Delivery Pipe Maintenance Of Concrete Mixer Pump

Delivery pipe maintenance of concrete mixer pump is an important item of daily maintenance. High configuration and correct use are essential to ensure the service life of the concrete mixer pump.

Delivery pipe maintenance of concrete mixer pump

Configuration of LUTON GROUP concrete mixing pump:

  • Adopt double pump, higher pressure and easier operation.
  • Equipped with wireless remote control equipment, convenient for long-distance operation, safe and efficient.
  • The hydraulic cylinder adopts proximity switch, which can realize non-contact commutation and ensure reliable commutation valve breakage.
  • The radiator equipment makes the working oil temperature of the hydraulic system lower than 70 ℃, so that the machine is in a normal state.
  • Through the proximity switch, the operating position is limited to ensure that the s valve swings back and forth and reverses.
  • Luton Group strictly selects materials and continuously optimizes the design of every key part of the mixing pump, which is the key to ensuring the long-term operation of the machine.

Correct use and cleaning are also essential. Let’s check the cleaning suggestions given by LUTON’S engineers.

Cleaning of Delivery Pipe In Concrete Mixer Pump

Air Purge Sequence of Delivery Pipe

  • Since there are check valves in pipeline, close check plate to prevent concrete in vertical or tilt pipe backflow.
  • Let out some concrete from the first straight pipe 6B, and connect with air purge joint. A sponge ball filled with water should be tucked into the joint in advance, and an air release valve and compressed air hose should be connected.
  • A safety head should be placed on the end part of the pipe to prevent damage.
  • Open compressed air intake valve slowly, expel sponge ball and concrete by compressed air. If there is a check valve in pipeline, let it open first and then turn on the air valve.
  • When concrete is all out and the sponge ball is going to out, air purge is going to over. Then turn off the air intake valve and disassemble all of the pipes.
Luton concrete mixing pump on construction site


  • Pressure of compressed shouldn’t exceed 0.8MPa.
  • Air valve shouldn’t turn on at one blow, it should operate as the sequence of “on- off- on”, observe carefully, and turn on completely until concrete can flow out smoothly.
  • If air purge can’t continue, turn off air intake valve first, then turn on air release valve slowly, and try to clean in section.
  • When cleaning in section, the pipe close to discharge hole should clean first, then connect the cleaned pipe with un-cleaned part, and clean them.
  • When making air purge, workers shouldn’t close to discharge pipe, elbow and compressed air pipe joint.

Water Purge Sequence of Delivery Pipe

  • When pumping work stops, leave as less concrete as possible.
  • Do anti-pumping work to release pipe pressure, and then cut power supply.
  • Detach the first part of reducer pipe and discharge gate, and clean hopper, selector valve and reducer.
  • Let out some concrete from the first straight pipe and tuck into a wet sponge ball or a cement sack paper.
  • Connect with reducer pipe, and close discharge gate.
  • Pour water directly into hopper.
  • Pump.

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