Concrete Pump Car

The concrete pump car is the vehicle that has the devices to pump and transport the liquid fluid concrete to the specific location at the construction sites. It also has another name, that is, concrete pump truck. Just as its name implies, the concrete pump car is equal to a concrete pump plus a car chassis.

concrete pump car

The concrete pump truck is transformed on the basis of the truck chassis, which is equipped with motion and power transmission equipment, pumping and mixing equipment, distribution equipment and other auxiliary equipment.

Characteristics and Applications of Concrete Pump Truck

First the concrete pump truck transmits the power of the engine to the hydraulic pump groups or rear axles through the power transfer box.

Then the hydraulic pump pushes the piston to drive the concrete pump. Last the concrete is transported to the specified distance and height through the placing boom and delivery pipe on the pump truck.

The concrete pump car has some advantages such as high working efficiency and pouring quality, therefore it becomes more and more popular in the aspects of the infrastructures and high-rise buildings construction. Its characteristics are shown below:

  • High mechanization

The concrete pump truck can solve the problems of concrete transporting horizontally and concrete pouring with low labor cost and simple construction.

  • High Efficiency

The pouring operation of concrete pump truck is mostly continuous with high construction efficiency and fast pumping speed.

  • Strict Standard

When pumping the concrete, the process has strict requirements for the concrete quality, so the pumping process is a test of concrete quality. Due to the continuous pumping, the concrete is not easy to separate during the pumping process, which can effectively control the concrete slump and ensure the construction quality of the project.

The concrete pump truck can complete the transportation and distribution of on-site concrete at the same time. It has the characteristics of goodpumping performance, large distribution range, flexibility and convenient mobility.

Besides, it i s especially suitable for one-time pouring and high quality projects with large concrete pouring demand, super large volume and thick foundation concrete.

Pumping technology of the concrete pump truck has been adopted in the concrete construction of national key construction projects, and its application scope has been widely used in these fields such as water conservancy, subway, bridge, large infrastructure, high-rise buildings and other projects.

In recent years, the concrete pump truck has become the preferred model of pumping concrete construction machinery.

concrete boom pumps

Concrete Pumps

Concrete pumps, the large-sized concrete conveying devices, consist of pump body and delivery pipe, exclusively used for concrete transportation of the large-scale construction such as high-rise buildings, expressways and overpasses.

Concrete pumps can be divided into trailer concrete pumps, truck mounted concrete pumps and concrete pump car according to the structures and applications. Also they can be divided into electric concrete pump and diesel-driven concrete pumps. To be more specific, they have the following characteristics:

  • Triple pump open system is adopted, the hydraulic circuit does not interfere with each other, and the system can run independently.
  • It has the anti-pumping function, which is conducive to eliminate the pipe blockage fault in time, and can be shut down to wait for the materials for a short time.
  • That the advanced s-pipe distribution valve is adopted can automatically compensate the wear clearance and has good sealing performance.
  • Wear resistant alloy spectacle plate and floating cutting ring are adopted, which prolongs the service life.
  • The long stroke material cylinder enhances the service life of the material cylinder and piston.
  • The optimized hopper is easy to clean and has better material suction performance.
  • Automatic centralized lubrication system ensures the effective lubrication during the machine operation.
  • With the function of remote control, the operation is more safe and convenient.
  • All components adopt national standards with good interchangeability.

Concrete Mixer Pump Car

In short, the mixer pump truck is the combination of a mixing truck and a pump truck, which can not only meet the requirements of small volume pumping operation, but supplement the drawback of lack of materials in the process of mixer truck transportation, realizing continuous pumping.

Using a truck-mixer concrete pump is the optimum choice for conveying and placing small and medium-sized aggregates. The concrete mixer pump car consists of pumping system and mixing system.

The pumping system adopts chassis engine, and the mixing system is driven by motor or hydraulic engine. It is a kind of machinery that can feed and pump concrete independently.

Concrete Boom Pump Car

The concrete boom pump, also called the concrete pump car, is a machine which uses the pressure to convey concrete continuously along the pipe. By and large, it consists of the pump body and the delivery pipe.

And to be more specific, the concrete pump car is comprised of the pump body installed on an automobile chassis, the elastic placing boom and a truck. Maintaining and using a concrete boom pump car is at a relatively high cost.

Besides, the concrete boom pump car has the strict requirements on the construction sites due to its volume and the limitation of working height. Compared with the truck mounted concrete pump, the concrete boom pump car has the independent booms, so it can convey concrete even though the workers don’t lay the concrete pipelines.

boom pressure concrete pump

Price of a Concrete Pump Car

Generally speaking, the price of a concrete pump car is determined by these factors such as brands, the length of the boom, the configuration and materials, and technology and leaving factory standard.

For example, different brands have different guarantees for product quality, service and after-sales, the prices of different brands are also different. Therefore the price of a concrete boom pump car is at $110,000-$450,000.

Operation of a Concrete Pump Car

The reinforcement of the landing leg is the first step, which is the precondition for the subsequent steps. After the completion of the landing leg, shift the change-over switch to the boom.

Second, turn on the remote controller and press the horn. Then, when listening to the horn ring, press the ack(acknowledge character) button on the electric control cabinet to confirm that the support mode is open. Next is the operation of the boom.

First extend the first-section arm. And keep the rest of arms closed during extending the first-section arm. Until the first-section arm become completely straight, the rest of arms can be opened in sequence. Meanwhile, it’s also necessary to gently push and pull the handle of the mobile remote control.

Besides, pay attention to the surrounding working environment. To be more specific, make ensure that there is no high-voltage wire nearby and no person under the boom.

Above is the introduction to the concrete pump car, the author wishes that you have a deep grip of the knowledge of the concrete pump car, thanks for browsing the article!

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