Ready Mix Concrete Plant For Sale

If you are looking for a suitable ready mix concrete plant for sale or preparing for a construction investment project, it is indeed correct to come here!

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This article will take just a few minutes to condense the essence of knowledge of concrete batching plant. And tell a real story quickly about ready mix concrete plant for sale in market.

What is ready mix concrete plant for sale?

Ready mix concrete plant has a team of famous names, like concrete batching plant, concrete mixing plant, rmc plant as well as cement batching plant, etc.

It actually is a set of functional equipment integrated in one. Aiming to produce high-precise proportional concrete materials, it feeds, measures, conveys and mixes all materials, including aggregates (fine and coarse stones), powders (fly ash, cement or mineral powder), water and additive, evenly and thoroughly.

Finally, the finished concrete material is delivered to various construction project sites. So ready mix concrete plant, as the fundamental and indispensable material equipment, plays a crucial role in construction field.

concrete ready mix plants
Ready-mixed Concrete Plant

But why it is called ready mix concrete plant?

This name is from a method of concrete producing. Different from the formed and hardened precast concrete, ready mix concrete is actually a liquid or semi-liquid mixture that is produced in a special producing place ( commercial concrete batching plant or concrete mixing plant for project), then delivered to a certain construction site and put in use. During the whole process, it must be kept from hardened and slamp.

Ready mix concrete plants are born for this.

What are ready mix concrete plants for sale in market?

By far, the types of ready mix concrete plants for sale in market are various. With their own characteristic and advantages, the prices are different greatly.

Commercial or For Project

According to the purpose, there are two types of concrete batching plant, for commerce and for a certain project.

Generally speaking, the scale of the commercial mixing station is larger. The produce capacity is stronger from 90m3/h, 120m3/h, 180m3/h to 240m3/h.

The configuration of the plant is at higher level and the proportion of concrete product is more precise.

Moreover, the structural design, component and material selection are also very elegant. So, commercial concrete batching plant usually prices higher than other types of plants.

At present, the price generally ranges from $90,000 to $360,000.

On the other hand, the concrete batching plant for projects is specially designed for one or several construction projects.

central mix concrete plants

It is often set up at or near the construction site. Although the scale is not necessarily large, it has strong adaptability to the on-site environment. The production requirements for concrete products are more targeted, and the product ratio is also very precise.

The producing capacity of mobile plant is from 25m3/h, 35m3/h, 50m3/h, 75m3/h to 90m3/h.

So price of ready mix concrete plant for project is various from $25,000 to $155,000 following the actual requirement of the projects.

Stationary or Mobile

According to the mobility, ready mix concrete plant for sale is divided into stationary concrete plant ( also called fixed concrete batching plant ), mobile concrete batching plant ( sometimes known as portable concrete batching plant ) and free foundation batching plant.

Normally, stationary concrete plant are large scale. Once it is established, it will be unable to move until it is no longer used and dismantled. Usually , commercial ready mix plants mentioned above are stationary plants.
The price of stationary concrete plant ranges from $25,000 to $360,000.

Compared with stationary plant, mobile ready mix plant is more flexible and efficient. Benefited from the mobile unit, it can be assembled, disassembled and transported easily in a short time. Saves more time, labor and transportation cost.

In order to achieve efficient production, designers integrate all functional units into several compact modules, and one of the modules can be easily disassembled and assembled separately, which is convenient for movement, maintenance and equipment replacement.

mobile concrete batching plant

The mobile concrete station is compact and lightweight (common output capacity ranges from 25m3/h to 90m3/h), yet its performance is still excellent. The high accurate measurement cell, automatic hydraulic system and electric control centre working together ensure the stability, efficiency and high performance.
So, this kind of flexible rmc plant prices usually more higher than static plant.

Belt Type or Hopper Type

According to the station structure, rmc batching plant for sale is divided into belt type plant and hopper type plant. This classification method is mainly based on the feeding method of aggregates.

Belt type concrete batching plant conveys aggregates through belt feeder.

