Why Does The Self Loading Mixer Tank Turn While Walking

Do you know why does the self loading mixer tank turn while walking? Although we can see mixer trucks in many places, Many people think the reason is very simple. The concrete just coming out of the mixing plant is the initial material, which is only a simple mixing process after batching. In order to ensure the uniformity of the finished concrete, it is necessary to carry out secondary mixing in the mixer tank.

The mixer truck shall ensure the speed of 10 rpm to 30 rpm, which can be reduced to a certain extent in summer. It only needs to ensure that the concrete does not undergo segregation and initial setting. If the mixing process is too frequent, the water in the concrete will lead to poor discharge and workability due to excessive evaporation, which will affect the pouring quality of concrete components, mainly reflected in quality defects such as honeycomb, pitted surface and reinforcement leakage.

During the transportation of the mixer truck, the secondary mixing belongs to the deep processing process, but it is not a simple rotation. The rotation times of the tank and the homogeneity of the concrete are very important. If it is too slow, the coarse aggregate inside the concrete is easy to sink. Too fast will have a certain impact on the safety of drivers, increase the loss of water, and increase the slump, thus affecting the unloading effect.

The short-term traffic jam has little impact on the concrete, but if the traffic jam is too long, the rotation times of the tank should be appropriately accelerated by 1 to 2 turns. Pay attention to the rotation of the tank at all times. When appropriate, add water to maintain the workability of the concrete and avoid sticking and stuffing.


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