Mini Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

What Is A Mini Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

The mini mobile concrete batching plant also referred to as the small mobile concrete mixing plant features a processing capacity of less than 60m3/h. It is a portable mobile concrete mixing machine with high-end quality and applications.

In contrast to large stationary concrete batching plants, the mini mobile concrete batching plant features flexibility in mobility with simple components. As a result, it is more suited for short-period and long-line construction projects that require a quick change of project sites.

Furthermore, it offers high-quality concrete output, thanks to a stable regulating system and precise weighing system. Small/mini mobile concrete batching plant, like other concrete plants type, is a combination of multiple function systems such as feeding, electric regulating, mixing, batching, conveying, and transferring, among others.

This type of mini mobile concrete batching plant is becoming increasingly popular with consumers worldwide. While small mobile batch concrete machines allow clients to obtain their initial foothold in the market, they also ensure cost-effectiveness in construction projects. When it comes to buying a mini portable concrete batching machine, LUTON Small Mobile Concrete Batching Plants is a perfect pick.

mini mobile concrete batch plant

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Mini Mobile Concrete Batch Plant Available for Sale

The price of a mini mobile concrete batching plant ranges between $25,000 and $100,000, depending on concrete use, production capacity, and the effect of numerous customized configurations.

Many other factors for consideration include the price of steel material, the facility’s location, the local market environment, and many more influences on the market price of a mini mobile concrete plant.

Models Price Range Suitable Place Pros
YHZS25 $25,000-$40,000 Commercial Purpose

small scale

temporary project

Operate efficiently

Easy Concrete Removal

Excellent flexibility

Precise proportion

High-end quality

YHZS35 $25,000-$50,000
YHZS50 $35,000-$60,000
YHZS60 $70,000-$100,000

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However, considering a batching plant pricing as the full cost of a batching plant is not comprehensive.

You should also note the following essential factors:

  1. The total cost of the concrete mixing plant
  2. Shipping costs.
  3. The expense of expert advisors.
  4. Labor expenses, power cost, water cost, environmental safety costs, and many more.

You should be aware that there is no universal budget plan for every concrete batching plant. This is because the plant’s operating environment, the required concrete volume, and the product quality criteria of each plant are diverse. Before constructing the plant, evaluate your output size, location, transportation, and project site. This preparatory action will offer the essential information for locating the most suitable concrete mixing plant.

If you seek a highly dependable, low-cost, and high-quality concrete batching plant, then contact LUTON GROUP for the best pricing on mini mobile concrete batching plant.

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The Best Mobile Mini Concrete Plant Manufacturers in the World


ATLAS INDUSTRIES designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and services a full line of Asphalt Batching Plants, Portable Concrete Plants, Wet Mix Plants, Mechanical Brooms, Bitumen Sprayers, and many more. Atlas is an Indian manufacturer and expert in civil and road-building equipment.


Camelway, founded in 1983, focuses on offering quality construction machineries such as aggregate machines, concrete machines, asphalt mixing plants, block forming machines, and many more.


JEL is a producer of various concrete plants in the United States. This construction equipment manufacturing company was founded in 2013 by a team of concrete machinery engineering and manufacturing specialists.


LUTON Group is a Chinese indigenous concrete plant manufacturer specializing in designing and manufacturing mobile concrete batching plants, stationary concrete mixing plants, compact concrete batching plants,  on-site concrete batching plants, and many more. LUTON offers abundant possibilities of manufacturing customizable custom-made concrete plants according to the project location, type, and capacity requirements.

With over 20 years of experience, LUTON GROUP has emerged as one of the leading concrete batching plant manufacturers worldwide with a track record of products that offer excellent performance and high productivity at a low cost of operation and maintenance.

Please contact us for the best concrete mixing plant solution as per your needs.


Xuzhou Concrete Machinery Group Co., Ltd, was founded in 1943. XCMG is a research and production company specializing in hoisting machinery, excavators, mining machinery, road machinery, loaders, piling machinery, tunnel gear, concrete machinery, and other construction machinery.


This 30-year-old manufacturing company was created in 1987. They specialize in manufacturing various types of concrete plants, ready mixing concrete batch plants, road concrete solutions, precast applications, recycling systems, fiber dosing equipment, and many more.

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Mini Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Features

A mini mobile concrete batch plant with a compact model design and a small land footprint offers an effective method of creating high-quality concrete and an ideal option for many projects in the construction industry.

Due to its towable chassis with wheels, the mini mobile concrete plant may be readily transported using a truck from one project location to another. In addition, it is simple to set up and dismantle on-site.

The mini mobile concrete batching plant requires no foundation preparation. It may be constructed in a short period, saving investors time and money.

Mini mobile concrete batching plant can efficiently deliver high-quality concrete mixture due to its short production cycle.

There are two types of mixers to choose from: the continuous drum mixers and the twin shaft compulsory mixers. The latter is preferred over the former due to its superior mixing performance. To improve production precision, a digital load cell is used in the weighing system.

The mini mobile concrete mixing machine features an automated electric control system that can handle the whole production process continuously and steadily. Operating the plant gate, a pneumatic drive system is fitted.

The Benefits of LUTON’s Small Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

1. Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the benefits of a small mobile concrete batching plant.

  • Mini mobile plants can be erected in 2-3 days due to their ease of use and quick installation. Mini mobile stations are portable and easy to transfer from one location to another due to their swift installation without using a crane.
  • A truck motor can be used to transport the main modular unit of a small mobile concrete plant.

The mini mobile concrete mixing plant is easy to run thanks to panel control.