The rotating roller of the belt feeder frictions conveying belt to drive the material on the belt to a certain height to realize the feeding.

Since the conveying platform is inclined upward, it is also called an inclined belt feeder. And generally, the inclined angle of the belt machine is less than 45°.

belt conveyor type concrete plant
hopper type rmc plant

Belt machine can continuously delivers aggregate materials in large quantity.

This efficient feeding method ensures the high-volume production of concrete products at the belt ready mix plant.

Meanwhile, hopper type concrete plant feeds aggregates by lifter and hoppers. Due to the limited volume of the hoppers, the transport efficiency of the hopper elevator is lower than that of the belt conveyor. So, the hopper-type concrete plant is more suitable for small and medium-scale concrete production occasions.

Dry concrete plant or Wet Concrete Plant

According to the products status, ready mix concrete plants are classified into dry concrete plant and wet concrete plant.

Wet plant with complete equipment configuration ensures long-term concrete products supply of various specifications and proportions to the market.

In order to keep the good performance of concrete products, the finished product must be delivered to the site within 2 hours.

In the process of transportation, it is also necessary to pay attention to continuous stirring to prevent the product from slump and solidification.

dry concrete batching plant

Meanwhile, dry concrete plant provides dry concrete products to customers.

With no need to worry about concrete slump and hardened, dry concrete can be stored for longer period and delivered to farther site.

Of course, in the production process of dry concrete batching plant, special attention should be paid to the impact on the environment, and environmental protection measures should be taken strictly.

Generally speaking, for a dry plant and a wet plant with the same production capacity, the price of former is lower than that of latter.

There are also other types of ready mix concrete plant, according other classified methods.

As the working mode, there is continuous mixing plant and compulsory batching plant.

central mix concrete plant

For different shapes of mixer hosts, there is drum type, pear type, twin-cone type, pan type of batching plants for sale in market.

Also, there are different mixing shafts. So, there is horizontal twin-shaft mixing plant and vertical shaft batching plant, etc..

Evenly, there are mini concrete mixer machine for even smaller usage provided by LUTON GROUP. Mass concrete mixing equipment, there will be a suitable plant for you. Welcome to contact to buy.

Price Ranges of Different Types of Ready Mix Plant For Sale

TypesPrice rangeSuitable placeadvantages
Commercial Plant$90,000-$360,000. large scale long term supplyplenty of site spaceVarious Proportion Optionsaccurate products qualitystable and long service life
Plant for Project$25,000-$155,000Small or Medium scale A certain working termFor a certain projectAccurate proportion small footprint suitable for project
Stationary plant$25,000-$360,000Small/medium/large scale long term supplyaccurate proportionsteady products qualitystable and long service life
Mobile plant$40,000-$200,000small/medium sizetemporary projectrunning efficiently removing easilytransiting flexibly
Wet plant$30,000-$360,000large scale long term supplyaccurate proportionsteady products quality
dry plant$25,000-$300,000long distance siteefficient rapid economical
Belt Type plant$60,000-$360,000large scale High qualityaccurate efficient steady
Hopper Type plant$25,000-$130,000small/medium sizelow maintain costsimple structurelow cost

Why to choose ready mix concrete plant for sale?

Although ready mix concrete plant for sale costs lost, it also brings much more profit and good prospect. There are countless benefits to choose ready mix concrete plant.

1.High Quality Assurance
In ready mix plant system, concrete is produced under control. With the cooperation of precise measure system, automatic hydraulic system, electric computer control system etc., concrete is accurately mixed as proportion and mixed with various materials evenly and thoroughly.

2.Fast and Efficient Working
Benefited from the high automatized concrete batching equipment, ready mix plant doesn’t need massive time, money and labor to produce. Once it is established, the concrete batching plant can be put into production with only a few workers and control room operators.

What’s more, its efficient production capacity will be several times that of traditional manual operations.
Take a small ready mix plant with output capacity of 60m3/h as an instance. It can yield concrete products 60m3 per hour according to the theoretical output capacity. Meanwhile a worker usually can mix 30-60m3 concrete manually a day (10 hours work time). That means the produce capacity of the concrete plant is more than 10 times that of manual method. Of course, that is not the maximum production capacity of concrete batching plant.

