump must be equipped with a special control switch. The specifications of the cables used must be consistent with the main cables on the pump. At the same time, the ground wire should be connected as required, and the following inspections should be done:

control cabinet of concrete mixer pump
  • Turn on the control circuit switch, the power indicator light is on, and the PLC module of the programmable logic controller is powered on. At this time, observe the indicator lights on the module (starting, running and fault respectively), if the starting and running lights are on, but the fault light If it is off, it means that it is normal, and normal operation can be performed; otherwise, it is abnormal and the pump cannot run.
  • Press the motor start button to see if the AC contactor of the motor operates according to the program, and whether the motor indicator light is on.
  • Press the buttons of pumping, anti-pumping, pressure test and stirring respectively to see if the programmable controller has input and output signals.

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