Mobile Concrete Batching Plant South Africa

As the second largest economy in Africa, South Africa has a relatively perfect infrastructure system. In recent years, the South African national government has vigorously developed infrastructure construction, which has attracted the active participation of many engineering equipment manufacturers. Among them, Luton mobile concrete batching plant South Africa is favored by the engineering contractors and individual investors in South Africa because of its compact structure, enough flexibility, convenient mobility, low investment cost and easy installation and disassembly.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Sold to South Africa

Recently, a set of custom YHZS50 mobile concrete batching plant was installed in South Africa and started trial operation.

Thanks to engineers, they gave us patient guidance on installation and training of operators. This plant runs very well at present.

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custom mobile concrete batching plant

What is a Concrete Batching Plant?

Concrete batching plant is a kind of professional automatic concrete mixing equipment, which adopts modular design and is composed of mixing system, batching system, storage system, transportation system, weighing system and control system. And it is a complete set of special equipment for producing fresh concrete. According to its preset raw material mix proportion, it carries out feeding, transportation, storage, batching, weighing, mixing and discharging respectively, and finally produces finished concrete that meets the quality requirements. Concrete raw materials mainly include sand (fine aggregate), stone (coarse aggregate), cement or fly ash (binder), water, and additives.

Applications of Concrete Batching Plant

The concrete batching plant equipment is suitable for large-scale construction projects such as roads, bridges, dams, airports, ports and urban commercial concrete centers. It is used in places with large concrete demand such as urban building construction.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant South Africa

The Luton concrete batching plant South Africa can be divided into stationary concrete batching plant and mobile concrete batching plant. The stationary concrete batching plant covers a large occupation area, and has to build a cement with 1 meter depth. Besides, it is featured by complicate structure and high investment cost. Compared with the stationary batching plant, the mobile concrete batching South Africa is more popular because of easy movement, compact structure, strong flexibility, free foundation and low capital investment. The main models of mobile concrete batching plant South Africa are shown as below:

Theoretical production capacity(m3/h)25355075100
Concrete mixerTypeJS500JS750JS1000JS1500JS2000
Discharging capacity(L)500750100015002000
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm)80/6080/6080/6080/6080/60
Matched Aggregate BatcherPLD800PLD1200PLD1600PL2400PLD3200
Weighing AccuracyAggregate (KG)1500Kg ±2%2000Kg ±2%3000Kg ±2%3000Kg ±2%3000Kg ±2%
Cement(KG)300Kg ±1%450Kg ±1%900Kg ±1%1500Kg ±1%1500Kg ±1%
Fly ash(KG)optional
Water (KG)200Kg ±1%300Kg ±1%600Kg ±1%900Kg ±1%500Kg ±1%
Additive(KG)20Kg ±1%30Kg ±1%30Kg ±1%50Kg ±1%100Kg ±1%
Discharging height(M)3.8 m3.8 m3.8 m4.1m4.1m

Why Choose Luton Concrete Batching Plant South Africa?

Compact Structure

The mobile concrete batching plant South Africa is small in size, and it covers a small occupation area, which means that it can be used in some narrow environments.

Convenient Assembly and Disassembly

The mobile concrete batching plant South Africa is convenient to assembly and disassembly because of compact structure. Therefore, it can save some labors and time, in other words, it improves the operation efficiency and can ensure finish the construction project on time.

Strong Mobility and Fast Movement

The mobile concrete batching plant South Africa is pulled by a towing unit, which has good mobility and makes production more flexible. And it is suitable for the shifted job sites that have a relatively low requirement for the concrete quality with a small quantity. And if you don’t have a a long-term fixed production site, the mobile batching is optimal choice for you.


The mobile concrete batching plant South Africa doesn’t need to build a foundation, which can save a certain capital cost of steel plates and steel reinforcement as well as hiring workers. You can put it into next project immediately once your construction project on hand is finished and don’t worry the location of job site because it can move at any time.

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