Cold Mix Asphalt Plant

Cold mix asphalt plant is the equipment that produces cold mix asphalt. First the article explains what is cold mix asphalt. After that, you will learn the cold mix asphalt plant well. Asphalt mixture can generally be divided into three categories including hot mix asphalt, cold mix asphalt and warm mix asphalt based on the required production temperature. Cold mix asphalt is manufactured by blending emulsified asphalt, lowering or foamed asphalt with unheated aggregates, which makes cold mix asphalt cost-effective and fairly air pollution totally free. Cold mix asphalt plant refers to a wide variety of asphalt mixing equipment, such as a stationary mixing plant or a drum type mixer, etc.

cold mix asphalt for repairing the potholes

Overview of Cold Mix Asphalt

Cold mix asphalt is a mix of mineral aggregate, changed fluid asphalt and binder combined in a particular percentage, placed as well as compacted at space temperature. Characterized by economical and eco-friendly as well as broad temperature range, cold mix asphalt is suitable for maintenance of pavement road and small-scale roadway repair work. The clients can directly use it out of packaged bags without using any additional equipment to heat. It is usually supplied in bulk packaging for efficient transportation and application.

What is a Cold Mix Asphalt Plant

Different from hot mix asphalt, cold mix asphalt does not need to be heated to mix the mixture, but only needs to mix the liquid asphalt emulsion, various aggregates and additives in proper proportion, the cold asphalt mixture can be obtained by mixing. Therefore, the cold asphalt mix plant generally has no heating equipment. In addition, the entire production and operation process is no different from the hot asphalt mixing plant.

cold mix asphalt plant

Application of Cold Mix Asphalt

Leading Roadway

Cold mix has a substantial function in paving roadway. As a result of its durability is less than that of hot mix asphalt, it’s can only be used to pave roadways with small traffic volume or low-grade roads. And it cannot bear hefty tons and also huge vehicles such as the large trucks and vehicles.

Small Repair service

Pit: It is a harsh hole in the surface area of a roadway that is formed by traffic and bad weather condition.

It is straightforward that using cold mix asphalt is to fix such roadway problems. You can directly pour cold asphalt into the cleansed pits for repairing. Then, you must compact cold mix asphalt in position and make it solid.

Wheel Rut: It arises from the continual stress produced by tons bearing of the wheels.
Cold mix can level the wheel rut with the surrounding area by compacting it.

Railway Tracks: They generally refer to the train tracks that obtain extra in a long term. If these railway tracks are left subjected, their presence will certainly have a certain effect on the safety and security of motorists and pedestrians.

Cold mix asphalt is utilized to promptly cover the out-of-date train tracks throughout highways. By utilizing this product, the contractor can open up the road instantly after operation.

Why Choose Cold Mix Asphalt Plant


Compared with the hot mix asphalt plant, the cold mix asphalt plant does not need to use heating equipment, and the construction party or contractor can save some expenses. Cold mixed asphalt is generally packaged in bags, which can be stored for a long time. Customers or construction contractors can purchase according to the number of bags.

Environmentally Friendly

The cold mix asphalt plant does not need fuel and heating in the entire production process, reducing gas emissions and saving energy.

An All-weather Solution

Different from hot mix asphalt, cold mix asphalt can remain stable in all weather conditions throughout the year.

using cold mix asphalt in summer
using cold mix asphalt in winter

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Both hot mix and cold mix asphalt have their unique advantages. Which one you choice depends on the project you need to complete. If you have any questions about this, please email or call Luton to obtain the professional advice.

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