Best Concrete Pump

Best concrete pump for different construction jobs is various. For small-scaled concrete projects, like residential house construction, private swimming pool and garden job etc., small or mini portable concrete trailer pump is the best choice. For large-scaled concrete construction, such as large-scale high-rise building projects, water conservancy and hydropower station projects, tunnel projects, etc., concrete boom pump truck is perfect. What’s more, the choice of concrete pump is also determined by the construction site situation.

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So, different types of LUTON Concrete Pumps are listed here providing you with different concrete treatment methods for your different construction jobs. It is believed that there is always a best concrete pump for you.

Small Concrete Pump Trailer

Small concrete pump trailer is the best solutions for: Small or Medium -sized bridge, tunnel and residential house construction, yards and swimming pool projects, etc. If your concrete material is from commercial batching plant or a separate concrete mixing equipment, small concrete pump trailers is the most economical and practical choice.

HBT50 Electric Trailer Concrete Pump

Models: HBT30/HBT40/HBT50/HBT60/HBT80/HBT90
Max. Theoretical Output Capacity (m3/h): 30~90
Max. Pumping Pressure (MPa): 6~20
Max. Theo. Vertical Conveying Distance (m): 100~300
Max. Theo. Horizontal Conveying Distance (m): 300~1200
Max. Aggregate Diameter (mm): 40 scree
Main Power Engine: Diesel 52kw~199kw or Electric 37kw~110kw

Small Concrete Mixer With Pump

Small concrete mixer with pump is the best solutions for: Small or Medium -sized bridge, tunnel and residential house construction, yards and swimming pool projects, etc. If you haven’t yet any concrete mixing equipment and need to batch concrete material onsite, a small concrete mixer pump is the best choice.

JBS30 diesel mini concrete pump with drum mixer

Models: JBS30/JBS40/JBS50
Max. Theo. Output Capacity (m3/h): 30/40/50
Max. Pumping Pressure (MPa): 6/10/10
Max. Theo. Vertical Conveying Distance (m): 120/120/130
Max. Theo. Horizontal Conveying Distance (m): 300/500/600
Max. Aggregate Diameter (mm): slick/scree 20~40/40~50/40~50
Main Power Engine: Diesel 52kw、82kw、92kw or Electric 37kw、45kw

electric concrete mixer pump

Models: JBS40B-JS500/JBS40B-JS750
Max. Theo. Output Capacity (m3/h): 40
Main Power Engine: Electric Motor 45kw or Diesel Motor, WEICHAI 129kw
Mixer Machine Type: JS Series Twin-shaft Concrete Mixer
Concrete Cylinder diameter/stroke (mm): Φ200/1000
Discharge outlet diameter (mm): Φ180

LHB40 Vertical Shaft Concrete Mixer Pump

Models: JW40D-750(R) /JW40D-1000(R)
Max. Theo. Output Capacity (m3/h): 40/50
Max. Pumping Pressure (MPa): 10
Mixer Discharge Capacity (L): 750/1000
Mixer Machine Type: Vertical-shaft Pan Concrete Mixer
Max. pumping vertical distance(m): 120
Max. pumping Horizontal distance(m): 400
Main Power Engine: Diesel Motor WEICHAI 82kw/129kw or Electric Motor 55kw/90kw

Concrete Boom Pump Truck

Concrete boom pump truck is the most efficient concrete machinery, which is suitable for large scaled concrete construction projects: large hydropower stations, bridge tunnel projects, high-rise building projects, elevated highway projects, etc.

4 section concrete boom pump

Models: LT5289THB/LT5339THB/LT5449THB
Max. Theo. Production Output (m3/h): 85/145/200
Maximum Pumping Pressure (MPa): 8.7/7.5/8.8/10
Folded form: 4Z/5RZ/6RZ/7R
Boom Vertical Height (m): 30/38/39.9/47/49.3/51.3/56/57.1/60.6
Boom Horizontal Length (m): 25/33.5/35.6/42.7/44.3/46.3/50.9/52.1/55.6
Delivery Pipe Diameter (mm): 125

Concrete Mixer Boom Pump Truck

LUTON concrete mixer boom pump truck

Models: LT5216THB 21
Hydraulic System Pressure (MPa): 20
Folded form: 4 Section Hydraulic Fold
Boom Vertical Height (m): 23
Boom Horizontal Length (m): 19.73
Delivery Pipe Diameter (mm): 125
Platform Rotation: 360°

How to Choose the Best Concrete Pump

There are some tips on choosing the best concrete pump for your construction jobs:
First of all, make clear the actual situation of your construction jobs, including:

  • Construction Location
  • Environment of the working site
  • Scale of the project
  • Length of the working period
  • Energy supporting situation, etc.
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Then, get the daily concrete requirement of the construction project. According to the daily amount of concrete select the producing capacity of your ideal concrete pump machine.

It is necessary to remind you that during selecting, do not equal the actual demanding amount with the theoretical output capacity of the products. The rated output capacity of the options should be larger than the actual requirement. Of course, choose the best concrete pump according to your budget.

At last, choose your best concrete pump models from famous manufacturers with complete quality and maintenance assurance.

In conclusion, if you want to choose the best concrete pump for your concrete construction, take all aspects on construction projects details into consideration, and refer to other selection schemes under the same circumstances. If this is the first purchase of a concrete pump machine, it is recommended to consult a professional manufacturers to get a perfect purchasing plan.

Welcome to contact to LUTON GROUP for more details on how to choose best concrete pump, which is your reliable concrete machinery manufacturer.