Shotcrete Pump For Sale

Troubled with more challenging underground tunneling projects? Need to spray concrete on interior surface of a swimming pool? Time is limited, work volume is big?

Shotcrete pump helps you easily solve these problems. More delicate and more explosive, it is a flexible and efficient shotcrete expert.

Shotcrete Pump For Sale

Stable Performance

Less Wear Parts

Low Maintenance Costs

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What is shotcrete pump for sale?

Shotcrete pump for sale on market is a concrete pumping machine which conveys concrete or mortar through a hose and pneumatically shots them at high velocity onto a surface.

Shotcrete machines are available which control the complete process and make it very fast and easy. 

Unlike conventional concrete pumps, shotcrete systems have to meet the additional requirement of delivering a concrete flow that is as constant as possible, and therefore continuous, to guarantee homogeneous spray application.

Shotcrete pump can spray concrete and mortar onto any type or shape of surface, including vertical or overhead areas.

In Shotcrete pump, concrete is placed and compacted at the same time. With the powerful force, it is finally ejected from the nozzle.

Shotcrete is typically reinforced by conventional steel rods, steel mesh, or fibers. It has the characteristics of high compressive strength, good durability, water tightness and frost resistance.

Usually, shotcrete is an all-inclusive term for both the wet-mix and dry-mix methods. But in pool construction, shotcrete referes to wet mix and gunite to dry mix, which are not interchangeable in this context.

Depending on the fineness of the filler, concrete materials are classified into mortar mixture (particle size up to 2.5 mm), shotcrete mixture (size up to 10 mm) and syringe concrete or sprayed concrete (up to 25 mm).

Applications of Shotcrete Pump For Sale

The application areas of shotcrete pump is very broad. The following list is by no means the full range of applications:

  • Underground and Tunnel Construction
  • Mine Support (sprayed concrete walls and ceilings)
  • Refractory Material Spraying – Refractory Lining
  • Concrete Repair (Bridge Repair, Infrastructure Repair, etc.)
  • Hair Spray Construction
  • Parking Garage Repair and Concrete Building Repair
  • Bridge grouting and waterproof surface spraying
  • Canal Lining & Re-Lining
  • Cement Mortar Grouting
  • Foam Panel Shotcrete Building Systems
  • Landscape painting
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Thermal Insulation Material Spraying
  • V-Ditch Construction and Water Containment
  • Artificial Rock Construction
  • Concrete Wall Construction
  • Sound Absorbing Material Spray
  • Swimming Pool Construction – Sprayed Concrete Shells

More applications of shotcrete pump for sale is continuously increasing. Waiting for your new using development.

Hot Models of LUTON Shotcrete Pump For Sale

LUTON upgraded shotcrete machine, PBM20 and CX-90D, optimizes the hydraulic system and pumping system, with larger pumping volume, smaller commutation shock, lower spray pulse, etc.

LUTON Shotcrete Pump For Sale prices $3,500 – $6,500.

  • Stable Performance
  • Less Wear Parts
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • High manganese steel casting integrated sprinkler head
  • More fluid and wear resistant
  • Small spray pulsation and good continuity
  • PLC centralized control – reliable performance, long service life, Procedural working, simple operation
  • Optional Wire control handle device

PBM20 Spray Mortar Pump For Sale

Shotcrete Pump For Sale of LUTON GROUP

Stable Performance

Less Wear Parts

Low Maintenance Costs

High manganese steel casting integrated sprinkler head

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Main Parameters of PBM20 Spray Mortar Pump For Sale

Model No./Concrete pumpPBM20
Theoretical concrete output(m³/h)1.5/1.8
Theoretical concrete pumping pressure(MPa)1.5
Max. vertical conveying height(m)12-15
Max. horizontal transmission distance(m)50
Allowing the concrete slump(mm)100-230
Max. Aggregate particles(mm)6
Hopper volume(m³)0.14
Filling height(mm)950
Dynamic model3-phase asynchronous motor

