Commercial Concrete Batching Plant

The commercial concrete batching plant has complete functional equipment, stable and reliable mixing performance, high work efficiency, and produces high-quality concrete products with a complete range of types, which can meet the needs of various types of concrete construction materials.

So, how does commercial concrete batching plant realize the automatic and precise proportioning and control of raw materials? This article will take you closer to the world of powerful control system for commercial concrete batching plants.

central mix concrete plant

High-level Configuration

Fully Functional System

Strong Mixing Ability

Friendly Environmental Performance

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Products Description

HZS series commercial concrete batching plant of LUTON GROUP is a series of high-quality concrete mixing equipment specially designed and produced for commercial usage of various sizes.

Model: HZS90/120/180/240
Capacity: 90/120/180/240 m3/h
Mixer Machine: JS Series Mixer Machine

High Efficiency & Low Failure Rate
High Degree of Automation

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concrete mixer batching plant

Parameters of LUTON Commercial Concrete Batching Plant






Theoretical Productivity





Mixer Model





Mixer Discharging





Maximum aggregate size

80/60 mm

Aggregate Storage

15m3 x 4

15m3 × 4

20m3 x 4

20m3 x 4

Aggregate Weighing Capacity

±2%  Separate Weighing


Weighing Capacity










Weighing Capacity










Weighing Capacity





75L × 2


100L × 2


Pneumatic System

Air Compressor


Air Compressor


Air Compressor


Air Compressor


Screw Conveyor










Powder Silos


Welded Type


Dust Collector


Welded Type


Dust Collector


Welded Type


Dust Collector


Welded Type


Dust Collector

Electric Control System

Full Automatic And Manual

Introduction of Commercial Concrete Batching Plant Control System

As we all know, a commercial concrete batching plant is mainly composed of a raw material feeding system, a raw material conveying system, a powder storage system, a metering system, a mixing system, a control system and external supporting equipment.

Among them, the control system is the brain and central nervous system of the entire commercial concrete batching plant equipment, which controls and monitors the work flow and operation of the entire concrete batching plant through the computer.

The computer conducts external sampling through sensors and other devices, and outputs control signals to the external drive elements through a series of running programs such as calculation, comparison, and processing, so as to instruct the various systems of the commercial mixing plant to realize the entire process flow in sequence.

PLY control system

Composition of Batching Control System of Commercial Batching Plant

According to the working process of the commercial concrete batching plant control system, its specific components include: material conveying system, metering system, control system, mixing system, etc.

Material Conveying System

The conveying system is mainly composed of three major units: aggregate conveying equipment, powder conveying equipment and water pump.

In the aggregate conveying system, the aggregate material is conveyed to the collecting hopper through the flat belt and the inclined belt conveyor machine.

The powder conveying equipment uses a screw conveyor to convey the powder material (cement or fly ash or mineral powder) to the weighing hopper.

Liquid raw materials such as water and additives are transported by the water pump.


Metering System

The metering system is a crucial part of the entire commercial concrete batching plant. It is responsible for accurately weighing the ratio of materials in the concrete preparation process, which determines the quality of concrete products.

The metering system consists of storage hoppers, feeding equipment, weighing instruments, load cells and other equipment.

Among them, the weighing equipment is an electronic scale, and its weighing bucket adopts three-point suspension, and a sensor is installed in the middle of each suspension device to ensure the accuracy of the measurement of each material.

weighing system for concrete batching plant

Control System

The control system should combine the control algorithm, analyze and calculate the quantity collected by the system in real time, control the switch of the metering equipment through the relay, and the running time of the mixer, etc., so as to ensure that the raw material ratio meets the production requirements.

Control System of HZS75

Control Method

The batching machine system of the commercial concrete batching plant has stable and accurate batching performance, which can meet the needs of different types and qualities of concrete products.
The control system can control several independent batching lines at the same time, and each batching line can be set the weighing point according to user requirements.

Except for the sensors, the equipment of control system is all installed in the central control room far away from the on-site batching plant for centralized operation control.

  • Distributed Microcomputer Control

In the early design of mixing plant, the distributed microcomputer control system was widely used. Its core component is a programmable controller, and the upper-level computer is only used as a device for managing report printing. The functions and functions of the computer are not very complicated, and this form of control is very difficult to apply.

commercial concrete batching plant
  • Centralized Microcomputer Control

This form of control concentrates computer control and management functions in one computer, so the task is relatively heavy. The statistics of report data in the production process cannot be performed synchronously, and data cannot be counted at any time. Too many hunman factors interfere. For example, the preparation of the measurement control program, the precision of the signal amplifier and the A/D board will affect the measurement precision.

  • Centralized Dual-microcomputer Control

This form solves the interference of human factors in metering. A special batching control instrument is used. And the production controlling and managing functions are divided into two computers without interfering with each other.

