Concrete Pump Price in Kenya

Kenya is a potential market. In the 2030 long-term plan, the Kenyan government lists energy, infrastructure, construction and other related fields as key development areas. Therefore, the concrete pump price in Kenya has attracted extensive attention of local construction contractors and machinery investors. As an advanced China’s manufacturer of road and construction equipment with more than 20 years of export experience, Luton occupies a place in the African market including Kenya.

At present, Luton’s products have been exported to more than dozens of countries and regions, including Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Ireland, Iceland, Canada, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Guyana, South Africa, Vanuatu, Singapore, Philippines, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, etc. Luton’s products cover a wide range of categories, mainly including concrete towing pump, concrete mixer pump, concrete truck mounted pump, concrete boom pump, concrete self loading mixer, concrete batching plant, asphalt mixing plant and other mechanical equipment.


Exporting Case and Feedback of Concrete Pump in Kenya

Luton JBS40-10-84R diesel concrete pump was exported to Kenya in Jul. 2022. The reason why the customer chose this model of diesel concrete pump is to use it in the construction project he recently contracted locally.

At that time, the customer consulted the business personnel through official website. After full communication between sides, the salesperson learned his some relevant situations. He contracted a local private small-size hospital construction project not long ago. Concrete pouring will begin at the end of Sep. The construction period is tight and the task is heavy. What’s more, renting local old equipment has the risk of construction delay because of low pumping efficiency, high failure rate and poor flexibility. So the contractor found our company online.

After fully introducing the basic information of the company and the products sold, Luton won trust, and then recommended this type to him. Whether it is the delivery volume, pumping capacity or product price, all aspects satisfied him. Finally, this order is reached. Here are some pictures of shipment.

“When I received the ordered concrete pump, it was amazing. Exquisite design, compact structure, simple operation and convenient mobility have completely conquered my heart. I didn’t expect to buy such a cost-effective product with my budget. The service of Luton’s business staff is also very considerate. Before receiving the goods, Luton specially sent me an operation guidance video for future proficiency. In short, it is a perfect shopping experience, and Luton is completely trustworthy.”

Influencing Factors of Concrete Pump Price in Kenya

The concrete pump price in Kenya is restricted by many factors, such as delivery capacity, pumping pressure, type of engine, brand of parts, freight charge, configuration of accessories, supply and demand in the local market, manufacturers, etc. As for Luton products, concrete pump price in Kenya with the delivery capacity of 30 ~ 80 m3/h ranges from $15,000 to $38,000.

Hot-sale Types of Concrete Pump in Kenya

There are two main concrete pump for sale in Kenya: concrete mixer pump and concrete trailer pump.

Luton concrete mixer pump for sale in Kenya with delivery capacity of 30 ~ 40 m3/h is suitable for small-size construction projects like residual houses, low-rise buildings, bridges, tunnels, etc. The concrete mixer pump for sale integrates the function of mixing and pumping, owning one device is equivalent to having a concrete pump and a concrete mixer, so it saves a part of cost to some extent. Besides, it has strong portability and compact size, which can save labour and time. Therefore, it’s one of two hot-sale products in Kenya. The specific types of concrete mixer pump for sale in Kenya included but not limited are shown as below:

Specifications of LUTON Concrete Mixer Pump for Sale

Luton concrete trailer pump for sale in Kenya mainly has these pumps with the delivery capacity of 30 m3/h, 40 m3/h, 60 m3/h and 80 m3/h. The concrete trailer pump for sale in Kenya is divided into diesel and electric type according to power of source. Trailer concrete pump is suitable for frequently shifted construction sites because of its small size and convenient movement. What’s more, it’s easy to maintain with low cost. So many contractors in Kenya prefer to buy it. And it can be applied to various kinds of medium and large construction projects such as high-rise building construction, water conservancy, slope protection, township civil buildings, township cement pavement, dam construction and so on.

Luton HBTS and BS Series Concrete Pump Configuration:

Luton electric concrete pump price in Kenya

Luton HBTS Series Diesel Concrete Pump Configuration:

Luton diesel trailer pump

Why Choose Luton Concrete Pump

Open-loop hydraulic system with two pumps have great dependability and durability.

The anti-pumping function is conducive to the timely elimination of pipe blockage, and can be shut down for a short time to wait for materials.

The advanced s-pipe distribution valve can automatically compensate the wear clearance and has good sealing performance.

Wear resistant alloy spectacle plate and floating cutting ring adopted makes the machine have a long service life.

The long stroke cylinder extends the service life of the cylinder and piston.

The optimized hopper makes it easy to clean and has better material suction performance.

Automatic centralized lubrication system ensures effective lubrication during machine operation.

The function of remote control makes the operation more safe and convenient.

All parts and components adopt national standards with good interchangeability, convenient purchase and low maintenance cost.

Concrete Pump Price in Kenya

There are many kinds of concrete pump, the price various from type, configuration, model, capacity, etc. Our sale manager will supply the specific price according your requirement.

Diesel concrete pump price in Kenya with a theoretical production capacity of 30 ~ 80m3/h ranges from $20,000 to $38,000.

The electric concrete pump price in Kenya with a theoretical production capacity of 30 ~ 80m3/h ranges from $15,000 to $27,000.

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