2. High-End Quality

The small mobile concrete factory is of great quality, particularly in the following areas:

  • The PLD aggregate batching system uses an electric weighing system and a computer-controlled system, making it more precise and consistent.
  • LUTON’s small mobile concrete batch machines are eco-friendly due to their low-noise design and dust collecting system.
  • The use of a JS twin shaft concrete mixer offers excellent mixing performance and output.

3. Cost-Effective

  • Small-sized concrete batch plants are inexpensive for small businesses due to cheaper investment and superior mixing effect.
  • A portable design and the absence of the need for foundation make it possible to set up a mini mobile concrete plant on a low budget.
  • Mini mobile concrete batching plants require less floor space due to their compact structural design.

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mini mobile concrete batching plant

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Mini Mobile Concrete Batch Plant’s Main Components

A mini mobile concrete mixing plant is made up of several impressive components, including a feeding system, a storage system, a conveying system, a mixing system, a weighing system, and a control system.

Storage System

The feeding system’s major component is the material storage bin. Depending on your needs, two to four bins are offered. Materials such as aggregate and sand are loaded into the weighing system via storage bins. Also, this classifies various sizes of aggregates into separate sections.

Cement Silo

This feature of a mini mobile concrete batching plant is of two types. They include the bolted cement silos and the welded cement silos.
Both types can be customized with safety accessories based on consumers’ needs.

Conveying System

Conveyors transport weighed material straight to the mixing unit.

At LUTON, we offer three types of conveying methods for your consideration. They are the belt conveyor, screw conveyor, hopper hoist. Typically, a mini mobile mixing plant uses a hopper hoist and belt convey to transport aggregate to the mixer. On the other hand, a screw conveyor transports cement from the silo to the mixer.

Weighing system

Weighing systems are classified into four types for your consideration. They include powder weighing, aggregate weighing, additive weighing, and water weighing. These weighing components ensure that concrete products are accurately proportioned to customer specifications.

Mix Host

In our mini mobile concrete batching plant, the JS series concrete mixers are fitted for easy operation. Twin shafts are horizontally installed in the mixer tank and are spirally arranged on the body of the twin shafts. They are linked to the motor outside the mixer. The benefit of this component is complete and even stirring.

The JS series concrete mixers offer a powerful mixing ability, even mixing pattern, and a high operating efficiency, making them an excellent option for concrete mixers.

Control System

The control system handles the automated operation of the machine, which is equipped with a manual panel and a PLY controller for convenience of use. It helps to achieve storage and print mix formulas directly from the equipment. Lastly, the control system is beneficial as it allows quick and precise measurements. As a result of the increasing demands for high-quality concrete, there has been a more and more continuous precise development in the design of control systems.

mini mobile concrete plant

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How Does a Mini Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Operate?

The operation of a mini mobile batching plant is divided into four phases:

1. Material Feeding

At the raw material feeding stage, water, aggregate, cement, and other admixtures are loaded into their respective storage facilities. This involves loading aggregate into aggregate hoppers, water into the water tank, cement into cement silos, and additive into the additive silo.

2. Measurement of Raw Materials

Begin the measurement method for the mixing plant. Then estimate the needed raw material formulations. Following a brief stop in the storage units, raw materials are individually weighed using the weighing equipment according to the estimated recipe.

Due to the use of more accurate weighing sensors and accurate computer controllers, LUTON’s mini mobile concrete mixing plants are becoming increasingly sophisticated in manufacturing higher quality concrete in the needed proportion.

3. Transportation of Raw Materials

The discharge door of the aggregate hopper is closed after weighing. The discharge door opens, and the aggregates are transported into the main mixer. Interestingly, installing the hopper hoists is easy and simple, whereas belt conveyors are continuous and efficient. Both ways are used for transporting aggregates to the main mixer.

Screw conveyors deliver cement from the cement silo to the mixer. Before being put into the mixer, cement is brought to the measurement hopper and measured by the weighing equipment.

Pumps deliver water and additive from the water tank to the mixer. Water and additive, such as cement, enter the measurement hopper and are measured using the weighing device before being put into the mixer.

The weighed ingredients are released into the mixer via the discharging gate, which is controlled by a pneumatic butterfly valve.

4. Mixing of Raw Materials and Unloading of Concrete

This stage is the critical part of the process as it involves combining all materials. Following the operating sequence, the water, aggregate, cement, and additives are eventually released into the concrete mixer for thorough and even mixing.

After around 60 or 72 seconds, the concrete product is finished, and the discharge door is opened by a pneumatic butterfly valve. A Perfectly mixed concrete is on its way to the truck for proper use.

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mini mobile concrete batching plant

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About the LUTON Mini Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

The LUTON’s mini mobile concrete batching plant is the finest of all concrete plants on the market. This is because it provides excellent performance, efficiency in operation, and optimum flexibility in all types of concrete manufacturing.

It may be put on any smooth surface without needing a cast base. This mini mobile model of the concrete batching plant offers the easiest installation method and is also easy to disassemble.

LUTON mini mobile concrete batching plants are developed and produced with a high standard level in mind, ensuring a great return on investment (ROI) on the client’s investment.

LUTON offers a wide range of high-quality concrete batching plants that feature ±2 percent accuracy for standard equipment. Along with this mini mobile concrete batching plant, we offer mobile concrete batching plants, stationary concrete batching plants, dry concrete batching plants, small concrete batching plants, wet concrete batching plants, asphalt mixing plants, large concrete batching plants, and a variety of other concrete plant products. Get in touch with us today to learn more about LUTON’s range of products and services.

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