Concrete Line Pump For Sale

Concrete line pump for sale is always popular with construction investors. As one of the most widely-spread concrete conveying machine, it is superior than other concrete equipment.

But, do you know why it is so popular? Is it cost-efficient? And how to choose a perfect concrete line pump for sale in market?

Maybe, you will find the answers here.


Hot Models of LUTON Concrete Line Pump For Sale

Concrete Line Pump

Price Range: $15,000-$38,000

Model: HBTS-30
Engine Power: Diesel/Electric
Max. Theo. Concrete Output:30m3/h
Max. Theo. Pumping Pressure: 10MPa
Max. Theo. Pumping Length: 400m
Max. Theo. Pumping Height: 140m

HBT40 diesel concrete pump for sale

Concrete Line Pump With Mixer

Price Range: $18,000 – $36,000

Model: HBTS30/40
Engine Power: Diesel/Electric
Mixer Machine: Drum Mixer
Max. Theo. Concrete Output: 30/40 m3/h
Max. Theo. Pumping Length: 400~500m
Max. Theo. Pumping Height: 120~160m


Concrete Line Pump With Mixer

Price Range: $24,000 – $44,000

Model: HBTS40
Engine Power: Diesel/Electric
Mixer Machine: JS500/750
Max. Theo. Concrete Output: 40m3/h
Max. Theo. Pumping Length: 500m
Max. Theo. Pumping Height: 120m

40m3 concrete mixer pump

Truck-Mounted Concrete Line Pump

Price Range: $45,000 – $95,000

Model: HBC80
Max. Theo. Concrete Output: 88/60 m3/h
Max. Concrete Pumping Pressure: 18/12 MPa
Max. Theo. Pumping Length: 960m
Max. Theo. Pumping Height: 260m
Overall Dimension: 8745*2370*2760mm

concrete line pump for sale

Prices of Concrete Line Pump For Sale

Prices of Concrete line pump for sale nowadays usually varies from $15,000 to $95,000, which is mainly due to the following factors:

  • Brands and manufacturers
  • Types of concrete line pump ( trailer pump, truck pump or concrete mixer pump)
  • Conveying capacities ( 10m3/h – 100m3/h )
  • Mainly configurations (power engine types, main hydraulic oil pump etc.)
  • Pipeline types and length ( steel pipe, high pressure pipe, hoses, etc.)
  • Designing process and technical difficulties
  • Materials prices (steel, rubber hoses and other accessories etc.)
  • Market supply and demand situation
a concrete mixer truck with a pump on site
ready mixed concrete pump

However, the cost of investing a concrete line pump refers to not only the price of concrete line pump, but also the total cost of the whole purchase process.

  • The tax of purchasing a concrete pump
  • The insurance cost
  • The transportation cost
  • The maintenance and repair cost
  • The worker’s wages and resources cost

If you have an intention to invest a concrete line pump, these costs above are recommended to take into consideration when make a budge.

Types of LUTON Concrete Line Pump For Sale

Since 1927, the German engineers Max Giese and Fritz Hull came upon the idea of pumping concrete through pipes, concrete line pump in construction market has been developed for nearly 100 years.

In the past 10 decades, a wide variety of concrete line pumps are emerging in the market.

Depending on their own unique characteristics and perfect performance on construction sites, they play the important roles in concrete construction field.

Mobile Concrete Pump

Different from concrete boom pump, which delivers concrete liquid through an automatic foldable boom stretched on air by skilled operator, concrete line pump conveys concrete materials through pipelines, usually installed near ground.

So, in China, concrete boom pump is also called sky pump, and another name of concrete line pump is ground concrete pump.

By now, in China’s market, there are mainly 3 types of concrete line pump for sale, concrete pump trailer, concrete line pump truck and concrete mixer pump.

Trailer Concrete Line Pump For Sale of LUTON

Concrete trailer pump is one of the most common type of concrete pump machine. As the name indicating, it can be trailed by a truck, convenient to transport among sites.

Compared with traditional concrete pumping method, either in wheelbarrows or in buckets lifted by cranes, concrete pump trailer delivers liquid concrete by powerful pressure originating from power engine and hydraulic pump system. This kind of trailer pump can convey concrete massively and continuously in short time.

Now, the output capacity of concrete pump trailer ranges from less than 10m3/h to more than 100m3/h, providing various options for different construction projects and investors.

Suitable Application: small, medium and large scale concrete pumping, especially ideal for constructions located at narrow area other large concrete pump equipment inaccessible.

Such as high-rise building, flyover and bridge construction, subway and tunnel projects, residential housing, water conservancy projects and so on.

