Why Self Loading Mixer Truck Is Popular With Contractors?

Do you know why more and more customers are choosing the self-loading mixer truck? Why self loading mixer truck is popular with contractors?

Star Product

The self-loading mixer is a multifunction concrete equipment that can load, mix, transfer, discharge the concrete, like a small concrete plant.

Because of its convenience of use and flexibility of operation, it is often used in some projects like housing, road, and bridge construction. And it has very excellent performance in the narrow site, it is the star product in small and medium-sized engineering construction.

Why Self Loading Mixer Truck Is Popular With Contractors?

Extremely Cost-effective

Compared with the traditional concrete mixer, the self-loading truck can do many tasks such as loading, weighing, mixing, transferring and unloading with one driver.

The work that was once done by a number of labors can now be done by just one driver, saving labor cost and improve efficiency at the same time.

Such a machine can achieve multi-function and help you improve efficiency and reducing construction time, which means a single investment to achieve multiple benefits, very cost-effective.

6.5m3 self loader concrete mixer for sale

A Favorite in the Rental Market

We all know that construction machinery rental has always been a very potential market. When there is no project, renting out the equipment will allow it to create maximum profit. However, the popularity of construction machinery in the rental market varies depending on the use of the site and its function.

To face more small and medium-sized project requirements, as well as some narrow working places. Self-loading trucks, which can perform multiple jobs and operate flexibly, have become a favorite in the rental market in recent years.

More and more project contractors are buying equipment while considering its investment prospects and rental benefits. And self-loading trucks are certainly a good choice.

Specification of self loading concrete mixer

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