Who Makes Asphalt

There exists or doesn’t exist the only person who makes asphalt, that is a question. Actually asphalt concrete was not invented by someone, and there are many experts in this field, which can not be listed one by one.

What is Asphalt

What is asphalt? Asphalt is a dark brown complex mixture composed of hydrocarbons with different molecular weights and their non-metallic derivatives. As a kind of black, thick viscous organic liquid, it often exists in the form of liquid or semi-solid oil.


Asphalt is a kind of waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion organic cementitious material. And it has three types of asphalt: coal tar pitch, petroleum asphalt and natural asphalt. Among them, coal tar pitch is a by-product of coking. Petroleum asphalt is the residue of crude oil distillation. Natural asphalt is stored underground, some of which form ore beds or accumulate on the surface of the earth’s crust.

an asphalt profile

Asphalt is mainly used in coating, plastic, rubber and other industries as well as pavement. Do you want to produce asphalt efficiently? Do you want to have high quality asphalt? Please click here: asphalt batching plant.

Development History of Asphalt Concrete

In 1712, taking the opportunity of the discovery of rock asphalt in Switzerland, it was subsequently discovered in Germany, France and other countries. Around 1850, France first used rock asphalt for road pavement. In 1854, a thin-layer asphalt pavement was built in Paris, which can be called the beginning of hot paving rock asphalt pavement. The rock asphalt used at that time was limestone infiltrated with 6-10% asphalt components, which was broken into fine particles, heated, paved and rolled to form an asphalt pavement. The maximum particle size was 2.5mm, and the percentage of particles passing through 0.074mm reached more than 40%, becoming an advanced pavement structure at that time.

After 1850, the United States imported a large amount of rock asphalt from France and Switzerland, and began to build rock asphalt pavement with the East as the center. By 1900, only 25000m2 of rock asphalt pavement was recorded in New York City. In 1871, E.J. Desdment succeeded in paving asphalt pavement with sand, gravel and asphalt of Trinity Lake in New York City, and obtained a construction patent, which was the beginning of modern hot paving asphalt pavement of lake.

In 1872, Washington compared the construction method of rock asphalt pavement with the construction method of limestone powder, sand, lake asphalt and petroleum residue oil, and proved that both of them could meet the traffic requirements at that time, This can be said to be a precedent for rock asphalt and lake asphalt to build test pavement. The use of the test road has become the basis for changing the pavement material from rock asphalt to lake asphalt, which is also the beginning of the application of petroleum residue oil to the pavement.

In 1885, the automobile powered by gasoline was invented. In 1887, the pneumatic tire was invented, and the automobile industry rose. Due to the difference between the vehicle load and the carriage load, in order to meet the needs of the load, the United States added crushed stone to the mixture of stone powder, sand and lake asphalt, and invented the kind of pavement, that is, the lower layer is a double-layer asphalt concrete pavement formed by paving two layers of coarse graded asphalt concrete and the upper layer of asphalt sand and rolling one layer. This is the origin of the asphalt concrete pavement.

In 1905, Topeka city in the United States produced Topeka pavement as the wearing course, which made the asphalt pavement structure more perfect.

In 1911, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that all automobile factories were allowed to manufacture cars freely, and transportation officially entered the era of automobile transportation, putting forward higher requirements for the road surface. Therefore, Hubbard field method, the first test method of asphalt concrete, appeared in 1920.

In 1930, the asphalt pavement paver was produced. In 1934, the expressway was built. Since then, the asphalt pavement has become the main form of modern high-grade pavement.

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