Hot Models: HBTS30/40/60/80 (Diesel or Electric Engine)

Price Range: $15,000-$38,000

stationary concrete pump

High Efficient and Low Cost

Compact and Simple

Easy Control and Operation

Convenient Maintenance

Configurations of HBTS and BS SERIES of LUTON Concrete Line Pump

Model ParameterBS30DHBTS40CHBTSC40-10-82RHBTS60-13-90HBTS60-12-82RHBTS80-16-110HBTS80-16-129R
Main oil pumpJinda RexrothKawasakiKawasakiKawasakiKawasakiKawasakiKawasaki
Main pumpcapacity71 ml/r112 ml/r112 ml/r112×2 ml/r112 ml/r140×2 ml/r112×2 ml/r
Theoretical capacity (m3/h)304040/30(High/Low)6060/36(High/Low)8085/50(High/Low)
Power Engine37KW
Weichai 82KW
Weichai 82KW
Weichai 129KW
Control system componentsSchneiderSchneiderSchneiderSchneiderSchneiderSchneiderSchneider
Price range$15,000~ $20,000$16,000~ $18,000$22,000~ $23,000$25,000~ $27,000$23,000~ $25,000$29,000~ $32,000$36,000~ $38,000

Truck-mounted Concrete Line Pump For Sale of LUTON

Truck line concrete pump has most of the advantages of concrete trailer pump. Besides that, mounted on a truck chassis, a concrete line pump truck can move to almost any working place away long distance.

It is more flexible and efficient than a trailer pump. So the application areas is widely expanded.

However, due to the larger size of the truck mounted pump than of the line pump, some narrow construction sites may be limited. Fortunately, the flexibility of the line pipe can be fully utilized in this case.

Hot Models: HBC30/80 (Diesel Engine)

Price Range: $45,000 – $95,000


Mobile and Flexible

High Efficient and Low Cost

Easy Control and Operation

Convenient Maintenance

Configurations of LUTON Concrete Line Pump Truck

Product ModelUnitHBC80-18-176RSHJBC30-18-85RS
Max. Theoretical Output Capacitym³/h88/6030
Concrete Pumping PressureMpa18/128
Max. Theoretical Conveying Distancem260/960120/400
Conveying Cylinder SizemmФ230*1800Ф200*800
Hopper VolumeL600650
Engine Power RatingKW17685
Gross MassKg120008000
Overall Dimensionmm8745*2370*27605100*2200*3150

Concrete Mixer Line Pump For Sale of LUTON

Concrete mixer line pump is a kind of concrete pump mounted on a trailer or a truck, not only with pumping system but also with concrete mixer.

It is driven by diesel engines or electric engines. Some mixer pump even equipped with diesel and electric power unit optional.

Integrated mixing and pumping function, concrete mixer pump does not require additional mixing and transport equipment.

Only one set can realize the functions of concrete mixing, pumping and equipment transportation.
It’s obviously, the line pump with mixer machine prices higher.

In general, its price is at least $1,500 higher than the price of one without mixer.

Hot Models: JBS30/40 (Diesel / Electric Engine)

Price Range: $18,000 – $44,000


Mobile and Flexible

High Efficient and Low Cost

Easy Control and Operation

Convenient Maintenance

Configurations o JBS SERIES of LUTON Concrete Mixer Pump

Model ParameterJBS30-10-37JBS30-10-66RJBS40-10-45JBS40-10-82RJBS40B-JS500JBS40B-JS500-129R
Main oil pumpJindaJindaKawasakiKawasakiKawasakiKawasaki
Main pumpcapacity71 ml/r71 ml/r112 ml/r112 ml/r112 ml/r112 ml/r
Theoretical capacity (m3/h)303040404040
Power Engine37KW
Weichai 82KW
Control system componentsSchneiderSchneiderSchneiderSchneiderSchneiderSchneider
Pumping length/height 400m/160m400m/120m500m/160m500m/160m500m/120m500m/120m
Price range$18,000~ $20,000$24,000~ $26,000$19,000~ $21,000$34,000~ $36,000$24,000~ $26,000$42,000~ $44,000

Why LUTON Concrete Line Pump For Sale

With more than 20 years experience of development, LUTON GROUP is now growing up into a versatile construction equipment leader with modern design concept and advanced producing technology in China.

LUTON products now are spread to more than 100 countries all over the world, such as India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri LanKa, Indonesia, Jamaica, Vanuatu, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, etc..

LUTON products include concrete line pumps, concrete boom pumps, stationary concrete pumps, concrete mixer pumps, self loading concrete mixer, crushing plant, mortar station, road roller etc.

Supplying professional service and customized recommendation around purchasing, LUTON Group promise you an ideal experience.

How to Choose A dreamed Concrete Line Pump For Sale

Here comes the important thing that every investor cares about, how to choose a dreamed concrete line pump.

1.First of all, make a detailed budget for your investment
2.Calculate the concrete requirements for a project
3.Calculate the output capacity of the pump
4.Choose the appropriate brand and model according to the actual situation and budget of the project
5.Carefully check the quality and average service life of key components

Of course, these are not the whole things about choosing a dreamed concrete line pump. Please click the buttons to contact us and get more details about your investment.

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