Mobile Asphalt Plant China

Features of LUTON mobile asphalt plant China

  • Mobile asphalt plant China applies module design, so as to the handing and installation are more convenient.
  • The unique design of stirring blade makes mixing more easy and reliable.
  • Vibrating screen adopts imported vibration motor, which greatly improves the working efficiency and reduces the failure rate.
  • The lifting of aggregate is designed with double row lifting, which increases the service life of the lifting machine and improves the operation stability.
  • The control system adopts automatic computer control system and manual control system, with automatic fault diagnosis program, easy to operate and safe.
  • Mobile asphalt plant does not need to be watched by workers, only need to add materials in accordance with the relevant process.

Top 5 Mobile Asphalt Plant manufactures in China

  1. Sany
  2. Zoomlion
  3. Ammann
  4. Lyroad construction machinery
  5. Luton Group

Luton can offer mobile asphalt plant with output of 20t/h, 40t/h, 80t/h, 100t/h, 120t/h.

mobile asphalt plant for sale

Luton was awarded the Top 10 Asphalt Manufacturers in China. In recent years, as the leading manufacturer of mobile asphalt plant China, Luton is aiming at the market, the integration system of “Research, Production, Sales, Service” is constantly improving. Luton has own many honors, such as the National Famous Brand, the Most Influential Brand of Asphalt Industry in China, and the “Best Construction to Society Award” in China’s Asphalt Industry.

Mobile Asphalt Plant China

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