The production control and report statistics are carried out synchronously, and the management computer can also be used as a production backup machine, providing The network interface of the advanced computer.

control system of commercial concrete batching plant

Mixing System of Commercial Concrete Batching Plant

The mixing system has the following characteristics:

  • High Batching Accuracy

The single weighing accuracy is±1%, and the system batching accuracy is ±2%.

  • High Degree of Automation

Print shift records and batching reports, with automatic detection and alarm, automatic zero adjustment, automatic accumulation and other functions.

  • Run Automated Controls

The running program of the central control computer is automatically activated, debugged and displayed automatically.

  • Easy to Use

The system provides two selectable operating modes, fully automatic and single automatic. In the fully automatic mode, no manual operation is required, and the microcomputer automatically completes the entire batching process and prints it in real time.

belt type concrete batching plant
  • High Safety Factor

Reliable operation, firm and compact structure, and high safety factor.

  • Easy to Maintain

The control system of the concrete mixing plant adopts a modular structure design, and the connection, maintenance and maintenance of the contact parts are convenient and quick.

Design and Implementation of Commercial Concrete Batching Plant

In the commercial concrete batching plant system, the metering system and control system are the core of the whole batching system. In order to ensure the measurement accuracy and accurate ratio of raw materials, a computer real-time control system is used for measurement control and work sequence control.

At the same time, the data information of the production site is collected in real time with the help of various instruments, and the switching action of the relay is controlled by the PLC controller, so as to realize the automatic control of the whole process of batching and unloading.

The following takes HZS series commercial concrete batching plant of LUTON GROUP as an example to introduce the hardware and software design of its batching control system.

HZS120 Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant

The Hardware Design of Commercial Concrete Batching Plant Control System

In the hardware design of the batching control system of the HZS series commercial concrete batching plant, the selection of the main hardware equipment is crucial.

  • Instrumentation

The main function of the instrument is to connect the sensor and the industrial computer, and transmit the A/D data of the sensor to the industrial computer to control the ingredients accordingly.

The instrument can be connected to the sensor. When the material is placed on the material scale, the strain gauge in the load cell is deformed.

At this time, the bridge arm resistance will change accordingly, and a voltage will be generated at the output end of the sensor, which is connected to the instrument.

The instrument can communicate directly with the MOXA card of the industrial computer through the bus, and transmit the weighing sampling data to the computer control program in real time.

  • Industrial Computer

The industrial computer is the core component of the whole batching control system.

Through the measurement data transmitted by the weighing instrument and the actual working status of each equipment fed back by the PLC, combined with the program settings, the industrial computer processes and issues commands in real time to control the whole process of concrete batching and unloading.

Due to the high requirement for real-time performance, if the set action process is not completed within the limited time, it may lead to production failure.

In addition, because the concrete mixing environment is relatively harsh, the requirements for the industrial computer are also relatively high.

  • PLC Controller

PLC is the abbreviation of Programmable Logical Controller, which is the control unit of the entire batching system and the control core of input/output.

General control circuit

Software Design of Commercial Concrete Batching Plant Control System

Software design is the key to the realization of automatic function of batching control system.

LUTON HZS Series commercial concrete batching plant adopts advanced modularization and object-oriented design ideas.

The whole system is divided into the following six module units: batching control, discharge control, mixing control, data communication, database and user interface.

  • Batching control module

The batching control module is mainly used to ensure the accuracy of batching control and reasonably arrange the batching process. It includes:

Batching accuracy control module – control batching accuracy

Process quantity adjustment module – real-time optimization and adjustment of the whole batching process

Warehouse door control module – control of the hopper door switch of the coarse and fine aggregates

  • Mixing Control Module

After all the raw materials enter the mixer, the mixing control module counts the amount of mixing and batches, so as to prevent the production batches of different task orders from entering the mixer simultaneously.

  • Data communication module

The RS485 communication mode of the MOXA card is used to read the data of the instrument. When the instrument is wrong or the sensor is wrong, the communication module will automatically alarm, and the external ingredients and output will be turned off at the same time.

software of commercial concrete batching plant control system
  • Database

Various parameter tables such as weighing key parameters, material batching bin parameters, mixer control parameters, production task list data and production formula data are stored in the database.

  • User Interface

The window of man-machine communication is the interface for the operator to input the initial value zero data, the interface for the computer to receive instruction tasks, and the window for the operator to understand the working status of the entire system.

After continuous improvement and perfection, this control system has been put into use, which has significantly improved the production efficiency of the commercial concrete batching plant and brought more investment benefits to more and more customers.


Since its establishment more than 20 years ago, LUTON Heavy Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed into a leading brand in the designing and manufacturing industry of construction machinery and equipment.

The main product range includes concrete batching plants, concrete pumps, self-loading concrete mixer trucks, asphalt batching plants and other peripheral auxiliary equipment.

With high-quality products, considerate service, and superb technology, LUTON has provided various products and related technical services to customers from more than 80 countries around the world, and has won unanimous praise from everyone.