What Are The Advantages Of Automatic Self-loading Mixer Truck Operation

What are the advantages of automatic self-loading mixer truck operation? To answer this question, we should know generally that the function units of an automatic self-loading mixer truck includes automatic feeding, automatic stirring, and an automatic water supply system.

advantages of automatic self-loading mixer truck operation

Then Let’s take a close look at the details of a LUTON self loading concrete mixer truck to get the advantages of automatic self-loading mixer truck operation.

  • The operating lever is easy to operate, and the touch screen adopts high-tech for quantitative water addition.
  • The operation is flexible and convenient, and the touch screen quantitatively adds water to make the stirring more uniform and more in line with the standard.
  • The automatic feeding mixer does not need manual cleaning.
  • The automatic feeding mixer has its own external suction pump, which is more easy and convenient to add water, and it can be very convenient to clean when discharging.
  • Enlarge the water tank to hold more water.
  • The front-drive double-row high-pressure tires bear more load, are safer, and reduce accidental attacks.
  • Save at least 3 labors per day, save 100 kWh of electricity, do not need concrete trucks and loaders to load materials, and work on all terrains.
  • The operating console in the cab of the automatic self-loading mixer truck can be rotated at 270 angles, making it more convenient to drive in both directions. The vehicle can be tilted with the function of unloading, which makes the unloading more complete and faster, and the tilting unloading design makes the vehicle unloading more simple and convenient.

With so many advantages of automatic self-loading mixer truck operation, self loading concrete mixer truck is always the one of the hottest concrete machinery stars customers pursuit.

With strong multi-function operation system and the sturdy structure, Luton self loading concrete mixer truck instead of a loader, a concrete mixer machine and a truck is equivalent to a small mobile concrete batching plant. Also, many customers like to add a suitable concrete pump product to realize delivery of concrete. That is a perfect combination.

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