The Role of Concrete Mixer Pump and Concrete Trailer Pump

What are the functions of concrete mixer pump and concrete trailer pump? What is the role of concrete mixer pump and concrete trailer pump? The pump is easy to operate, stable in performance and easy to move. The mixer pump was invented and produced in China, and it mixes large aggregates to pump concrete, which is suitable for rural housing construction.

The S-valve concrete pump is a closed system with good sealing performance, high delivery pressure and high pumping height. The large-diameter coagulator cylinder has a long effective stroke, which solves the problem that the mixing pump cannot absorb large aggregates. Aggregate size: pebble 50mm, crushed stone 40mm, can be pumped without any additives.

the role of concrete mixer pump and concrete trailer pump

Concrete Trailer Pump

Model: HBT30, HBT40, HBT50, HBT60, HBT80, HBT90

Theoretical Capacity: 30m3/h to 90m3/h

Power: Diesel/Electric

luton concrete mixer pump

Concrete Mixer Pump

Model: JBS30, JBS40

Theoretical Capacity: 30m3/h to 40m3/h

Power: Diesel/Electric

The Role of Concrete Mixer Pump and Concrete Trailer Pump

After decades of development, concrete machinery has become an important part of construction machinery, occupying a considerable proportion in the entire construction machinery industry, and has formed a large-scale production capacity, product performance has been greatly improved, and market competition has also increased. more and more intense.

Role of Concrete Mixer Pump

Concrete mixer pumps are mainly used for concrete conveying work in large-scale concrete projects such as high-rise buildings, high-speed bridges, and overpasses. Concrete machinery is the “conventional weapon” of capital construction, which is in great demand and is widely used in engineering construction such as industrial, civil construction and national defense construction.

Brief introduction on concrete mixer pump

This machine is the combination of Concrete Mixer + Concrete Pump=Small Mobile Concrete Plant.

Mainly used for urban and rural construction, including housing construction, floor heating, shot concrete engineering and spraying of refractory materials, rural roads, water conservancy, small bridges, etc.

Has the function of mixing materials and pumping concrete .The actual vertical height of pumped concrete can reach 80-100 meters, and the horizontal distance is 150-300 meters.

Llow power, compactness, convenient movement and low cost.

Small investment and high rate of return,you can rent out for around 500~700USD/per day

Has the diesel engine type, can used far way mountains and urban

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Role of Concrete Trailer Pump

Concrete trailer pump is a kind of concrete conveying equipment that continuously transports the concrete that meets the pumping conditions to the pouring construction site through horizontal or vertical pipelines. High-rise buildings, municipal construction, electric power, energy, transportation and other civil and industrial buildings with strict quality requirements and long transmission distances, especially engineering construction in narrow sites.

Generally speaking, these two types are used for pumping concrete, but the concrete mixer pump has its own mixing function, while the concrete trailer pump does not, it is a pure delivery pump. Luton Group’s concrete mixer pumps and trailer pumps can reach 100 meters vertically and 300 meters horizontally.

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