Top10 Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturers

Top10 Ready mix concrete batching plant manufacturers in the worldwide construction machinery market provide various high-efficient practical concrete batching equipment, which can produce batches of concrete products at any location. Even on harsh construction site, operator can manage and execute the whole working procession through the human-machine interface.

ready mix concrete batching plant manufacturers

Steady & Stable Performance
Accurate Measurment
Compact Structure
Intelligent & Automatic Control
High Efficiency
Long Service Life

Hot Models of LUTON Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plants

The ready mix concrete batching (RMC) plants now in the market, are usually equipped with strong twin-shaft mixer machines, precise weighing system, compact modular structure and automatic control system. All these excellent capacities and features provide the market high-quality mixing performance, accurate ingredient ratio, stable products characteristic, long service life, easy maintenance, intelligent management and operation.

For recent years, there is a more obvious trend that small or medium size mobile ready mix concrete batching plant will lead a new persistent purchasing wave.

Skip Hopper RMC Plant

Production Capacity: 25/35/50/75 m3/h
Batching Machine: PLD800/1200/1600/2400
Max. Aggregate Size: 80/60mm
Twin-shaft Mixer: JS500/750/1000/1500
Aggregate Feeder: Bucket (Skip hopper)
Mixing Cycle: 72s

Belt Type RMC Batching Plant

Production Capacity: 60/90/120/180/240 m3/h
Batching Machine: PLD1600/2400/3200/4800
Max. Aggregate Size: 100/80mm or 120/80mm
Twin-shaft Mixer: JS1000/1500/2000/3000
Aggregate Feeder: Belt Conveyor Machine
Mixing Cycle: 60s

mobile truck mounted concrete batching plant

Mobile RMC Batching Plant

Production Capacity: 25/35/50/60/75/90 m3/h
Batching Machine: PLD800/1200/1600/2400/3200/4800
Max. Aggregate Size: 80/60mm or 100/80mm
Twin-shaft Mixer: JS500/750/1000/1500
Aggregate Feeder: Skip hopper type or belt type
Mixing Cycle: 60s or 72s

central mix concrete plants

Stationary RMC Batching Plant

Production Capacity: 25/35/50/60/75/90/120/180/240 m3/h
Batching Machine: PLD800/1200/1600/2400/3200/4800
Max. Aggregate Size: 80/60mm or 100/80mm or 120/80mm
Twin-shaft Mixer: JS500/750/1000/1500
Aggregate Feeder: Bucket (Skip hopper)
Mixing Cycle: 60s or 72s

Top10 Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturers

The top10 ready mix concrete batching plant manufacturers here listed are all the leaders in construction machinery producing industry all over the world. They

Ammann is a world-leading manufacturer of ready mix concrete batching plants, machines and services to the construction industry with core expertise in road building and transportation infrastructure.
Since 1869, the family-owned company has enjoyed international success.
Ammann has grown with other brands over the years and ultimately developed a comprehensive product line that provides complete construction industry solutions.

In 1972, ASTEC was founded with the vision to apply creative thinking and state-of-the-art technology to traditionally low-tech industries, bolstered by a corporate culture renowned for putting customer service first. Based in Chattanooga, USA, the market-leading brands have become a global leader in the manufacture of equipment from Rock to Road.


SANY is a world-wide leading construction machinery manufacturer and also the concrete machinery manufacturer with the biggest scale in the world. The name SANY is from its corporate vision in Chinese, “ create a first-class enterprise, cultivate the first-class talents, make first-class contribution”.

Their products include concrete machinery, excavation machinery, hoisting machinery, pile machinery, construction and mining equipment, port machinery, oil drilling machinery, and renewable wind energy systems.

Founded in 1975, ELKON now is a famous brand with a deep-rooted history and experience in the field of concrete batching plants manufacturing.

Since 2006, ELKON is the only concrete batching plant manufacturer in Turkey that managed to take a spot in the “Top 1000 Export Companies” list annually announced by the Turkish Export Assembly depending on its successful exportations to the world.


MEKA has been famous because of its proud history of serving the aggregates and concrete industries since 1987.

With its range of rugged and reliable Crushing and Concrete Batching Equipment, MEKA engineers design and provide various solutions to meet the needs of real-world operators in a wide variety of applications and environments.

