Cement Silo for Concrete Batching Plant

Cement silo for concrete batching plant is large equipment used for storing the cement, flyash, etc. The complete set of cement silo includes input and output system, material level system, dust removal system, arch breaking device, etc.

cement silo for concrete batching plant

Types of Cement Silo for Concrete Batching Plant

Horizontal cement silo  

Horizontal cement silo is the most common type, consisting of a a cylindrical silo and a support. The silo body is usually made of steel, lined with anti-corrosion layer, with good acid and alkali resistance. It can store a large number of cement. The support is fixed on the ground, and the silo body is installed on the support in horizontal. The horizontal cement silo is suitable for applications where cement need to be stored for a long time.

Vertical cement silo

Vertical cement silo is different from horizontal silo, the silo body is three-dimensional or rectangular structure, and the support is located at the bottom of the silo body. The advantage of the vertical silo is that it occupies a small space and is suitable for installation in places with less pace such as high-rise buildings or basements. However, the storage capacity of the vertical silo is relatively small, which is suitable for small and medium-sized central mix concrete plant.

Container cement silo

The container cement silo is a new type which appears in recent years. The silo body adopts steel container structure, and the interior is equipped with partition board and conveying system. This type can be installed directly on the chassis of the vehicle, with the advantages of portable and flexible transfer, which is suitable for the construction site requiring frequent transfer.

Pull-type cement silo

The pull-type cement silo is the common equipment for storing and conveying for concrete plant. It mainly consists of silo body, support and trailer. This type is suitable for large concrete batch plant or construction sites, which can quickly transport cement raw materials from the silo to the mixer for mixing. Different types of silos have different characteristics, and users should choose according to their own needs in order to achieve better effect.

Free combined cement silo

The free combined cement silo is more flexible and can be freely combined into different specifications and quantities according to user needs, which is suitable for projects with special needs.

horizontal cement silo
cement silo

Common Specifications of Cement Silo

50 tons of cement silo

The 50 tons cement silo is mainly used for small concrete mixing stations or construction sites, and its storage capacity is small, but is is more economical and practical.

100 tons cement silo

The 100 tons cement silo is one of the commonly used specifications for small and medium-sized concrete mixing plants, which is suitable for most construction projects.

150 tons of cement silo

The 150 tons of cement silos are usually used in medium concrete mixing plants to meet the needs of general engineering.

200 tons of cement silo

The 200 tons of cement silo is a larger specification, mainly used in large concrete mixing plants or construction sites requiring a large number of cement raw materials.

The Composition of Cement Silo

The complete cement silo includes silo, leg, internal and external maintenance ladder, dust removal, arch breaking device, discharge butterfly valve, input and output device, level meter and dust removal device.

Dust removal

The dust removal at the top of the silo can be divided into bag dust removal and electronic dust removal. The bag dust removal is installed near the top entrance of the silo. The electronic dust removal can adsorb the suspended particles in the silo and reduce the pollution to the surrounding environment. When there is a lot of dust on the vacuum cleaner, the electric control system can start the vibration motor on the vacuum cleaner to shake off the dust.

Arch breaking device

The cone under the cement silo is equipped with a blowing arch breaking device. The small electromagnetic directional valve located in the air control box is used to control the release of compressed air, so that the cement and various power break the arch and avoid the blockage caused by the accumulation of power. The air source is from air system of concrete batching plant.

Material level meter

The material level meter is equipped with a limit switch above and below the cement silo, which can sense the storage height of the materials in the tank, and accurately reflect the storage situation of cement or other powdery materials in the cement silo through electrical signals.

Input and output device

The cement carrier sends the cement into the cement silo.

Screw conveyor can convey the cement in the silo into the mixer for mixing.

safety valve of cement silo
dust filter on the top of cement silo
cement silo in concrete production
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