Compact Concrete Pump

The compact concrete pump is a kind of construction machinery that is used for transporting the concrete. It is featured by small size and light weight, applied to such these fields as tunnels, grouting piles, hydroelectric power stations, mines and so on.      

Scope of Application

This paper takes a compact mining concrete pump as an example.The details on the range of application are presented as the following contents:  

  • The transportation of radiant floor heating, light thermal insulation foamed cement, mortar and fine concrete  
  • Fire resistance and thermal insulation material transportation(squirt)
  • The transportation(squirt) of green soil in the construction of ecological environment
  • The transportation(squirt) of the plain concrete fiber in various construction projects         
Compact concrete pump

Performance Characteristics of Compact Concrete Pump

The compact concrete pump can be divided into the electric concrete pump and diesel-driven concrete pump according to the source of power. And the compact concrete pump adopts the dual pump and dual circuit hydraulic system, which can avoid huge impact and have a high reliability.

The pumping oil circuit adopts non-contact automatic commutation and time-delay control to avoid the commutation impact.

The hydraulic system is equipped with safety overflow protection, over-pressure automatic cut-off and closure device so that the main pump can be reliably protected at multiple levels.

The suction filtration technology is adopted to avoid foreign matters entering the hydraulic circuit, which greatly prolongs the service life of system components while improving the reliability of the system.

Transportation Scheme

In order to make the concrete transport normally, fly-ash and water reducer are added into the concrete to reinforce work-ability of the concrete.

If the concrete is to be transported for more than 500m, the maximum particle size of the concrete should not exceed 30mm (the limit is 40mm, and the amount of 30-40mm should be less to prevent pipe blockage during transportation).

Transportation in the pit due to the long transportation time of the concrete pump, firstly prepare the dry concrete materials (sand, stone and cement ash) in the ground, then mix them with a forced mixer after transporting to the destination under the shaft, next directly discharge them to the concrete pump for direct transportation. Following these steps can ensure that the concrete is easy to transport and not easy to block the pipe.

The compact concrete pump is divided into hydraulic transmission type and mechanic transmission type.

And the hydraulic concrete pump is composed of hopper, hydraulic cylinder and piston, concrete cylinder, distribution valve, S-shaped pipe, washing equipment, hydraulic system and power system.

The hydraulic system drives the piston to make reciprocating motion under the influence of pressure. When the piston moves backward, it sucks the material; on the contrary, when the piston pushes forward, it presses the concrete in the concrete cylinder into the delivery pipe through the S-shaped pipe.

The delivery capacity of the piston concrete pump depends on the number and diameter of the concrete cylinder, the speed of piston reciprocating movement and the volumetric efficiency of concrete cylinder suction.          

Applications of Compact Concrete Pump

With the development of second-tier city, rural township and new villages, a concrete ground pump model featured strong pertinence – compact large aggregate concrete pump is derived from Luton concrete delivery pump.

Since the mass production of the compact large aggregate concrete pump, it has been highly praised by the majority of clients.

Under the market environment of depressed economic situation and blocked commercial housing construction, railway and bridge construction in big cities, there is a strong demand for large aggregate small concrete pump.

Affected by the epidemic, the current economic situation is not optimistic. In the context of the setback of commercial housing construction, railway and bridge construction in big cities, there is a strong demand for compact large aggregate concrete transfer pumps.

The Advantages of the Compact Concrete Pump

The compact concrete delivery pump is a kind of pump considered to be intermediate  between the fine stone pump and mortar pump and large concrete delivery pump. It has strong practicability for the construction of 10-floor building in small counties or 3 or 4 floors in rural areas.

Firstly, the compact concrete ground pump saves a lot of labor costs and shortens the construction period for these projects.

The traditional construction task is quite onerous, also depending on manpower is an arduous and time-consuming task to transport the concrete to the specific floor. Another advantage of the compact concrete ground pump is that it is the optimum choice for small construction projects.

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