Mobile Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

Mobile concrete batching plant for sale is a series of high efficient and convenient concrete mixing machines. Benefited from compact and mobile structures, this type of concrete plant can be fast transported, installed and disassembled on site.

Designed in several functional modular units, the water, air and electric circuits are all preset in, it makes installation and foundation laying process much easy. Compared with stationary concrete plant, it saves more time and cost for investors.

mobile concrete batching plant for sale

Flexible & Efficient

Simple Maintenance

Precise Control

Energy-Saving & Environment Friendly

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LUTON Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Models For Sale

Here recommend a team of LUTON mobile concrete batching plant for sale hot sold in concrete pump machinery market. Wish you find the best one for your construction projects.

YHZS Series Mobile Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

LUTON YHZS Series Mobile Concrete Plants are consisted of many hot models, including YHZS25, YHZS35, YHZS50, YHZS60, YHZS75, YHZS90. The price is usually higher than stationary concrete plant, ranging from $35,000 to $155,000.

Broad productivity capacity of LUTON YHZS Models provide various solutions for most of concrete mixing problems on construction sites.

What’s more, customized models and more configurations options are specialized for different actual requirements.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant in Philippine

Sturdy & Durable

Flexible & Efficient

Economical & Practical

YHZS25 Plant in Indonesia
Theo. Produce Capacity (m3/h)25
Mixer Discharging (L)500
Aggregate Weighing Capacity1500kg±2%
Powder Weighing Capacity500kg±1%
Water Weighing Capacity300kg±1%
Additive Weighing Capacity30kg±1%
YHZS35 Small Portable Concrete Batching Plant
Theo. Produce Capacity (m3/h)35
Mixer Discharging (L)750
Aggregate Weighing Capacity3000kg±2%
Powder Weighing Capacity500kg±1%
Water Weighing Capacity300kg±1%
Additive Weighing Capacity30kg±1%
YHZS75 LUTON concrete batching plant
Theo. Produce Capacity (m3/h)75
Mixer Discharging (L)1200
Aggregate Weighing Capacity3000kg±2%
Powder Weighing Capacity500kg±1%
Water Weighing Capacity300kg±1%
Additive Weighing Capacity30kg±1%
Mobile concrete batching plant in Srilanka
Theo. Produce Capacity (m3/h)90
Mixer Discharging (L)1500
Aggregate Weighing Capacity4000kg±2%
Powder Weighing Capacity700kg±1%
Water Weighing Capacity400kg±1%
Additive Weighing Capacity50kg±1%

Applications of Mobile Concrete batching Plant

Flexible and high-efficient concrete mobile plant is now widely used in all size of construction projects, including residential housings, high-rise buildings, commercial constructions, rural roads, bridges, highways, tunnels, subways, dams, and so on.

Why Mobile Concrete Batching Plant For Sale?

Fast and Convenient

Fast installation and Convenient transition saves labor power and working time for lower Cost.

High Adaptability

No strict requirement of ground foundation. A flat hard ground for installation is enough.

small mobile concrete batching plant

Compact and Modular

Compact structure and Modular design is easy to disassemble and maintain. Automatic and Intelligent Computer and PLC Control realize easy and stable working.

Accurate and High-quality

Intelligent weighing system with precise sensors ensures accurate ingredient proportion to make high-quality concrete products.

How Many types of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant For Sale?

There are many mobile solutions for concrete production. In general, they are classified into two types, removable concrete plant and concrete mixer truck.

Concrete batching plant with mobile unit

Another mobile concrete batching plant for sale is bigger. Usually, they are designed on a bigger mobile structure. Sometimes, there are wheels on the bottom of these mobile units ( such as removable aggregate hoppers, self-erect silos, and belt loading machine, etc. ).

mobile mixing plant

In working process, the wheels are folded up just like the landing gear of an airplane. Before transport, unfold down the wheels, then the operation can be easily carried out.

Of course, for a large concrete batching plant, it is impossible to move the whole with just a few wheels. In the preliminary design process, designers will divide the whole plant into several compact structural units according to the functions. And design the installation, uninstallation and transportation scheme, aiming to fulfill convenient and fast site-transition.

At last, these “packed” units will be loaded into trucks and transported to wherever they are needed.

Concrete Mixer Truck

The third mobile concrete batching plant for sale is well-known concrete mixer truck. A mixer truck is a high efficient concrete mixing and transporting machine.

All control units and execution components are mounted on a truck chassis. The big rolling drum is the prominent feature.

The powerful driving energy can quickly transport concrete materials to target construction sites, no matter they locate in remote rural mountainou areas or in the hinterland of bustling urban.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant and Concrete Mixer Truck

Not only that, mixing truck can also maintain a continuous rotation of the drum in the process of rapid transportation and keep good concrete properties. It is worth noting that the transportation time of commercial concrete should not exceed 4 hours. Or it will affect the concrete properties.

On the other hand, according to output capacity of mobile concrete batching plant for sale, they are also classified into mini/small mobile concrete plant ( production capacity ranges from 25m3 to 75m3 ), medium mobile concrete mixing plant ( ranges from 60m3 to 120m3 ), large size mobile concrete plant ( from 180m3 to 240m3 ), and so on.

Also, according to different production methods, there are two types, dry batch plant and wet batch plant.
Many different model options of mobile concrete batching plant for sale are up to your different projects.

Main Components of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

There are five main components of mobile concrete batching plant. The five functional systems cooperate closely to accomplish the final task of producing concrete materials of various quality grades.
What are the five components? Let’s get to know them.

