Concrete Pump Equipment List

Usually when you buy a concrete pump, we only know that you are buying a piece of equipment, but in order to make it easier for the customer to use the equipment, it usually comes with some accessories and spare parts that will definitely be used. Today, we will take our Luton Group’s concrete pump equipment list as an example to introduce to you what is included in the whole set of equipment when you buy a concrete pump.

1. Concrete pump

The first thing is definitely the main body of the concrete pump and the main source of power for pumping concrete.

2. Pipe

Piping is also an important part of the work process of a concrete pump, which can pump concrete through pipes to wherever it is needed. Usually we will attach 60-100 meters of piping depending on different models of pumps, which can meet most of the needs of customers on site.

pipeline of LUTON concrete mixer pump

3. Cleaning balls

There are two roles of cleaning balls, the first is to clean and maintain the pipeline when the pump is finished using, for the next use. The second is when the pipe is clogged, the pipe can be unclogged by adding cleaning balls and a lot of water. However, most of our pumps are equipped with pump back function, which can easily unclog the clogged pipes, so the cleaning ball is more used when cleaning the pipes.

4. Remote control

The remote control can operate the equipment more conveniently. We have wired remote control and wireless remote control, and the control range of wireless remote control is about 100 meters.

Concrete Pump Equipment List

5. Other accessories

Usually, we also include a tool box, gaskets and other common small accessories for daily use.
In addition, the English manuals are also available to help customers better set up and use the equipment.

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