Portable Concrete Pump For Sale

Portable concrete pump for sale from LUTON GROUP is always one of the most popular concrete pump equipment in construction machinery market.

With flexible mobility and compact structure, portable concrete pump is alway available to not only small residential construction jobs but large-scale rural and urban projects. LUTON GROUP provides full range portable concrete pumps for diverse concrete construction requirement.

small diesel concrete pump
  • Output Capacity From 20m3/h to 90m3/h
  • S Valve Distribution Technology
  • Open Type Hydraulic Circuit
  • Available in Diesel and Electric Versions
  • Stable Components and Standard Configuration
  • Low Consumption and High Efficiency
  • Customized Design For Special Demand

Once the pipeline linking the pump body and the construction point is ready on site, portable concrete pump can be put into work immediately without too many installation operations.

Easily, portable pump machine can delivery concrete liquid to a horizontal distance of 400m long or a vertical level of 120m high. Its efficient pumping performance comes from the strong power of the main engine (Diesel engine and electric motor are optional.) and the hydraulic pumping system.

So, portable concrete pump is a kind of widely-accepted efficient, conveninet and economical concrete pumping machinery.

Hot Models of LUTON Portable Concrete Pump for Sale

diesel concrete trailer pump

Model: HBTS30-10-48R
Diesel Engine Power: 48kW
Max. Theo. Concrete Output:30m3/h
Max. Theo. Pumping Pressure: 10MPa
Max. Theo. Pumping Length/Height:400m/120m

small concrete line pump

Model: HBTS40-11-60R
Diesel Engine Power: 60kW
Max. Theo. Concrete Output:40m3/h
Max. Theo. Pumping Pressure: 11MPa
Max. Theo. Pumping Length/Height:600m/150m

diesel concrete mixer pump

Model: JBS30/40
Diesel Engine Power: 66/82 kW
Concrete Mixer Machine: Drum Mixer
Max. theo. Concrete Output:30/40 m3/h
Max. theo. Pumping Length/Height:400m/120m

40m3 concrete mixer pump

Model: JBS40
Diesel Engine Power: 129 kW
Concrete Mixer Machine: JS500 Twin-shaft Mixer
Max. theo. Concrete Output:40 m3/h
Max. theo. Pumping Length/Height:500m/120m

concrete line pump

Model: HBTS40-11-45
Electric Engine Power: 45kW
Max. Theo. Concrete Output:40m3/h
Max. Theo. Pumping Pressure: 11MPa
Max. Theo. Pumping Length/Height:500m/120m

Electric concrete pump

Model: HBTS50-12-55
Electric Engine Power: 55kW
Max. Theo. Concrete Output:50m3/h
Max. Theo. Pumping Pressure: 12MPa
Max. Theo. Pumping Length/Height:500m/120m

Electric concrete pump for sale

Model: JBS30/40
Electric Engine Power: 37/45 kW
Concrete Mixer Machine: Drum Mixer
Max. theo. Concrete Output:30/40 m3/h
Max. theo. Pumping Length/Height:400m/120m

electric concrete mixer pump

Model: JBS40
Electric Engine Power: 45kW
Concrete Mixer Machine: JS500 Twin-shaft Mixer
Max. theo. Concrete Output:40 m3/h
Max. theo. Pumping Length/Height:500m/120m

Application Cases of LUTON Portable Concrete Pump For Sale

In more than 20 years experience of manufacturing and exporting of concrete pump products, LUTON portable concrete pump for sale has been exported to many countries.

In fact, LUTON has already exported concrete pump trailer products to more than 80 countries. And they all gained high praise from customers.

Luton concrete mixing pump on construction site
Case 1

JBS40 Portable Concrete Mixer Pump Working Onsite In Indonesia

January 24, 2022

This is a LUTON portable concrete pump products exported to Indonesia.
Considered the narrow place of construction site, practical engineering requirement, and the actual budget for this investment etc., our professional consultant recommended the high quality HTBS40 concrete trailer pump to this Indonesian friend.
During working in a high-level building construction in Indonesia, this piece of concrete pump with 40m3/h output capacity was working cooperatively with a mixer truck on site. It conveyed concrete mixture continuously and flexibly to the high level floor (more than 60m vertical distance).
Finally, the Indonesian friend praised it in several words: steady, efficiency, flexible, easy to operate, and reliable.

Case 2

HBTS30 Diesel Portable Concrete Pump Trailer Sold to Indonesia

March 03, 2022

An old friend from Indonesia bought an HBTS30 and a 1.8m3 self loading concrete mixer truck for his project. This is not the first purchase from LUTON GROUP.

