Asphalt Plant For Sale South Africa

Asphalt plant for sale South Africa is now very hot in local construction machinery market. Why it is so active in the market? Is it really profitable to investors? Find the ideal asphalt plant for your project in South Africa? This article will give you the answers.

Background of Asphalt Plant For Sale South Africa

South Africa, known as the “Rainbow Country”, is located at the southernmost point of the African continent. It is one of the largest economies and most influential countries in Africa. Its GDP accounts for about one-third of the total economic volume of sub-Saharan Africa.

Since 2012, the South African government has formulated a development plan for the next 10 to 20 years, increasing investment, aiming to vigorously develop infrastructure engineering construction, involving railways, highways, ports, energy and other fields.

Among them, there are also Chinese construction machinery companies. For example, LUTON Heavy Industry’s asphalt plant products with high quality, perfect performance, reasonable price and easy operation are used in the construction of local highways and bridges. They inject new strength into South African infrastructure.

Why Asphalt Plant For Sale South Africa

Under the guidance of South Africa’s policy of vigorously developing infrastructure, as a prerequisite for modern infrastructure, the local construction machinery market has been vigorously developed, driving the demand for construction machinery to increase significantly.

Among them, as a large-scale machinery necessary for road construction, the demand for asphalt stations has also increased significantly.

Policy guidance is on the one hand, and its own advantages are also an important reason.

As we all know, an asphalt plant is a large-scale complete set of equipment for mass production of asphalt mixtures. The asphalt mixtures produced are mainly used in various grades of urban and rural road construction. It has outstanding advantages as below:

  • High Degree of Automation
  • Accurate Proportion
  • Stable and Reliable
  • High Efficiency
  • Multiple Functions In One

The advantages of asphalt plant for sale South Africa are not limited as the above. Contact us and get more details.

LUTON Asphalt Plant For Sale South Africa

There are some hot models of LUTON Asphalt Plant For Sale South Africa.

Portable Asphalt Plant For Sale South Africa

LBQY Series mobile/portable wheeled batch asphalt mixing plant are available from 60t/h to 160t/h.

mobile asphalt plant for sale

• Easily transportable & assembling & disassembling.
• Saving time and cost of installation.
• Low maintenance operation & energy consumption & emission
• Multiple fuel burner
• Fully automatic controls

Specifications of LBQY Series Portable Asphalt Plant For Sale

mobile batch asphalt plant

Stationary Asphalt Plant For Sale South Africa

LB Series asphalt plant for sale South Africa is some kind of compact stationary batch asphalt mixing plant with twin shaft horizontal mixer. The broad output capacity ranges from 40t/h, 60t/h, 80t/h, 100t/h, 120t/h, 160t/h, 200t/h, 240t/h to 320t/h.

LB stationary asphalt mixing plant
  • High-quality and stable production
  • Compact modular design
  • Low emission friendly to environment
  • Study and durable wear resistant structure ensure long service life
  • Professional Siemens Operating System supports reliable automatic control.
  • Light and flexible
  • Simple structure
  • Small volume, less space occupation
  • Crucial parts supported by international famous brands ensure stable performance and high precision.
  • High wear-resistant alloy cast steel, with long service life

Specification of LB Series Stationary Asphalt Plant For Sale


Looking for any details on product models and specifications you want, please don’t hesitate to contact LUTON.

Why LUTON Asphalt Plant For Sale South Africa

There are lots of reasons to choose LUTON Group and its products. Not limited to the following:

  • Over 30 years product experience make sure quality.
  • Exported to over 100 countries in the world.
  • Have 10 oversea branches in the world, can supply you 7 days*24 hours service
  • More than30 engineers and 1000 workers ensure delivery time.
  • Quality ensure: every products have the strictly inspection by advanced equipment

From the details of the configuration, you can also know the reason.

  • All the hoppers are equipped with spacer net.
  • Two fine silo automatically vibrate silo
  • Alarm prompt for lack of material
  • Discharge door can be adjusted
  • Four-wheel friction drive, reducer and transmission shaft connected by universal coupling, reliable and stable transmission.
  • The safety protective net of the equipment is provided at the coupling, and the safety guard is arranged at the roller ring of the drying cylinder. Set up safety protection device, can brake quickly under emergency.
  • Double row of board chains with two ears for hoisting smoothly, sliding hopper elevating with high efficiency.
  • Outlet of elevator is made of special structure to reduce abrasion and noise.
  • Double dust removal system guarantees minimum dust discharge and maximum recycling.
  • Primary dust filter: Cyclone dust filter
  • Second dust filter: Water dust filter

South Africa is one of the important markets of Luton Group, where our equipment has been praised by investors and fully trusted by South African partners.


Not only asphalt plant for sale South Africa, but also Luton’s other construction machinery products have a good reputation in South Africa, including concrete batching plants, concrete pumps, self loading concrete mixer trucks and so on.

You are welcome to choose to trust Luton Group and let Luton products bring rich returns to your investment in South Africa!