Small Asphalt Plant


Luton small asphalt plant is featured by compact size, simple structure and low capital and maintenance cost. The production capacity of small asphalt plant is 80t/h and below, which is suitable for small-size road construction and road pavement repair projects. Luton small asphalt plant includes two types: batch type and drum type.

Types of Small Asphalt Plant

There are three small asphalt plant available in Luton – small drum asphalt plant, small stationary asphalt plant and small mobile asphalt plant.

Small Drum Asphalt Plant

Drum type asphalt plant includes two types: continuous single drum asphalt mix plant and double drum asphalt mix plant.

As for the single drum asphalt mix plant, the drum has dual functions, that is, it integrates the function of dryer and mixer, so the heating and drying of the aggregate and mixing of mixture are continuously carried out in the same drum. The heating and drying process of aggregate happened in the first half of the drum, and the mixing process of mixture happened in the second half of the drum. And the production of single drum asphalt mix plant ranges from 20t/h to 40t/h.


Low capital cost

Small occupation area

Continuous production

As for the double drum asphalt mixing plant, it is almost similar to the single drum asphalt mix plant. There are two differences between both of them. One is the number of drum. The other is the production technology that the heating and drying of the cold aggregate and the mixing of mixture are respectively carried out in the two drum.

Less heat loss

Energy saving

High resource utilization

Environmental friendly


Small Stationary Asphalt Plant


The small stationary asphalt plant refers to the plant that job site is fixed and the production capacity is less than 80 ton per hour. It is a wise choice for contractors who have a short budget and want to invest less in the earlier stage. LUTON mainly includes but not limited to the two types of stationary plants – 40t/h, 60t/h.


Small Mobile Asphalt Plant


The small mobile asphalt plant refers to the plant that the storage bin and mixing tank are equipped with tires for easy movement with the small production capacity. Currently, the Luton small mobile asphalt plant mainly includes but not limited to the models: LTD-20, LTD-40, LTD-60, LTD-80. Featured by fast transportation and installation, low transportation and maintenance cost, less foundation, wide application range and fully automatic control, the small mobile asphalt plant for sale is mainly applied to county-level asphalt highways and low grade expressways. Besides, it is especially suitable for the job sites that are not fixed and need to be changed frequently.

Why choose a mobile small asphalt plant

Features of mobile small asphalt plants for sale are as the following described:

Fast Transportation and Installation

The mobile small asphalt plants for sale have modular design, for example, fillers silo and mixing pot are equipped with tires. Therefore it is convenient and fast to transport from one site to another. Of course, the modular design shortens the installation time because there is no need to lay the foundation.

Low Transportation and Maintenance Cost

The mobile small asphalt plants for sale can drive for a long distance without an extra flat car, which saves the expense of hiring a truck man and a flat-bed trailer. Also, due to its modular design, every part is easy to maintain. What’s more, it doesn’t contain the mixing tower and vibrating screen, so its maintenance cost is very low.

Less foundation

Different from the stationary asphalt mixing plant, the most mobile small asphalt plants for sale hardly lay the foundation. As long as the construction site is flat enough, it can meet the site requirements.

Wide Application Range

The mobile small asphalt plants for sale are suitable for small, medium projects. Also, they can pass through the narrow road and reach the mountainous regions because of their small size and flexibility.

Fully Automatic Control

The mobile small asphalt plants for sale are featured by fully automatic control, and they are equipped with the advanced control panel. Therefore it’s easy and smooth to operate even if a novice can also master them in a short time. At same time, the fully automatic control can save time and improve working efficiency.

Environmental Protection

LUTON mobile small asphalt plant is equipped with various dust collectors such as cyclone filter, gravity water filter and bag-house filter. Each of the them has a good effect. Therefore it is environmental-friendly.

Your Best Small Asphalt Plant Manufacturer–Luton Group

LUTON Group CO., Ltd is a professional asphalt plant manufacturing corporation of China and also a leading exporter of asphalt mixing plant equipment and other civil and road construction machinery.

With a history of more than 20 years, LUTON Group contributes to providing its clients with high-quality asphalt plant equipment and top-ranking after-sale services.

The small asphalt plant for sale can almost work at any required sites because of its modular design, high flexibility and fast transportation. Besides, it’s also convenient to dismantle and assemble in a short time. There are too many advantages to be expressed in words. All in all, owning a small asphalt plant for sale is the optimal choice if you need frequently change the construction sites.

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