3.Customized Production
According to a certain proportion, scientific customization, and automatic proportioning, concrete batching plant produce various concrete products of different specifications.
A variety of options can accurately meet the actual needs of different projects.

high quality rmc plant for sale

4.Economical Savings
Ready mix concrete plant saves more raw materials in producing process. And it does not require too much labor and supporting equipment. The high efficient plant saves time, labor and material costs for investors. It is a more economical way of concrete mixing.

5.High Performance
Ready mixed concrete plant is often located in a relatively independent dedicated area with sufficient space on site. Without excessive influence of the on-site environment, the assembled equipment is relatively complete, with high quality, stable performance and long service life.
In addition, it is convenient to maintain and repair.

6.Environmentally Friendly
Ready mix concrete plant is established with environmental protect equipment. The dust collection system can minimize the air pollution.

More benefits of rmc plant will appear one by one in the process of putting in use.

LUTON Ready Mix Concrete Plant For Sale

LUTON GROUP with more than 20 years manufacturing and exporting experience, provides multiple ready mix concrete plant for sale.

For large or medium scale construction projects ( Large-scale commercial construction projects, water conservancy projects, bridge construction, highway construction, tunnel projects etc.), there are HZS Series products with output capacity ranging from 90m3/h to 240m3/h, includingHZS90, HZS120, HZS150, HZS180, HZS240 etc.

Main Configuration of LUTON Small Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Main Configuration of LUTON Small Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

For small scale construction projects (Residential house construction, garden road paving, swimming pool construction, and so on), LUTON provides various small concrete batching plant products, such as HZS25, HZS50, HZS60, HZS75 etc..

mobile concrete batching plant

For some projects needing frequent site transition, there are mobile concrete batching plants for sale, ranging from YHZS25, YHZS35, YHZS50, YHZS75, YHZS90 etc.

There are also other series products for option and special models for your unique engineering requirement.
Every plant will be designed according to your actual project situation and customized configuration will be suggested by LUTON professional engineering consultants.

Parameters of LUTON YHZS Series Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Parameter of YHZS Series Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

In addition, they will help you to solve any problem about the purchase during the whole process till it is put into use. Also, about maintenance and replace components, LUTON is also ready to provide you professional service.

How to find a perfect ready mix plant?

How to find a perfect ready mix plant? That is the common question of investors. There are several suggestions about it.

  • Make clear the application of your plant, for commercial use or for certain projects.
  • Make sure the projects requirement, including daily concrete demand, the construction project site situation, the transportation method, etc..
  • Investigate the location of the ready mix plant. Ensure the terrain, the space, the environment and the local policies, etc..
  • Determine the budget and choose the appropriate plant types. If it is the first purchase of a ready mix plant, consulting a professional person or a sophisticate manufacturer is a wise choice.

You can trust in LUTON GROUP, an outstanding manufacturer with 20 years exporting experience leading in construction machinery field in China.

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How about used ready mix batching plant?

Some customers consider purchasing a used ready mix batching plant because of the lower price.

This is of course a good solution for concrete mixing. However, this solution has few advantages over the new one, except for the price advantage in the early purchase.

When we invest in a piece of equipment, we certainly do not just want to get a certain return in the short term, but more to expect to receive more long-term returns.

Then, an old equipment cannot give investors an exact guarantee in terms of equipment performance, equipment life, warranty commitment, maintenance costs, lost work costs and other aspects.

The cost of post-maintenance it brings is often much higher than the cost of buying a new device with guaranteed quality.

cemet batching plant for sale

In addition, whether it is new equipment or old equipment, the cost incurred during transportation is the same, which should also be considered.

In short, doing a good job of investigation in the early stage, and choosing a suitable brand-new ready-mixed concrete batching plant according to the actual situation is a wise choice on your investment road.

Welcome to contact LUTON to select your ideal ready mix batching plant and other concrete manufacturing equipment.