Batching Method of Concrete

Batching method of concrete consists of weight batching and also volume batching. Batching of concrete is a procedure in which the ingredients or parts (such as concrete, sand, aggregate and water) required for the manufacturing of concrete mixes are blended properly according to the mix proportion. Batching of concrete aids to enhance the practicability of concrete, makes the concrete surface smooth, boosts the building speed, reduces the task routine, and reduces the waste of concrete parts. For the batching method of concrete, despite which batching method of concrete is taken on, the quantity of different ingredients will be exact as for possible so regarding acquire high-grade concrete.



Volume Batching Method of Concrete

In volume batching, materials are measured by volume. This is a relatively inaccurate batching method of concrete. Volume batching method of concrete is generally utilized in the manufacturing of concrete for small-size building projects. For volume batching, each concrete component is determined by loose quantity. In this situation, a gauge box or measuring box of certain quantity is used to measure materials.

The metering box is a special equipment. In order to estimate the leading altitude extra quickly, the top surface area of the instrument box is slim and also deep. The cement is in the form of bags, and the volume of one bag of cement (50kg) is 35 L. The volume of the gauge box utilized is equal to the volume of a bag of cement or a multiple thereof.

volume batching method of concrete-Gauge-Box

Volume Batching Method of Concrete-Gauge-Box

Weight Batching Method of Concrete

In this method, the raw material is measured depended on its weight, which is an exact batching method of concrete. All major tasks embrace the weight batching method of concrete. Weight batchers or other sorts of metering tools are adopted to determine the weight of products. Cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and water are evaluated via weight measurement. There exist two types of weighting batchers used, specifically mechanical and electronic weighting batchers.

For the electronic weighing and batching equipment, the digital scale and the load cell sustained by the hopper are equipped with to determine the weight of the concrete ingredients.

Available weight batching machines can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic. The manual type is suitable for small-scale concrete manufacturing, and the rest other types are used for large scale concrete production project.

Especially the fully automatic weight batching machines are frequently-used in the building and construction projects, and they are parts of concrete batching plants. Currently, Luton concrete batching equipment available at the stock includes various types of concrete batching plant such as stationary concrete batching plant, mobile concrete batching plant, dry concrete batching plant, wet concrete batching plant, ready mix concrete batching plant, central mix concrete batching plant and so on.


Semi-Automatic-Weight Batching method of concrete

When it comes to semi-automatic weighing and batching, the aggregate container gate is by hand raised as well as immediately closed when the required quantity is gotten to in the evaluating machine.

In the completely automated weighing and batching machine, all processes will certainly be completed automatically. The advantage of this equipment is that it also meters the water content in the aggregate and adjusts the required water and concrete amount according to the water material of the aggregate.



Weight Batching VS Volume Batching

Weighing batching method of concrete is a more accurate than volumetric batching of concrete, because it is difficult to find the exact volume of granular materials due to the voids of granular materials.

The water content in aggregate shall also be considered during batching. In this case, full-automatic weighing and batching can be considered, but volumetric batching is not suitable for this situation.

The compressive strength of the weight batching of concrete mixture at 7 days and 28 days is respectively higher than that of the volume batching of concrete mixture.

There are other differences between them shown as below chart:


The selection of batching method of concrete depends on the project scale and concrete productivity.


What is Batching

Batching is the process of calculating and mixing the required concrete ingredients (weight or volume) according to the set mix proportion and transferring them to the designated mixing place to produce consistent quality concrete.

Factors Affecting Batching Method of Concrete

1.Project workload
2.Concrete production efficiency
3.Requirements for grading and quality of concrete

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