The Biggest Concrete Pump Truck

The quest to search for the biggest concrete pump truck is finally over. Among all the towering, big and bulky bodies, tall ceilings, and a high number of axles to support load, Putzmeister Pump Trailor Concrete Pump won the title of the biggest concrete pump truck.

Supporting a heavy body of 70 meters horizontally which equals 270 feet, it is mounted on a 5 axle semi-trailer, attached to a 4-axle truck. It is originally built in Germany and was sold to a Southern California-based company named Western Concrete Pumping. This giant beauty weighs 150,000 pounds, thus it can not be towed using any other tractor.

101m concrete boom pump truck

The Putzmeister Pump exhibits some amazing features and specifications. It is equipped with 3 self -steering hydraulic axles out of 5. The fifth wheel is electronically controlled on the basis of sensor readings. The appearance of the truck is much bigger than it actually is. It is 50 feet long, 98 inches wide and 13 feet, 2 inches in height. With a conventional cab-tractor, its overall length is up to 70 feet, 4 inches.

This unique, unusual vehicle is when put to work its outrigger is positioned accurately. The fifth wheel is designed such that on either side there is a pair of pull pins that lock the trailer hook to the tractor. The hook rises as outrigger feet push into the ground, and the tractor’s weight acts as a stabilizer to further alleviate the pumper as it mixes concrete away. The machine’s pumps are power-driven by a large pony engine, a Deutz diesel rated at 500 hp.

The Putzmeister Pump is proficient in pumping 200 cubic yards of concrete per hour. Just imagine the amount of work being done single-handedly by this huge beauty. Its mechanism works such that while one mixer truck is off-loading into the big rear-mounted hopper, the other one can be fitted back into place and get set up. 

This huge monster of a vehicle is rare but not exceptional. Several other big pumping pieces of machinery have been designed and built for Europe. Some small-bodied concrete pumps have also been manufactured and launched into the market by the same company over the years. As this huge concrete pump is only proffered by a few companies, others prefer the traditional concrete pumps ruling the world nowadays.

The working process of a common tractor-trailer makes it more controllable than a long straight truck on some construction sites. Like for a residential building or small house this big monster is useless. The horizontally expanded machinery’s length on 10 axles exhibits weight enough so it can be operated and moved around in states like California without a special permit for each trip.

101m Boom Pump from Zoomlion

In 2012, 101m boom pump produced by Zoomlion, breaking the Guinness World Record! The boom of the pump truck has reached more than 100 meters. The concrete can be easily sent to the 30th floor by the 101m long arm. It has a seven-bridge Scania chassis, and the boom is twice as long as the ordinary pump truck. 101 meters is just a working limit load of the seven-bridge chassis.

the biggest concrete pump truck

Up to now, the pump truck has obtained more than 120 patents. Its four arms at the end are all made of carbon fiber material, which can reduce the weight of the boom by more than 40%. At the same time, it strengthens the strength of the boom and greatly improves its service life. This is also the first time that the Chinese have applied carbon fiber technology to the pump truck. It is also the concrete pump truck with the largest pumping volume.  By far the Zoomlion Pump truck is the biggest concrete pump in the world.

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