Matters Needed Attention for Concrete Trailer Pump Operation

Inspection Before Start-up

The routine inspection of concrete trailer pump mainly includes the following contents: liquid level of hydraulic oil contained in cylinder, whether there is water in the water tank, the wear of vulnerable parts, lubricating oil volume and whether there is pipe plugging as well as other parts of inspection. If it is a motor pump, you also need to check whether the external voltage is normal, whether the phase, the phase sequence of wiring is correct and other problems.


What is easily overlooked is the amount of lubricating oil, which leads to abnormal wear of large ends and mixing damaged parts. At the same time, the external pump pipeline of the concrete trailer pump should also be checked periodically to prevent the pump pipe wear and slurry leakage, or the pump pipe clamp is not installed in place.Therefore, in order to take precautions, In order to take precautions, it is necessary to check the concrete trailer pump before construction. And it is also the most reliable way.

Notes during Operation

Before pumping concrete, the trailer pump also needs to pump a certain amount of mortar to lubricate the pump pipe. At the same time, according to the increase of the length of the connected pump pipe, the amount of mortar provided also needs to be increased accordingly, to prevent the terminal pump pipe lubrication is not in place.

Before the mortar has been pumped, the concrete should be put into the hopper, to prevent the concrete concrete cylinder suction, which may lead to the occurrence of pipe plug. At the same time, in the process of pumping, such as the concrete blocking time can not be too long, It is better to mix the concrete once every half an hour. If the concrete trailer pump is used in summer , the maximum interval time can not exceed 1 hour.


The trailer pump is placed in a suitable position to prevent the rain, in case of rainwater into the hopper, resulting in concrete segregation. In the process of work, you should also always pay attention to the pressure value of the trailer pump pressure gauge, to avoid holding in the pump for a long time, or the pumping pressure is not enough.

How to Deal with the Pipe Plugging

Pipe plugging is one of the most common problems in daily life. First of all, after pipe plugging you should quickly find the position of the pipe plugging, dredge the pipe, after completing the above work, also do not hurry to work immediately. Should find out the reason of blocking the pipe, do not find out the reason, it is likely to then block the pipe, just dredged the pipe is blocked, the gain is not worth the loss.

Concrete segregation, large concrete aggregate particle size and pump pipe leakage, as well as equipment failure leads to insufficient pumping pressure. Poor piston sealing and glasses plate cutting ring sealing and so on, may lead to the occurrence of pipe blocking problems.


Conclusion: Every inspection work is very important, do not ignore some problems that you think is not a problem, which may become the hidden danger of equipment failure in the future. Operation, repair, maintenance should also be in accordance with the prescribed operation procedures, safe construction is the most important.

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