Putzmeister is also one of the global leaders in the world of construction and mining. For years, they develop, produce, sell and serve with high quality and high-reliability machines for concrete solutions.

It strives to serve customers by being close to their businesses and considers this as their mission for the future too.


Schwing Stetter GmbH, the predecessor was a pioneering company specializing in producing and designing concrete mixers and concrete batching plants.
In 1982, it was taken over by construction machinery giant Schwing and became a subsidiary of it. Nowadays, it has grown into a world -leading manufacturer of concrete construction equipment.


Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (XCMG) founded in 1943, has been one of the leaders in Chinese construction machinery industry since 1943.
It has developed into one of the largest, most influential, and most competitive enterprise groups with the most complete product varieties and series.

Since the establishment of LUTON GROUP in 1999, LUTON GROUP has now been a leader in construction machinery production industry, who owns 600+ employees, including 160 scientific and technical personnel.

For more than 20 years, LUTON has engaged in research and development of construction machinery. The products range widely including stabilized soil mixing plants, asphalt batching plants, concrete mixing plants, concrete pumps, as well as self loading concrete mixers, crusher and so on.

By hard working, more and more LUTON Products are well known with various customers all over the world. By far, LUTON Products are exported to 80+ countries and provide different concrete solutions for various construction projects.


Fujian South Highway Machinery co., LTD. (NFLG) is one of the leading enterprises in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing in China.

Founded in 1997, for more than 20 years, NFLG has kept on engaging in a wide range of business including quarry mining design, construction material mining and crushing, shaping, sand making production line, etc..

It is an international professional corporation that has long been focusing on mixing equipment research and development, manufacture and service.

The Development Trend Of Ready Mix Concrete Bathing Plant

Recently, ready mix concrete batching plants have been developed more and more rapidly. But there are still space for improvement in some areas, such as the environmental protection, safety factor and stability of concrete batching plants, etc..

Especially in the Internet era, more and more higher requirements for intellectualization of ready mix concrete batching plant are put forward. Therefore, the future development of ready mix concrete batching plant is likely to focus on the following aspects:

concrete mixer batching plant


In recent years, governments around the world have been vigorously promoting the concept of green development, and the concrete industry field should also be more environmentally friendly. This needs to be improved and improved in terms of dust, noise and pollution. In the future, the concrete batching plant will use environmental protection technology in all aspects to achieve more efficient dust removal, wastewater treatment, and residual concrete recycling and reuse.

More Energy Efficient

Energy saving is one of the most important environmental indicators of concrete batching plants. In the future, energy-saving technology will be more commonly used in various equipment of concrete batching plants. At the same time, more energy-saving new technologies, new processes, and new materials will eventually be fully popularized.

mini concrete batch plant


Under the promotion of “Internet technology”, intelligence is certainly the ultimate development direction of all mechanical equipment, and ready mixing plants are not exception. The ready mix concrete batching plant must be equipped with a more comprehensive intelligent management system, scheduling system, batching plant production system, etc.. Through the Internet of Things technology, the remote operation of the ready mix concrete batching plant, the early warning and diagnosis of common faults, and scientific management will be perfectly realized.

More Efficient

In the future, the working efficiency of ready mix concrete batching plant must increase to meet the continuous improvement of customers’ needs. More efficient equipment will also have a higher competitive advantage in the future sales market.
Due to the continuous improvement of the design scheme of the mixing host, the production capacity of the ready mix concrete batching plant will be further improved in the future.

More In Line With The Development Trend Of Concrete

HZS35 concrete batching plant

In the future, high-performance concrete with obvious advantages in construction and economic performance will become the trend of market development. Only by better technologies and formulas in the future, concrete batching plants can lead the product upgrading more reasonably, concrete quality improving continuously, and reduce costs efficiently.
From a long-term perspective, small and medium-sized ready mix concrete batching plants and portable mobile plants will become the development trend. Mechanization is gradually realized from urban to rural areas.

International Integration

With the vigorous development of infrastructure in various countries all over the world, the demand for construction machinery is continuously increasing. In order to meet the demand for infrastructure machinery around the world, the leading manufacturers of construction machinery have chosen to form joint ventures in various places around the world. To a certain extent, it not only promotes the spread of the world’s advanced machinery manufacturing level to various places, but also promotes the integration of advanced concrete mixing plant manufacturing technology.

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