CX-90D Spray Mortar Pump For Sale

Shotcrete Pump Machine For Sale

More fluid and wear resistant

Optional Wire control handle device

Small spray pulsation and good continuity

PLC centralized control – reliable performance

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Main Parameters of CX-90D Spray Mortar Pump For Sale

Productivity Capacity ( m3/h )3-10Outlet Pressure ( MPa )6
System Pressure ( MPa )22Main Engine Power ( kW )20
Cylinder Diameter and Stroke ( mm × mm )125×650Hopper Capacity ( m3 )0.13
Working Wind Pressure ( MPa )0.4-0.6Feeding Height ( mm )910
Max. Aggregate Diameter ( mm )15Distribution ValveS Tube Valve
Oil Tank Capacity ( L )129Cooling MethodAir Cooling

Dry Mix V.S. Wet Mix

Just like dry concrete batching plant, dry mix method of shotcrete pump refers to the method of placing the dry ingredients into a hopper and then conveying them pneumatically through a hose to the nozzle.

The addition of water at the nozzle is controlled by a skilled nozzleman. The water and the dry mixture is not completely mixed until the mixture hit on the receiving surface.

Advantages of the dry mix process are that the water content can be adjusted instantaneously by the nozzleman, providing more effective placement in overhead and vertical applications without accelerators.

The dry mix process works excellently in repair applications when it is necessary to stop frequently, as dry material is easily discharged from the hose.

Shotcrete Pump Machine in factory

The same as wet concrete batching plant, wet mix shotcrete pump refers to the method that pumping of a previously prepared concrete, typically ready-mixed concrete, to the nozzle.

Compressed air is introduced at the nozzle to force the mixture onto the receiving surface. Compared to the dry mix process, the wet mix procedure generally produces less rebound, waste (when material falls to the floor), and dust.

The greatest advantage of the wet mix shotcrete pumping method is all the ingredients are completely mixed with the water and additives required. It can place larger volumes of concrete in less time than the dry process.

Shotcrete Pump V.S. Gunite Machine

Originally, gunite machine especially refers to the machine used in dry-mix pneumatic cement application process.

In the dry-mix process, the dry sand and cement mixture is blown through a hose by compressed air. With water being injected at the nozzle, the mixture is immediately mixed with water before discharged onto the receiving surface. 

In another way, shotcrete pump is a mechanized method for spraying concrete or mortar with either dry or wet mix process.

Therefore, a shotcrete pump is an all-inclusive mechanized solution for both dry or wet mixing concrete pumping job. 

Shotcrete pumping machine or common concrete trailer pump? That is up to your projects and the characteristics of the both pumps.

Differences Between Shotcrete Pump and Common Concrete Trailer Pump

Types of PumpShotcrete PumpCommon Concrete Pump
Aggregate Size≤20mmAbout 30mm
Output Capacitysmalllarge
Application AreaSmall and medium scale concrete spraying on various surfacesConcrete conveying for small, medium and large projects
Auxiliary EquipmentAir CompressorNo Air Compressor
End HoseEquipped with air hoseNo Air Hose

Common concrete pump is usually used in delivering concrete mixture or mortar for any application that might require bigger rock or aggregate and a higher output volume of concrete, such as foundations, slabs, high-rise buildings and bridges, and so on.

Regular concrete pump only requires the pump and concrete pipelines to complete delivery of the material.

Meanwhile, shotcrete pump machine is for conveying those materials which is very fluid but dense, and has either a very small aggregate of less than half an inch (12.7mm) or no aggregate at all.

Usually, shotcrete pump for sale is used in the areas requiring high-pressure delivery, like foundation filling, swimming pool walls creating, etc..

Shotcrete pumping on the other hand has to be done with an air compressor.

Normally, a shotcrete nozzle is equipped on one end, connected with concrete pump hoses, and on the other end is the air hoses.

concrete mixer pumps

Those two are combined in an enclosed nozzle, which can realize the flexible flow control of concrete pumping. Usually, concrete shoots out of the nozzle chamber at a high speed.

Shotcrete pump is a very convenient way to be used in building pr-made structures.


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