China Concrete Batching Plant

China concrete batching plant now has an increasing share in the international market. Its products range from top-level manufacturing undertaking national projects to small practical equipment for household use, with a wide variety of reliable quality and reasonable prices. Most of them are popular all over the world. Consumers love it. Made in China is always trustworthy.

China Concrete batching plant

High Quality & High Efficient

Low Consumption & Low Noice

Broad Range of Producing Capacity

Diverse Options for Projects

Model Recommendation of China Concrete Batching Plant

Made in China is famous all over the world. This article only recommends the best-selling China concrete batching plants made.
Among many excellent Chinese brands, LUTON is a mature domestic leading name with 20+ manufacturing and exporting experience. In this article, taking LUTON products as an example, you will get known of various types of concrete batching plants made in China.

Stationary China Concrete Batching Plant

Stationary concrete batching plant is a set of concrete mixing equipment fixed on a more than 1.5m-deep foundation, usually used as large or scale concrete producing equipment for commercial or engineering investment.

Due to the characteristics of the application and scale, LUTON stationary concrete batching plants are usually located in the open suburbs far away from the urban area. In order to ensure the excellent quality of various concrete products, the performance and configuration of fixed station products are very elegant.

HZS60 belt type concrete batching plant

Model: HZS60
Aggregate Feeder: Tilting Belt Conveyor Mixer Machine: JS1000 TWIN-Shaft Mixer
Max.Theo.Producing Capacity: 60m3/h
Max.Aggregate Diameter: 80/60mm

HZS90 concrete batch plant

Model: HZS90
Aggregate Feeder: Tilting Belt Conveyor Mixer Machine: JS1500 TWIN-Shaft Mixer
Max.Theo.Producing Capacity: 90m3/h
Max.Aggregate Diameter: 80/60mm

twin shaft mixer batching plant

Model: HZS120
Aggregate Feeder: Tilting Belt Conveyor Mixer Machine: JS2000 TWIN-Shaft Mixer
Max.Theo.Producing Capacity: 120m3/h
Max.Aggregate Diameter: 80/60mm

RMC plant price

Model: HZS180
Aggregate Feeder: Tilting Belt Conveyor Mixer Machine: JS3000 TWIN-Shaft Mixer
Max.Theo.Producing Capacity: 180m3/h
Max.Aggregate Diameter: 80/60mm

HZS240 concrete batching plant

Model: HZS240
Aggregate Feeder: Tilting Belt Conveyor Mixer Machine: JS4000 TWIN-Shaft Mixer
Max.Theo.Producing Capacity: 240m3/h
Max.Aggregate Diameter: 80/60mm

HZS75 Concrete Batching Plant

Model: HZS75
Aggregate Feeder: Bucket (Skip Hopper) Mixer Machine: JS1000 TWIN-Shaft Mixer
Max.Theo.Producing Capacity: 75m3/h
Max.Aggregate Diameter: 80/60mm

Mobile China Concrete Batching Plant

Compared with the high-end temperament of the fixed station, the mobile station is characterized by flexibility and practicality. This type of mixing plant has a more compact structure design, more convenient disassembly and assembly, and easier transportation. It is the best solution for small and medium-sized projects with short construction period, small scale and many transitions. While enhancing the mobility, the mobile station also has the advantages of high batching accuracy and high work efficiency.

hzs25 concrete mixer batching plant

Model: YHZS25
Aggregate Feeder: Bucket (Skip Hopper) Mixer Machine: JS500 TWIN-Shaft Mixer
Max.Theo.Producing Capacity: 25m3/h
Max.Aggregate Diameter: 80/60mm

rmc plant cost

Model: YHZS35
Aggregate Feeder: Bucket (Skip Hopper) Mixer Machine: JS750 TWIN-Shaft Mixer
Max.Theo.Producing Capacity: 35m3/h
Max.Aggregate Diameter: 80/60mm

wet concrete batching plant

Model: YHZS50
Aggregate Feeder: Bucket (Skip Hopper) Mixer Machine: JS1000 TWIN-Shaft Mixer
Max.Theo.Producing Capacity: 50m3/h
Max.Aggregate Diameter: 80/60mm

Cases of China Concrete Batching Plant Sold Aboard

HZS90 China concrete batching plant installed In Indonesia

One Set Of China Concrete Batching Plant HZS90 Of LUTON GROUP Installed In Indonesia.

Bran Balikpapan Indonesia HZS35 and brick making machine

One Set of HZS35 And A Brick Making Machine From LUTON GROUP, China, Working In Bran-Balikpapan, Indonesia.

One set of HZS25 Concrete Batching Plant From LUTON, China, Installed In Pakistan.

One Set of China Concrete Batching From LUTON GROUP Plant HZS35 Installed In Sri Lanka.

One Set of LUTON Mobile Concrete Batching Plant YHZS60 Ready For Exporting to Malaysia.

One Set of LUTON Concrete Batching Plant Installed In Philippines.

Why is China Concrete Batching Plant Popular With Investors Around the World

China concrete batching plant is popular with investors around the world.

From high-end equipment leading the world’s advanced level to flexible and convenient small-scale civilian equipment, China’s batching plant industry provides the global concrete batching plant market with products of high quality, long life, strong practicability, rich variety and different grades.

These concrete mixing plants have a wide range of production capacities to cover all types and sizes of concrete building construction needs, and they are attracting more and more investors with their respective advantages:

China concrete batching plant
  • High Quality Assurance
  • High Degree of Automation
  • Good Mixing Quality and High Production Capacity
  • High Measurement Accuracy
  • Equipment Environmental Protection

Top 10 Brands of China Concrete Batching Plants in 2022

There are many manufacturers of concrete batching plant equipment in China, with different scales and product grades, the famous and famous brands with strong strength occupy 90% of the market share. They are the leaders of China’s construction machinery manufacturing industry, and they also represent China and even The international forefront of the development of concrete batching plant manufacturing technology.


