Concrete Mixer With Pump Machine

What is the most efficient solution to solve concrete mixing and delivering in construction projects?

The answer is obviously not unique. By far, there are many types of concrete machinery in the market with different characteristics aiming to concrete handling in construction projects.

Selecting the most suitable solution according to the characteristics of different engineering projects can be truly efficient way. How to find the ideal one?

This article provides some practical methods to investors as reference.

What is Concrete Mixer With Pump Machine

First of all, concrete mixer with pump machine refers to all kinds of equipment used for concrete production and transportation.

No matter what kind of concrete equipment it is, the purpose is only one, that is to meet the various engineering requirements of the modern construction industry and complete the efficient, high-quality and fast concrete production and transportation.

Some of these equipment are specially used for mixing concrete, some are for conveying concrete, and some are integrated with manufacturing and conveying in one.

With their own advantages and characteristics, they play their indispensable roles in the modern construction industry as basic construction equipment.

Hot Models of Concrete Mixer With Pump Machine

In this article, you will see some hot models of concrete mixer with pump machine from LUTON GROUP. In this way, get the popular and efficient methods of concrete mixing and handling by far.

There are two types of drive modes in LUTON concrete mixer with pump machine, diesel mode and electric mode.

Electric mode is simple, convenient, economic and environment-friendly. It is a popular option for many projects located at the area where electricity is adequate.

Meanwhile, for some remote area without enough electric supply, the diesel mode is ideal choice.

Mini Concrete Mixer With Pump

Mini concrete mixer with pump here refers to the machine with smaller output capacity (less than 40m3/h).

With mini shape and light weight, this kind of concrete mixer with pump machine perform wonderful on small or medium scale construction sites, like residential house building, garden reparation, swimming pool projects, etc..

small diesel concrete pump

Models: JBS30/40

Theoretical Capacities: 30/40 m3/h

Engine Type: Diesel / Electric Engine

Mixer Type: Drum Type

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Specifications and Price of JBS Series Mini Concrete Mixer With Pump Machine

Main Oil PumpJindaJindaKawasakiKawasaki
Main Pump Capacity71 ml/r71 ml/r112 ml/r112 ml/r
Theoretical Capacity (m3/h)30304040
Engine Power37KW
(Electric Motor)
(Electric Motor)
Control System ComponentsSchneiderSchneiderSchneiderSchneider
Pumping Length/Height 400m/160m400m/120m500m/160m500m/160m
Price Range$18,000~ $20,000$24,000~ $26,000$19,000~ $21,000$34,000~ $36,000
electric concrete mixer pump

Models: JBS40B-JS500/750

Theoretical Capacities: 40m3/h

Engine Type: Diesel / Electric Engine

Mixer Type: Twin Shaft Mixer

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Specifications and Price of JBS-JS Series Mini Concrete Mixer With Pump Machine

Main Oil PumpKawasakiKawasakiKawasakiKawasaki
Main Pump Capacity112 ml/r112 ml/r112 ml/r112 ml/r
Theoretical Capacity (m3/h)40404040
Engine Power45KW(Electric)45KW(Electric)Weichai129KWWeichai129KW
Control System ComponentsSchneiderSchneiderSchneiderSchneider
Pumping Length/Height 500m/120m500m/120m500m/120m500m/120m
Price Range$24,000~ $26,000$29,000~ $30,000$42,000~ $44,000$46,000~ $55,000

Portable Concrete Mixer With Pump Machine

Portable concrete mixer with pump machine here refers to the machine with all mixing and pumping functions on a mobile chassis, a trailer or a truck.

With the participation of these mobile units, the application of our concrete mixing and pumping equipment has been expanded to a wider range.

Whether it is a bustling urban area or a remote mountain area, our equipment can easily reach.

All LUTON concrete mixer with pump machines here recommended are portable models.

They can be easily installed and dismantled on site in a short time. Compared with static concrete pump machine, it saves more time, money and labor for investors.

What’s more, benefited from the modular structure design, the maintenance and repair of portable concrete mixer with pump machine is simple and convenient.

Portable concrete mixer with pump machine is one of the most popular solution of concrete for many construction.


Models: HJBC30

Theoretical Capacities: 30m3/h

Engine Type: Diesel-Electric Dual Engine

Mixer Type: Drum Type / Twin Shaft Type

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Specifications of LUTON Concrete Mixer Pump Truck

Product ModelUnitHJBC30-8-30RDHJBC30-8-37RS
Mixer Type Drum typeTwin shaft type
Max. Theoretical Output Capacitym³/h25-3030
Theoretical Concrete Pumping PressureMpa88
Max. Aggregate Sizemm4040
Max. Theoretical Conveying Distancem70/20070/200
Max. Theoretical Mixing Volumem³/h10-1520-30
Conveying Cylinder SizemmФ200*800Ф200*800
Hopper VolumeL650650
Main Powerkw3037
Generator Set Powerkw100120

Concrete Mixer Boom Pump

Another hot type of LUTON concrete mixer pump machine is concrete mixer boom pump. All sets are equipped on a truck chassis.

And the iconic composition is a large foldable placing arm, and the arm length usually ranges from a dozen to tens of meters. At present, the longest arm in the world can reach 101 meters.