Control System

electrical control system

The first one is Control System. Control system is the “neural center” of the whole mobile concrete batching plant for sale. It bears the task of coordinating and supervising the work of each component.

Usually, the control system is composed of various electronic components such as relays, PLC controllers, main computer, man-machine interface and so on.

Before running the program, designers will input preset parameters into the controller through the man-machine interface, and then press the start button. The whole mixing plant will automatically complete each process in order under the guidance of the pre-designed program.

In addition to the automatic operation mode, there is a manual mode. The two modes can be switched freely, so that workers have a more flexible grasp of the construction site, timely treatment of emergence, etc..

The control system of LUTON mobile concrete batching plant for sale adopts international famous brands such as SCHNEIDER, which makes the control more accurate an the performance more stable.

Mixer host

The second one is Mixer Host. Mixer Host is one of the most important execution part. All mixing materials finally reach into this host to complete the most crucial production process in concrete manufacturing, mixing. There are many ways of mixing concrete materials.

Mixer host of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

According to the different stirring shafts, it can be divided into horizontal shaft, vertical shaft, star mixing shaft and so on.

From different operation modes, it can be classified into continuous type and period type.
Depending on various mixing mode, it can be categorized into self-falling type and forced type.
On the shapes of stirring drums, there are pear-shape mixer, drum-type mixer, double-cone mixer and pan-type mixer, etc.

Among LUTON mobile concrete batching plants, twin-shaft horizontal mixer, pear-shape mixer, drum-type mixer are all hot models. There are multiple modes mixers for option. It is believed that there must be an ideal mobile concrete batching plant for sale suitable for your project.

Material Weighing System

Also, there is another important component affecting the finished concrete quality. That is the Material Weighing System.
According to different materials, there are three separate weighing systems, including aggregate weighing system, cement or powder weighing system, liquid weighing system.

Weight sensors in aggregate and powder weighing systems, as well as time relay in liquid weighing system transmit accurately measured data to controller. Once it reach the preset value, controller will send action instruct to shut the loading port and end the material conveying. In this way, automatic weighing and exact ratio of finished concrete are realized.

mobile concrete batching plant

Material Delivery System

Material delivery system including aggregate conveying system, powder conveying system and liquid conveying system.

Aggregate conveying system is consisted of belt conveying machine or hopper conveyor.

Cement, fly ash and mineral powder conveying system is realized by a set of screw conveyors. It actually is a conveying pipeline with screw blades drove by motor.

Fully sealed structure not only minimizes transmission loss, but also is friendly to environment.

Liquid conveying including water and additive material, are delivered by water pump. Usually, the two liquid after weighing separately will be pumped to the mixer together.

Material Storage System

As the material delivery system, material storage system consists of three parts, too. They are the aggregate storage system, powder storage system and liquid storage system.

cement silos of mobile concrete mixing plant

Usually, aggregates are stored in the open air on site. Sometimes, there is also a storage silo for aggregates.

Cement, fly ash and mineral powder are stored in silos. This silos are often equipped with air pressure detection and alarm device, powder position detector and dust collecting machine.

Water and additive are separately stored in the water tank and additive tank.

These storage units are included or excluded in standard configuration. Please contact LUTON for more details on material storage system. They can also be customized for special orders.

Working Process of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

Once the mobile plant arrives at the construction site, after a short time of installation and debugging, it can be put into production soon.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant in Philippine

As the flow chart shows, there are five steps to produce a batch of concrete, material loading, material weighing, material conveying, material mixing, concrete unloading.

First of all, all materials are separately loaded. Aggregates are loaded into the batching hoppers by loader. Cement, fly ash and mineral powder are loaded into the temporary storing hopper by screw conveyor. Water and additive are fed by pump.

Secondly, materials are measured by weighing system. Aggregates are individually weighed by batching machine under the hoppers. Liquid is measured by time relay. And powder is measured by weighing sensors.
Then, these measured materials are conveyed into the mixer. Aggregates are conveyed by belt delivery machine or hopper lifting machine. Powder is delivered by screw conveyor. Liquid is conveyed by pump.

Next, all measured materials in the mixer are evenly and thoroughly stirred and finally become the finished concrete products.

At last, finished concrete products are unloaded and transport by mobile unit to every target place on construction sites.

Precautions for Using Mobile Cement Batching Plant

LUTON Mobile concrete batching plant for sale is easy to install, mobile, flexible, economic and practical. It brings rich profits for investors. But if do not pay attention to the operation rules in the process, it will cause damage to equipment. That will even cause time waste, project delay, and economic losses in different degrees.

Mobile concrete batching plant in Srilanka

Simple precautions during operation are below.

  • Choose a suitable place for establishing the mobile concrete batching machine according to the size of it.
  • Install mobile machines on a flat and hard ground to keep the structure in stable during operation.
  • Operate the machine according to the operation guide.
  • Check up the machines before operation according to the precaution of cleaning, tightening, lubrication, adjusting and anti wear.
  • To prevent accidents, the power supply should be strictly controlled.
  • Once the work is finished, clean the concrete mixer in time to prevent the concrete solid. During cleaning, keep electrical equipment from moisture. Carry out the cleaning work after the power is off to prevent electric shock.
  • Do not start the concrete mixer at full load to prevent excessive current from damaging the motor.
  • Do not stop for no reason before discharging and start after feeding.
  • Do not feed too much material to exceed the specified capacity.
  • Please do not let the sand and gravel fall into the running part of the machine. Avoid the parts being jammed and damaged.

More details about LUTON mobile concrete batching plant for sale, please do not hesitate to contact us. LUTON Group is ready for supplying you thoughtful service!