SANY is a construction machinery and equipment manufacturer, which founded in 1989, whose main products are concrete equipment, excavating machinery, hoisting machinery, road construction machinery, coal machinery etc., about 9 big areas.


ZOOMLION founded in 1992, designs and produces infrastructure machinery and equipment referring to project construction, energy engineering, environment engineering, transportation engineering, etc. It is an ceaselessly innovating enterprise.


Xuzhou Concrete Machinery Group Co., Ltd founded in 1943, engages in researching and manufacturing various construction machinery, such as hoisting machinery, mining machinery, excavators, loaders, road machinery, piling machinery, concrete machinery, tunnel machinery, and so on.

LUTON offers a wide range of Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plants along with high quality Concrete Mixers, among the leading manufacturers of concrete mixing plants in China that increase productivity at low cost of operation and maintenance. More than 20 years experience of construction machinery manufacturing and exporting provides top-level services of any project requirement.


Fujian south highway machinery co., Ltd is an enterprise in the field of equipment manufacturing , founded in 1997, whose mainly business concludes mining machinery, construction material mining machinery, construction material mixing machinery, and so on. Concrete batching station is one small branch of all business.


Fangyuan Group founded in Haiyang city of Jiaodong peninsula, Shandong Province, is a construction machinery and equipment enterprise, keeps on manufacturing concrete batching station, concrete aggregate batcher, concrete pump, tower crane, and so on.


Shantui Janeoo machinery Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of concrete mixing and transporting machinery, which is a state-owned enterprise, and whose main products include concrete batch plant, road mixing equipment, dry mortar mixing plant, concrete conveyor equipment, concrete and demolition waste disposal equipment etc.

Fujian XinDa machinery Co., Ltd is a twenty-year-old technological and scientific enterprise, which focuses on researching and developing, manufacturing, sale and service of construction machinery. And its products covers stationary/mobile concrete precast mixing plant, ready-mixed concrete batching plant, stationary/mobile stability soil mixing plant, twin shaft mixer, etc.

Langfang China Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is the third-level subsidiary of China State Construction Engineering Corporation, one of the top 21 of the world’s top 500 companies. The company was established in January 2011 and is headquartered in Langfang City, Hebei Province. The company’s business includes four main manufacturing businesses (hoisting machinery, concrete machinery, integrated housing, PC equipment), two service businesses (hoisting machinery and equipment “leasing + Service”, concrete equipment “station construction + operation and maintenance”) and a number of construction equipment product businesses (smart site system, formwork system, construction industrialization accessory system).

Shandong Yuanyou Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a private limited liability company established in December 2000. It is located in Weifang city of Shandong province. The main products include HZS (HLS) series concrete mixing plant, LB series asphalt mixing plant, WCQ series stabilized soil mixing plant, HBT series concrete pump, concrete mixer truck, and piling machinery.

Four Stages of Development of China Concrete Batching Plant

From the perspective of the equipment of the concrete batching plant itself, China concrete batching plant has undergone four stages of development.

The early concrete batching plant with accumulate measurement of powder and aggregate, and lifting bucket feeding method, features as the first generation of concrete batching plant.

The second-generation China concrete batching plant is to measure and transport materials separately according to different types of materials.

Instead of lifting bucket aggregate feeding method, the third-generation concrete batching plant is mainly characterized by belt conveyor transportation. At the same time, a pre-feeding hopper is installed in the building (a plate of aggregate is temporarily stored to improve the production efficiency of the whole station).

The notable features of the fourth and third generations are that they began to consider environmental protection. Dust removal systems were added to the powder and aggregate systems, and the main plant began to try to partially seal, but the sand and gravel materials were still stacked in the open air, which is also the most common concrete plant in China.

The four generations of concrete batching plants in the concrete production industry have some common problems: in terms of the environment, the roar of machines, dust in the sky, mud on the ground, and cross-flow of sewage has almost become synonymous with “dirty, messy, and poor”; in energy saving and consumption reduction Aspects: The energy consumption is relatively large, especially the electricity consumption is relatively wasteful, and the loss of raw materials is serious.

So the fifth generation of China concrete batching plants has appeared, which adopts a fully enclosed structure, saves energy and protects the environment.

Introduction to the Status Quo of China Concrete Batching Plants

As the earliest product category in China’s construction machinery field to reach the world’s leading level, concrete machinery used to maintain rapid development during the difficult period when construction machinery was keeping at a low level. Especially after the successful acquisition of the world’s three major concrete machinery giants, Chinese enterprises The commanding heights of global concrete machinery.

In a short period of about ten years, China has not only become the world’s largest country in terms of annual sales and ownership of concrete equipment, but has also become a world-leading concrete equipment manufacturer.

As infrastructure construction continues and the scale of new rural reconstruction and urbanization continues to expand, by the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the proportion of ready-mixed concrete can be expanded to about 90% or even higher.

In the future, the concrete batching plant will develop in the direction of green and environmental protection, intelligent control and production.

At present, in the concrete machinery industry, intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation have become the core strategy for enterprises to win the future.

In the future, with the continuous strengthening of industrial transformation and environmental protection, as well as the country’s promotion of new urbanization construction, the development of central and western regions, the construction of new rural areas, and the construction of the “Belt and Road”, it is expected to keep to drive investment in municipal, highway, railway and other engineering projects, also create more market demand for concrete machinery.

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