Tips on Saving Fuel for Self Loading Mixer Truck

In addition to the pursuit of efficiency, many customers who purchase LUTON concrete self-loading mixer trucks also pursue its low cost. but after all, vehicles need to “drink oil”. What is the best way to “drink” and save more fuel? The following will present the “tips on saving fuel for self loading mixer truck”.

Tips on Saving Fuel for Self Loading Mixer Truck

Inspection and maintenance

Check the filter of the LUTON diesel concrete self-loading mixer truck frequently to avoid increased fuel consumption due to partial blockage of the filter. At the same time, check the tire pressure regularly to avoid the increase of resistance with the mainland due to insufficient air pressure and waste of fuel. If the tires are severely worn, need to be replaced with new ones.

Drive correctly

Do not accelerate suddenly when driving the LUTON concrete self-loading mixer truck, otherwise, it will increase the engine power and consume fuel. The speed should not be too low, nor too fast, try to maintain a medium speed, which is more fuel-efficient, and avoid emergency braking.

Don’t overload

The LUTON concrete self-loading mixer truck that exceeds the rated load capacity will increase when the load increases, so it should be kept within the rated load capacity during driving, which not only saves fuel but also has high safety.

The driver of LUTON concrete self-loading mixer truck grasps several major aspects (regular maintenance, correct driving, etc.), pays attention to the operation details, the fuel-saving mode is automatically turned on, and the safety is also improved. The fuel-saving method of LUTON concrete self-loading mixer truck is introduced here. If you have other ideas to share, please leave common below or send an inquiry to us.

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