Asphalt Distributor Truck

Asphalt Distributor Truck

Asphalt Distributor Truck for Sale

The asphalt tank, pipeline and asphalt pump are all heated by thermal oil.

Vomume: 4m3 to 12m3

Spraying width: 0.2m to 4.2m

Spray rod: 6m

Spraying medium: hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt, modified asphalt

Asphalt distributor truck is the road construction equipment used for spraying the liquid asphalt including hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt, tar, etc. Asphalt distributor is equipped with insulated containers, asphalt pumps, heaters ans spray systems. Asphalt distributor truck for sale is widely used in road construction of highway, urban road, airport, port, etc.

How Does Asphalt Distribution Truck Work?

The working principle of the asphalt distributor truck is to draw asphalt from the asphalt storage pool through the asphalt pump, or add asphalt from the mouth of the tank.

The asphalt is heated to the working temperature through the heating system.

Open the asphalt pump and spray valve by the electrical control system.

Through the asphalt pipeline, the hot asphalt is prayed on the pavement by the asphalt pump according to a certain amount and pressure.

After the end of the operation, the residual asphalt in the pipeline is returned to the asphalt tank through the piping system.

Asphalt Distributor Truck Parts

Asphalt distributor truck is consist of the asphalt tank, asphalt pump and spray system, heating system, hydraulic system, combustion system, control system, pneumatic system, operating platform, chassis.

Asphalt Tank

Asphalt Distributor Truck for sale

Capacity: 4000L, 5000L, 6000L, 8000L, 10000L.

The tank body is equipped with a wave plate, which can avoid the hazards caused by the impact of the media in the tank during the driving process.

The outer wall of the insulation layer is packed with stainless steel frosted board, which is beautiful in appearance and easy to clean.

There are air holes on the tank body to maintain normal pressure in the tank.

With self-priming external discharge function, it can self loading and discharge asphalt to improve work efficiency.

Asphalt Pump

Asphalt Distributor Trucks

It is composed of asphalt pump, filter, valve, spray line, cylinder nozzle assembly, etc.

It controls the flow direction of liquid asphalt in the pipeline by different combination of valves.

It has functions of self priming and filling asphalt, spraying through back pipes, portable nozzle for spraying, circulation, back suction, cleaning, etc.

Heating System

heating system of asphalt distributor

It is composed of burner heating system and heat conduction oil circulation heating system.

U-shaped heating tube makes the system heat up faster.

The heat conducting oil coil in the tank is heated by parallel double circuit, which makes the asphalt heating faster.

Thermal oil to achieve full coverage of asphalt pipeline, can achieve no-cleaning function.

The upper and lower limits of the heat transfer oil temperature can be set, which can make the burner automatically ignite and turn off according to the set temperature range, and the movement is safe and stable.

Spraying system

spraying system of asphalt distributor

The unique folding asphalt spraying frame, reasonable asphalt circulation and accurate nozzle design to ensure the uniformity and accurate of asphalt distribution.

All types of asphalt can be sprayed, especially used for spraying the modified asphalt, emulsified asphalt and hot asphalt.

Each nozzle can be controlled accurately by computer. With high spraying accuracy. Spraying amount is not affected by vehicle speed.

The spraying process is controlled by the computer, which can realize the separate control of each nozzle, and the spraying width can be adjusted at any time during the process to meet the various requirement of the road.

Electrical and control systems

control system of asphalt distributor

During construction, it can be operated in the cab or on the background operating platform. The stability of the electrical system will be greatly improved by the automobile special controller.

Provide the operator with accurate spraying parameters according the different requirements.

According to the change of asphalt density and load, the system can modify parameters by computer can calibrate, so as to accurately control the displacement of the asphalt pump. So that the spraying error is controlled at 1%.

The brand speed sensor is used to accurately detect the speed of asphalt pump to ensure the accuracy of asphalt spraying.

Automatic control and manual control can ensure that the equipment in the construction state at any time. The system is equipped with the radar, velocimeter, encoder, industrial computer to ensure the stable spraying amount.

The distribution box is designed with high protection and anti-fouling to reduce the contamination of the components in the distribution box by asphalt and dust.

Features of Asphalt Distributor Truck

The asphalt spraying is controlled in the cab (or the operating in the rear), which can control each nozzle and adjust the spraying width.

The asphalt spray rod adopts a three-section folding structure, which can be adjusted up and down, and can be spread left and right to expand the spraying range, and can effectively avoid obstacles.

Asphalt can be sprayed through the hand nozzle, which is suitable for small areas and corner construction conditions.

The asphalt tank body is provided with a sediment discharge tank, and is equipped with a liquid level display and alarm and safety device.

A good insulation layer can ensure that the static insulation performance index is less than 12℃/8 hours, and anti-corrosion and durable.

The outer of tank is made of stainless steel plate, anticorrosive and durable, beautiful and generous.

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