Small Portable Asphalt Plants for Sale

As it’s known to us that the asphalt mixing plant has various types according to the different reference standard. And each asphalt mixing plant has its specific purpose. Do you know the applications of small portable asphalt plants? Do you know the their characteristics? This article will introduce the Luton small portable asphalt plants for sale in details.

small portable asphalt plant for sale

Short Profile of Small Portable Asphalt Plants for Sale

Many small construction projects use small portable asphalt mixing plants because the frequent change of the construction site has high requirements for the mobility and installation of the asphalt mixing equipment. In view of this case, small portable asphalt mix plants emerge. A small portable asphalt plant is the plant that components are mounted directly on the trailers. So it will be the ideal equipment when the working site needs to be changed frequently without affecting production schedule. The small portable asphalt plants have these advantages such as convenient installation, fast transportation, easy maintenance and low lost. The production capacity of Luton small portable asphalt plant is 10 ~ 40 t/h, and it is mainly used for the small scale road construction and rehabilitation.

Characteristics of Small Portable Asphalt Plants for Sale

Characteristics of small portable asphalt plants for sale are shown as below:

Fast Installation and Transportation
The portable asphalt plant for sale enjoys the modular design and its components in separate pieces are mounted on several trailers. That shortens the installation time because you can directly assemble the several trailers and start to work immediately. Also, you can drive it to other construction sides at any time without considering the other platform truck.

Easy Operation and Maintenance
Featured by simple structure, modular and automatic design, the portable asphalt plant for sale is very easy for workers to operate. Besides, it has the smaller size than the stationary asphalt mixing plant, so its maintenance is quite easy as well.

Small Occupation area
The portable asphalt mix plant is made up of separate components mounted on the trailers, it has a small occupation area because of the joint connection of each part. Thus, it saves the occupation area to a large extent.

Low Equipment Cost
Unlike the stationary mixing plant, the portable asphalt mix plant doesn’t need to lay the foundation, you can save a portion of extra expense and you can use it to buy more material for producing asphalt.

Types of Small Portable Asphalt Plants for Sale

The types of small portable asphalt plants for sale in Luton mainly include but are not limited to : small portable batch type, small portable drum type and small double drum portable type asphalt plants.

The small portable batch asphalt plant featured by high mobility, high grading accuracy and premium finished material, is suitable for frequently shifted construction sites that have the requirement for high quality asphalt mixture.

Models: LTJY-10 ~ LTJY-40

Output: 10 t/h ~ 40 t/h

Highlights: Compact, Batch Feeding, Low Cost

The small portable drum asphalt plants has the advantages such as high mobility, continuous production and low cost, which is suitable for the job sites that need large quantity of asphalt concrete in a short time and have no many requirements of the finished product quality.

Models: LTDY-20 ~ LTDY-40

Output: 20 t/h ~ 40 t/h

Highlights: Continuous, Drying and Mixing at the Same Time, Portable

The small double drum portable asphalt plants for sale are more environmentally friendly than the common small portable hot mix plants. And they produce less dust and waste, ensuring high quality finished materials.

Models: LTS-10 ~ LTS-30

Output: 10 t/h ~ 30 t/h

Highlights: Less Heat Loss, Counterflow Heating, Simple Structure

Details of Small Portable Asphalt Plants for Sale

Cold Aggregate Bin

Luton small portable asphalt plants for sale are usually equipped with four cold aggregate containers as a group. Of course, the number of cold aggregate bin can be customized according to the clients’ requirements, budget plan and construction conditions. Each container has a draw-off bin gate to control the flow of cold aggregate. So cold aggregate can meet the requirement of proportion.

Conveyor Belt

The conveyor belt conducts a preliminary measurement of cold aggregate. Then it conveys the cold aggregate to the dryer drum.

Dryer Drum

For Luton small portable bituminous mixing plant, the dryer drum is mounted on a chassis. That makes it easy to move from one construction site to another and saves much time. The external surface of the dryer drum is coated with thermal insulating layer to reduce the loss of heat. What’s more, the utilization of the stainless steel alloy materials can prolong the service life of the dryer drum.

Dust Filter

The dust collecting system of the Luton portable hot mix plant has multiple options such as water dust filter, bag dust filter and cyclone dust collector. Among them, the bag dust collecting system is the optimal choice because of its environmental friendly. After dust collecting, the concentration of dust can be maintained at a level of 50mg/nm3.

Asphalt Storage Tank

The role of the asphalt storage tank is to store and supply asphalt. Also, it can receive the heat from the heat conduction oil tank and heat asphalt to a certain temperature.

Filler Silo

The role of filler silo is to store and supply filler materials.


The Luton portable asphalt plant uses the twin-shaft mixer. The materials of mixing blades and liners are wear resistant, so the mixer has a long service life. And one mixing cycle is 45 seconds, which realizes the stable production process.

Price of Small Portable Asphalt Plants for Sale

The price of LUTON small portable asphalt plants for sale vary in terms of the types, output, mixing capacity, component, customers’ requirements, etc. Generally speaking, the Luton small portable asphalt plant price is about $20,000 and above.

Low initial investment and high portability, LUTON small portable asphalt plant for sale is a wise choice for contractors who shift sites more often. Don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us immediately!

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