The features of this device are:

  • High degree of automation, easy to operate.
  • A wide range of operations, high level areas, near-ground site and underground projects are all the available ranges.
  • High working efficiency, sufficient mixing and large pumping capacity.
  • The overall design does not require too much preparation procedures. After arriving at the site, just fix the support legs, and then the boom can be extended to start the operation.
vehicle-mounted concrete mixing pump

Models:Theoretical Capacities: 60m3/h

Engine Type: Diesel Engine

Mixer Type: Twin Shaft Mixer

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Specifications and Price of LUTON Concrete Mixer Boom Pump

Product ModelUnit33m 4 section
Mixer Mode JS500
Max. Theoretical Output Capacitym³/h60
Theoretical Concrete Pumping PressureMpa13/7.6
Hydraulic System Mode Open Type
Max. Theoretical Placing Heightm27
Main Oil Pump Kawasaki / Rex
Conveying Cylinder SizemmФ200*800
Cooling System Air Cooling
Control Mode Manual and Wireless Remote
Outrigger Form RZ

Diesel Concrete Pump With Mixer Machine

Diesel concrete pump with mixer machine is very common in modern construction sites, which powered by a diesel engine.

LUTON concrete pump with mixer machine is powered by diesel engine or electric engine.

First of all, compared with electric engines, diesel engines have higher torque and lower rotational speed, and the power is stronger. They can easily cope with complex road and mountain terrain, and are all-terrain mechanical equipment.

Secondly, the strong power also provides a strong output to the pumping unit, which is a core indicator of the concrete mixing pump.

In addition, in areas with insufficient power supply, diesel engines can be used without restrictions on any construction site.

Also, Compared with gasoline, diesel is more economical and practical, and has a high combustion utilization rate. It is the superior fuel for large construction machinery and vehicles.

LUTON Group provides wide range of diesel concrete mixer with pump machine for all kinds of construction projects.

All diesel engines are from famous leading brands at home and abroad, which is the guarantee of 30 years of high-quality performance of LUTON products.

Electric Concrete Mixer And Pump

Although diesel pumps are very popular with consumers, it does not affect the hot sale of LUTON electric mixer pumps. This is inseparable from the features and advantages of LUTON electric concrete mixer with pumps.

  • Simple structure: save spaces
  • Few parts and all standard parts, easy to replace and maintain
  • Energy saving and environmental protection, low noise
  • Easy to use and convenient to control
  • From famous motor brands at home and abroad, to ensure superior quality and perfect performance

Concrete Mixer Pump Price

Concrete mixer pump price is higher than other concrete pump without mixing machine.

Take concrete mixer with pump trailer for example, the price is about $1,500 higher than the price of one pump without mixer.

And for boom mixer pump, the price is various for the different configurations.

All in all, the price range varies from $18,000 to $ 450,000 depending on the types, output capacities, mixing capacities and other specifications.

Contact LUTON GROUP, you can get the accurate quote for the specific machine.

LUTON concrete mixer boom pump truck

Why Choose LUTON Concrete Pump Machine

LUTON GROUP won almost all customers praise and approval around the world. Not only because of the professional and thoughtful service, but also for the excellent products performance.

  • Over 20 years product experience make sure high quality, long service life and low maintenance cost.
  • Simple operation, intelligent control system, automatic process.
  • Adequate concrete pump products provide various concrete pumping methods.
  • Exported to over 100 countries around the world winning high praise.
  • 10 oversea branches in the world supply you 7 days*24 hours service
  • More than 20 projects and 1000 workers ensure delivery time.
  • Main components are all from international famous brand, which is high performance assurance.
  • Goods and spare parts are in stock, can delivery at any time.

Recommended Collocation Of Concrete Mixer And Pump

There are also some recommended collocation about concrete mixer and pump.

If you have already had a concrete pump trailer, match a self loading concrete mixer or a concrete mixer truck. It is also efficient and flexible to perfectly accomplish concrete mixing and pumping tasks.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer With Pump

A self loading concrete mixer and a concrete pump trailer are perfect partners.

Self loading concrete mixer integrates all concrete producing process in one, including material feeding, measuring, mixing and uploading. It is a set of multiple-function machine, economical, practical, efficient.

No need of additional equipment, a self loading concrete mixer can easily replace a small concrete batching plant. With the increasing labor costs, its advantages of saving labor are more prominent.


Combined with a powerful concrete pump machine, the mixed concrete products can be transported to any place where they are needed.

It should be known that concrete line pump is one of the strongest concrete conveying equipment with the strongest pumping capacity and the broadest range of pumping.

Such an efficient combination will definitely bring a lot of convenience and profit to your project.

Contact LUTON to get ideal configurations for your construction projects.

Concrete Mixer Truck With Pump

There is also another efficient combination to cope with concrete application on site, concrete mixer truck matching with a concrete pump machine.

A mobile concrete mixer truck can bring ready mixed dry or wet concrete materials to construction sites. After loading into a pump trailer, the fresh concrete mixture can be conveyed to any areas needed.

The concrete materials are usually from a commercial concrete batching plant with accurate ingredient proportion.

Without too much further delay, when the mixer truck arrives to the construction site, the unloading process will start immediately.

It is obviously an efficient way to producing and pumping concrete materials.

Of course, it is clearly more economical to have a set of equipment to produce concrete on-site than to buy commercial concrete. However, for large-scale construction projects, there are large-scale concrete demand and quality requirements, such a set of concrete mixing and conveying solutions is also very cost-effective.

Welcome to forth any question on concrete handling problems and LUTON GROUP will provide you with professional consulting service and specific information.