Small Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

Small concrete batching plant for sale in construction machinery market has always been one of the most favored concrete mixing equipment by construction investors. The small body, compact structure and modular units make it easy to install, uninstall and transport. The most important is that it can flexibly adapt to various small and medium-sized construction sites.

small stationary concrete batching plant

A small batching plant, just like other types of concrete batching plants, is also an integrated functional unit used to mixing ( or batching ) concrete mixture, which is also called ready mix plant.

Because of its high degree of mechanization, automation, the productivity is also very high. And it ensures the high quality of finished concrete product.

Small concrete batching plant is an advantageous guarantee for modern construction projects to provide all kinds of concrete products with high efficiency and convenience. It is widely used in the projects with large concrete volume, long construction period in water conservancy, electricity, bridges, roads, docks and other fields.

What Is a Small Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

Then, what is a small batching plant? What kind of concrete mixing plant can be called a small concrete batching plant?

Generally speaking, concrete batching plant for sale in market is classified into three types of batching plants, according to the production capacity. They are small or mini-sized concrete batching plant, medium-size batching plant and large concrete batching plant.

small mobile concrete batching plant

Production capacity of mini/small batching plant: ≤75m3/h
Production capacity of medium batching plant: <180m3/h
Production capacity of large batching plant: ≥240m3/h

Not only the productivity of small concrete batching plant, but also the body is smaller than large and medium size mixing plants.

What Are the Small Concrete Batching Plants For Sale In Market?

By far, there are many small batching plants for sale in market.

Designers from different manufacture brands have developed various small plants for different customer’s needs and engineering characteristics.

These small concrete batching plants for sale in the market have unique features and expertise that can meet different engineering needs and offer investors a variety of options.

According to the mobility, structure, working mode, main mixer shape and the mixing shaft, they are classified into several types.


According to the mobility, small concrete batching plant for sale is divided into stationary concrete plant ( also called fixed concrete batching plant ), mobile concrete batching plant ( sometimes known as portable concrete batching plant ) and free foundation batching plant.

According to the station structure, small batching plant for sale is divided into belt type plant and hopper type plant.

As the working mode, small concrete mixing plant for sale is classified into continuous mixing plant and compulsory batching plant.

For different shapes of mixer hosts, there are drum type, pear type, twin-cone type, pan type small batching plants for sale in market.

Also, there are different mixing shafts. So, there are horizontal twin-shaft mixing plant and vertical shaft batching plant.

Next, this article will introduce you the two main kinds of high-quality small concrete batching plant for sale.

LUTON Stationary Small Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

A small stationary concrete batching plant is always fixed on a special foundation on a flat ground. The foundation should to be placed before installing the small batching plant. Usually, small stationary concrete batching plant requires foundation more than 1 meter deep.

concrete mixing plants

High Efficiency

Stable Performance

Precise proportion

Durable & Easy to Maintain

Main Configuration of LUTON Small Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Main Configuration of LUTON Small Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

LUTON Portable Small Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

Small portable concrete batching plant is also known as small or mini mobile concrete batching plant.
Contrary to fixed plants, small portable concrete batching plants usually are equipped with a mobile unit. Some tyres are installed under the support structure.

When the batching plant is in working condition, the tyres are lifted and the whole system is stably supported on the ground through the structural frame.

When the work is over and it needs to be transferred or moved, the mobile unit with tires will play its flexible and convenient role. The whole system can be moved to the destinate site area by just a trailer or a truck.

This portable design saves a lot of assembly and uninstall time for construction party and improves concrete mixing efficiency.

In addition, unlike static concrete plant, small mobile concrete mixing plants require simpler foundation. Before installation, just select a large enough flat ground. And place a cement layer which is thick more than 25cm to harden the ground.

mobile mixing plant

Flexible & Efficient


Environmental Friendly

Simple installing and uninstalling

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Main Configuration of LUTON Small Portable Concrete Batching Plant

Main Configuration of LUTON Small Portable Concrete Batching Plant

Why to Choose LUTON Small Concrete Batching Plant?

Since the establishment of LUTON GROUP, in the past 20 years, LUTON people have always insisted and made unremitting efforts to produce flexible and efficient construction machinery with excellent performance and easy control.

mobile concrete batching plant

Now, LUTON has become a leader in China’s construction machinery manufacturing industry. And the small concrete batching plant for sale is one of the outstanding concrete manufacturing equipment series that is most proud of.

In more than 20 years of manufacturing and exporting experience, starting from the actual operation of customers and looking forward to the development trend of the market, we continuously optimize design to produce more advanced equipment. And these products are widely favored by customers around the world.

  • Small but high efficient
  • Advanced hydraulic control system ensures stability and safety
  • The system has been reasonable designed with short mixing time, low consumption, low noise and long service life of wearing parts.
  • Durable and easy to disassemble and replace
  • Integrate Operation and management
  • Simple and convenient operation
  • Error analysis and automatic detection
  • Automatic and manual control
  • Main hardware used is Schneider or Siemens products, featuring advanced performance, high reliability and beautiful appearance.
  • The console is ergonomically designed for comfortable operation.

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