“I trust in LUTON GROUP and Concrete Machinery from LUTON GROUP,” he said.

Case 3

JBS40 Diesel Portable Concrete Mixer Pump Sold to Guyana

May 27, 2022

A JBS40-10-84R Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump Trailer are sold to Guyana in May.

Consider about the characteristics of the project, our engineering recommended this JBS40 machine to this Guyanese friend. He is very satisfied with our products and service.

diesel concrete pump
Diesel Portable Concrete Pump
electric concrete pump
Electric Portable Concrete Pump

Why Choose Portable Concrete Pump For Sale

When it comes to the reasons why more and more investors choose portable concrete pump for sale for their commercial targets or certain projects, it is necessary to learn about its advantages.

Thanks to the small structure and compact design, a complete set of pumping equipment can be transported from one construction site to another with just 1-2 trucks.

Based on compact modular design, portable concrete pump machine is equipped with multiple high quality functional units to fulfill the terminal target, conveying concrete mixture to precise working place.

One of the biggest highlights of portable concrete pump for sale in the market is its small and lightweight body structure.

Compared with other large scale pumping machine, like boom pumps and truck mounted concrete pump, it prices lower but with higher capacity. Moreover, the cost of labor and time is lower. That actually means more return rate for investors.

Portable concrete pumping machine is a kind of pumping equipment with cost-efficient characteristic and low consumption.

For this reason, portable concrete pump is called one of the most efficient concrete pump machines.

These compact functional units are not only easy to installed but also convenient to uninstalled on site.
Workers can complete the installation and dismantling in a short time.

Not like other concrete pump equipment needing long time to install or dismantle on concrete sites.

Portable concrete pump for sale is widely used in various construction sites hard to reach for other pumps.

That is not only depended on the compact structure and flexible mobility, but also on its versatile and precise pumping method, pipeline pumping.

Not like a boom truck, which conveys concrete materials by its giant boom arm, is inaccessible to most of narrow construction sites fulled with various obstacles.

Flexible pipeline which is connected with the outlet of portable concrete pump can overcome most of construction obstacles and reach to the precise construction site.

Portable concrete pumping machine with powerful pumping capacity can deliver concrete materials to 1200m-long-horizontal (or 200m-high-vertical ) distance. That is more powerful and efficient concrete pumping capacity.

Compared with concrete boom pump truck, limited by the length of the boom, the longest pumping distance now around the world is 101 meters.

Small and portable structure does not mean small pumping capacity.

Portable concrete pump with simple design is easy to control and maintain. The modular design make components replacement easy and fast.

Portable Concrete Pump For Sale


With high performance, easy operation and installation, cost-efficiency, LUTON portable concrete pump for sale are popular with customers from over 100 countries. Committed to providing you with a wide range of services.

pumping engine

Advanced power engines from top world brand ensures higher energy efficiency and longer service life.

main parts of concrete static pump

Electrical components are imported from Schneider. And the oil pump is from Kawasaki brand. All these guarantee the stable and high working performance of the whole concrete pumping machine.


Dual cooling system ensures the pump machine work well continuously. The air cooling system is also available in case that the water cooling system does not work well.

feeding hopper

Upgraded hopper can remix more concrete and hold more aggregate.

control system of concrete pump

The intelligent electrical control system is easy to operate. And it saves time to study.

accessories of concrete pump

Plenty of accessories are free with the package. It is no need to find suitable accessories for customers. Very convenient.

Major Problems in Concrete Pumping Work

There are two major problems in concrete pumping work:

Concrete Blockage

Concrete Blockage usually emerges at the end of the pipeline. It is visible through an increasing pressure that can be observed on the pressure gauge.

It is caused by unsuitable selection of pump equipment, failure grade aggregate, lack of pipeline maintenance, high ration of water to concrete as well as loss of workability due to waiting at the construction site.

Concrete Segregation and bleeding

Concrete Segregation is the separation of cement paste and aggregate during the handling and placement of concrete. It occurs when pumping pressure overcomes the adhesion force of the concrete mix.

concrete pump working on construction site
concrete blockage

Meanwhile, concrete bleeding is the losing of water from the concrete mix. It occurs due to the bad proportions of concrete mix and the use of gap-graded aggregate.

Then, how to avoid concrete pumping problems?

1.Choose well-graded aggregate and proportion concrete constituents property.
2.Mix concrete evenly and properly to fully coat.
3.Lubricate constituents suitably and facilitate pumping process correctly.
4.Correct and adjust labor skills.
5.Select the proper concrete pumping equipment.
6.Choose pipe diameter of at least three times the maximum aggregate size to avoid the risk of blockage near bend points.
7.Carefully clean the pipeline after each work.

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