Concrete Mixer Pump for Sale Tanzania

Tanzania is an important market for Luton’s construction machinery. Customers in Tanzania are our important partners. Luton concrete mixing plants and concrete pumps are popular in Tanzania. Recently, another JBS40-10-84R Concrete mixer pump sold to Tanzania. This Concrete mixer pump for sale Tanzania enjoyed the best price.


JBS40-10-84R Concrete Mixer Pump for Sale Tanzania

This customer contacted us through our website. He shared detail information of their projects and we also provided more videos and pictures to let them know how to operate the concrete mixer pump.

Why This Customer Choose Luton Concrete Mixer Pump?

  • Luton uses robot weld instead of tradition manual welding, and the welding structure is uniform.
  • Before the machine is sprayed with paint, we will carry out sandblasting treatment, and the topcoat will not fall when the time goes.
  • The quality of this concrete mixer pump is stable and reliable. Generally, there are no after-sales problems. Some well-maintained machines can be used for 3 to 5 years without problems.
  • Our engineer also can be dispatched abroad to deal with the after-sales problem at any time.
  • We finished the delivery in time.
concrete-mixer-pumping machine
Luton concrete mixer pump sales

Advantages of The Concrete Mixer Pump

1.This machine is the combination of Concrete Mixer + Concrete Pump=Small Mobile Concrete Plant.

Concrete Mixer Pump for Sale Tanzania

2. Mainly used for urban and rural construction, including housing construction, floor heating, screenshot engineering and spraying of refractory materials, rural roads, water conservancy, small bridges, etc.

Concrete Mixer Pump for Sale Tanzania
Concrete Mixer Pump for Sale Tanzania

3. Has the function of mixing materials and pumping concrete .The actual vertical height of pumped concrete can reach 80-100 meters, and the horizontal distance is 150-300 meters.

Pipeline of Concrete Mixer Pump for Sale Tanzania

Luton concrete mixer pump was designed compactness with lower power and low cost. As a most popular products in construction field, we trust we will win more trust from our customers in Tanzania.

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