Advanced Stationary Batch Asphalt Plant

The stationary batch asphalt plant is also called stationary asphalt mixing plant. Before the stationary asphalt plant is introduced, the asphalt plant is presented first.

What is an Asphalt Plant?

An asphalt plant is the mechanical equipment that is used to mix asphalt mixture. The asphalt mixture is that the aggregates (sand, stone) in different particle sizes, binders (asphalt or residual oil) and fillers (mineral powder) are mixed according to special proportion.

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Applications of the Asphalt Plant

The asphalt plant or asphalt mixing plant, also named asphalt concrete mixing plant refers to the mechanical equipment which is to produce various asphalt mixture, it is also the essential equipment for these following construction projects such as urban-rural highways, jumbo airport, coastal ports, parking lots and freight yards.

The Components of an Asphalt Plant

An asphalt plant mainly consists of batching system, drying system, combustion system, hot aggregate elevator, vibrating screen, hot aggregate storage bin, weighing and mixing system, asphalt feeding system, filler feeding system, dust collector, mixed material storage silo and controlling system.

Categorization of the Asphalt Plant

The asphalt plant can be categorized into three types: mobile asphalt plant, semi-stationary asphalt plant and stationary plant according to transportation type.

The mobile asphalt plant is equipped with tires on the mixing pot and silo, which can be transferred to a new construction site at any time according to needs through traction, and is suitable for the construction of county and township highways and low-grade highways.

Semi-stationary asphalt plant is to directly install equipment components on several trailers and assemble them at the construction site. It is mostly used for highway construction.

The stationary batch asphalt plant is to fix the asphalt plant in a specified place, which is mainly used for the construction of concentrated projects and urban roads.

external picture of the mixing tank

The Characteristics of the Stationary Batch Asphalt Plant

Large occupied Area

The asphalt stationary plant covers a large area and needs to build a foundation, and it takes a long time to build and assemble, thus there are requirements for the construction site.

Elegant Appearance

After the stationary asphalt mixing plant is built, it is more suitable for commercial asphalt plant, because its overall appearance is elegant, which can better attract users.

Modularized Design

Module design makes handling and installation more convenient.

How does a Stationary Batch Asphalt Plant Work?

stationary batch asphalt plant process

The cold material in the cold bin is firstly transported to the dryer drum through the belt conveyor, secondly the drying aggregate is transported to the vibrating screen for screening by the hot material elevator, and the screened aggregate falls into each compartment of the hot material silo.

Then aggregate and powder fall into its own weighing bucket through the relative chamber door with being measured by an electronic scale.

Next they are put into the mixing tank; lastly all mixtures are fully mixed, asphalt mixture is formed and unloaded to the hopper car. The feeding hopper car is unloaded into the mixed material storage bin through the track, and finally the mixed materials are placed on the transport vehicle through the unloading gate.

Tips on the Option of a Stationary Asphalt Plant

The option of a suitable asphalt plant for your construction project in hand is a matter of success or failure. Generally speaking, you can select it from the following aspects.

First, you should select an appropriate type of stationary asphalt equipment according to the productivity requirements and the quantity required for the project. The stationary asphalt plant can produce the mixed finished asphalt in batches. Although the working principle of the stationary batch asphalt batching plant is different from that of the stationary drum asphalt plant, each batch has a high output. For a stationary drum asphalt plant, it can continuously produce the mixed finished asphalt. Therefore, the drum asphalt plant can produce more mixed finished asphalt through the different mixing method compared with the intermittent asphalt plant.

If your engineering project in hand requires the high-quality asphalt, you can choose to purchase a stationary asphalt plant, which can produce the higher quality finished asphalt.

Finally, the price of a stationary batch asphalt plant will also affect your decision. It is human nature that every customer wants to buy high-quality products at a relatively cheaper price. And the price of a stationary asphalt plant varies, which is influenced by many factors such as the capacity of the stationary asphalt plant, the fuel type of the burner, whether to add the mixed material bin, the type of mixed material storage silo, and the combination form of the stationary asphalt plant.

The details above mentioned are on the introduction to the stationary batch asphalt plant, if you want to learn more specific information, please contact us.

Hopper Capacity4×4.5m³4×6.5m³4×7.5m³4×7.5m³4×7.5m³5×12m³5×12m³
Collect Belt Capacity60t/h80t/h100t/h120t/h140t/h200t/h220t/h
Dryer Sizeφ1.2m×5.2mφ1.5m×6mφ1.5m×6.7mφ1.65m×7mφ1.8m×8mφ2.2m×9mφ2.6m×9m
Dryer Capacity60t/h80t/h100t/h120t/h140t/h180t/h240t/h
Vibrating Screen4 layer4 layer4 layer4 layer4 layer5 layer5 layer
Aggregate Metering hopper500kg800kg1000kg1300kg1500kg2000kg2500kg
Mineral Flour Metering Hopper120kg150kg200kg200kg300kg300kg320kg
Mixer Capacity500kg800kg1000kg1250kg1500kg2000kg2500kg
Cycle Time45s45s45s45s45s45s45s

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