Diesel Concrete Pump for Sale

It’s known to us that diesel concrete pump and electric concrete pump are two basic types of concrete delivery pump. So when to choose the diesel concrete pump for sale? Why choose diesel concrete pump for sale? You can imagine a picture like this in the remote mountainous areas, people are concerned on the supply of electricity, because they need to use the concrete pump machine to facilitate the construction efficiency and save manpower. Luckily, the emergence of the diesel concrete pump for sale is to deal with the problem. Next, this article takes you approach the Luton diesel concrete pump for sale.

Profile of Diesel Concrete Pump for Sale

Diesel concrete pump for sale is a kind of special equipment for high-quality commercial concrete pumping construction, which takes diesel engine as its own power and is suitable for high-rise buildings, highways, water conservancy, bridges, freight yards and other construction facilities.

Diesel concrete pump for sale integrates mechanical, electrical and hydraulic technology, and is suitable for concrete pumping operation in the environment in which power supply is insufficient. The key hydraulic components of the pump are hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve. The optimized design of s-pipe valve makes the concrete pumping more smooth.


Diesel concrete pump has the remarkable characteristics of reliable performance, stable transportation, strong pumping capacity and so on. It can pump high-grade concrete stably in harsh environment for a long time. It is a necessary modern construction equipment for construction units and commercial concrete manufacturers.


Classification of Diesel Concrete Pump for Sale

Based on the delivery capacity, the diesel concrete pump for sale can be divided into small, medium and large-size conveying pump.

The small-size diesel concrete pump is the pump that the delivery capacity is 30 – 40 cm3/h.

The medium-size diesel concrete pump refers to the pump that delivery capacity is 50 – 95 cm3/h.

The large-size diesel concrete pump is the pump with a delivery capacity of over 100 cm3/h.

Of course, you can also choose the suitable equipment type according to your construction conditions and related budget from the following models:

specification of diesel concrete pump for sale

Working Principle of Diesel Concrete Pump for Sale

Working principle of the concrete pump for sale can be summarized as the pumping process. Even though there are various types of concrete pump for sale, the working processes are similar and can be summarized as the basic principles of hydraulics. The specific working process is as below:

The high-pressure oil output by the main oil pump is distributed to the main oil cylinder through the sequence valves, which pushes the piston rod of the main oil cylinder back and forth. Because the piston rod of the main oil cylinder is linked with the piston rod of the concrete cylinder, the piston rod of the concrete cylinder will move backwards and forwards under the push of the high-pressure oil. The suction and extrusion of concrete will be carried out. Meanwhile, two swing oil cylinders drive the swing arm, which will result in switching of S-shaped valve back and forth between the two concrete cylinder outlets under the influence of the swing arm.

Through the continuous reciprocating motion of the concrete cylinders and switching of S-shaped valve backwards and forwards, the continuous suction and extrusion pressure of concrete can be realized, so as to realize the whole pumping process.

The structural picture of pumping system is shown as below:

what is concrete pump

1&2-two main oil cylinders; 3-water tank; 4-the reversing device; 5&6-two concrete cylinders; 7&8-two concrete pistons; 9-a swing arm; 10&11-two swing oil cylinders; 12-the spectacle plate; 13-the distribution valve (S-shaped valve); 14-the discharge hole; 15-hopper

Why Choose Luton Diesel Concrete Pump for Sale

Open-loop hydraulic system with two pumps have great dependability and durability.

The anti-pumping function is conducive to the timely elimination of pipe blockage, and can be shut down for a short time to wait for materials.

The advanced s-pipe distribution valve can automatically compensate the wear clearance and has good sealing performance.

Wear resistant alloy spectacle plate and floating cutting ring adopted makes the machine have a long service life.

The long stroke cylinder extends the service life of the cylinder and piston.

The optimized hopper makes it easy to clean and has better material suction performance.

Automatic centralized lubrication system ensures effective lubrication during machine operation.

The function of remote control makes the operation more safe and convenient.

All parts and components adopt national standards with good interchangeability, convenient purchase and low maintenance cost.

Price of Diesel Concrete Pump for Sale

The price of a diesel concrete pump for sale is determined by many influenced factors such as delivery capacity, pumping pressure, rated power, selective assembly requirements and so on. Generally the price of diesel concrete pump for sale in Luton ranges from $ 20,000 to $ 40,000. For the specific price of diesel concrete pump, a deep dialogue is needed to learn specific information further.

The Luton diesel concrete pump for sale has these advantages such as great performance, low energy consumption, simple and safe operation and wide application as well as reliable quality. Luton is a top manufacturer of concrete pump in China with the mature technology and good reputation, so it’s your idea equipment manufacturer. Luton diesel concrete pump for sale – your business partner, you deserve it. For more details, please contact us immediately!

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