Concrete Production Plant

What is a Concrete Production Plant?

Concrete production plant is complete plant for production of various specifications of new concrete. According to the preset proportions, raw materials (including cement, stone, powder, water and additive) will be mixed into concrete mixture through loading, weighing, conveying, mixing and discharging.

Concrete production plant is also called as concrete batching plant, rmc plant, etc.

concrete production plant

What is a Concrete Production Plant Used for?

The concrete production plant has many advantages:

Higher mechanization, automation and productivity, it also guarantee the quality of concrete and save cement.
So the concrete production plant for sale is often used in project with large quantity of concrete, and long construction period, such as project of electric power, water conservancy, bridge, road, wharf and other projects.

How Many Types of Concrete Production Plants for Sale?

Concrete production plants can be divided into 6 types according different requirements. The models include HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS75, HZS60, HZS90, HZS120, HZS180, HZS240.

Based on the purpose:

It includes commercial concrete production plant and engineering concrete production plant.

Commercial concrete plant refers to concrete produced will be sold to different customers. It also can produce the custom concrete according to the requirement of customer. So the commercial type plant will be fully equipped. The investment cost is higher than engineering type plant.

Engineering concrete plant is also called as the on-site concrete batching plant, mainly used in specific project. The engineering type plant usually meet the need of this project, so the configuration is simple, the investment cost is lower.

belt type ready mixed batching plant

Based on the structure of plant:

It includes hopper type concrete production plant and belt type concrete production plant.

Hopper type concrete plant refers to the conveying of raw material uses a hopper lifting machine. This type plant has features of small area, simple structure and low investment cost. Luton can supply models of HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS75.

Belt type concrete plant refers to the conveying of raw material uses the belt. This type plant has features of long conveying distance, high efficiency, free of pollution, low failure rate, as well as higher investment cost. Luton can supply models of HZS60, HZS90, HZS120, HZS180, HZS240.

Based on the movability:

Concrete production plant includes free-foundation concrete production plant, mobile plant, as well as stationary plant.

Free-foundation plant refers to the concrete plant without 1m deep concrete foundation. With features of strong movability, easy to install and remove, accurate weighing, etc.

Mobile ready mix production plant refers to mixing machine and batching machine are equipped with tyres. It is convenient for moving to other construction site. With features of small quantities of concrete, construction sites are scattered, and convenient for moving.

Stationary concrete production plant refers to most the machine need be fixed on the foundation, 1m deep foundation shall be required. With features of large quantities of concrete, high quality of concrete, continuous production, etc.

mini concrete batch plant for sale
mobile concrete batching plant
small stationary concrete batching plant

Based on production process:

Concrete production plants include wet concrete plant and dry concrete plant.

Wet concrete plant refers to the plant equipped with mixing machine, all the raw materials will be mixed into concrete mixture by the mixing machine.

Dry concrete plant refers to the plant without mixing machine, all the raw materials weighed will be discharged into a concrete mixer truck, raw materials will be mixed into concrete mixture by the concrete mixer truck when transporting to the construction site. Thus can save the mixing time and investment cost.

If there is long distance between construction site and concrete production plant, dry concrete plant may be the better choice.

Container Type Concrete Production Plant

This type plant has advantages of new structure, beautiful appearance, easy to install and dismantle, small area, accurate weighing, free of pollution.

Ready-mixed concrete plant

How Does Ready Mix Concrete Production Plant Work?

Take the wet concrete batching plant as the example:

Luton concrete batch plant process

1. The aggregates will be fed into bins by wheel loader or belg conveyor.

2. When batching the materials, the doors are opened by the cylinders and each aggregate discharges into their own weighing hopper for accurate accumulated weighing or individual weighing. Microcomputer automatically alarms when overweight.

3. After aggregates batching finished, they will be transported onto inclined feeding belt conveyor by flat belt conveyor.

4. Material transported from the feeding inclined belt conveyor to the transition hopper in the upper part of the host mixer for temporary storage.

5. Cement powder is transported by screw conveyor into the weighing hopper for metering.

6. Water and admixtures transported through the pipeline to the respective weighing hopper for weighing, after weighing, the butterfly valve below the admixture weighing hopper then open, the admixture discharged into the water weighing hopper for mixing and dilution, then discharged to the host mixer via a booster pump.

Concrete Plant Production Rate

Concrete production plant has models of HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS75, HZS60, HZS90, HZS120, HZS180, HZS240.

Different model has different theoretical production rate, such as:

ModelTheoretical  productivityActual productivity

5 Ways to Improve Production Rate of Concrete Plant

  1. A sufficient number of concrete mixer truck shall be prepared, according to the production capacity of concrete plant, the transportation distance and road conditions of finished concrete mixture.
  2. The direct factors affecting the productivity are feeding time, mixing time and discharging time. In addition, there are many related factors, such as production organization, equipment management and operation quality. There are several factors on improving the productivity, such as technical condition, the preparation of raw materials and transport vehicles, etc.
  3. To strengthen the maintenance of the concrete production plant, ensure that the plant is in a good technical state. To establish the strict testing system and preventive measures for repairing timely.
  4. In order not to make the concrete production plant shutdown due to special reasons, there should be bins with enough capacity for storing finished concrete mixture.
  5. To take sampling inspection to the raw materials. Aggregate with different specification should be stacked separately.

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