Diesel Power System of Self Loading Concrete Mixer

What is the Diesel Power System of Self Loading Concrete Mixer?

A self loading concrete mixer is a set of modern compact and independent equipment with efficiency and economization characteristics in the contemporary concrete mixing machinery industry.

It is adaptable, efficient, and appropriate for producing concrete construction materials in various complicated technical locations. In recent years, it has become a favorite initiative among investors.

One of the primary reasons for the self-loading mixer truck’s popularity is its powerful and robust diesel power system. It is the primary source of power for the concrete self-loading mixer truck and the basic guarantee for its multifunctional operation.

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Components of Diesel Power System of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

The diesel power system of self loading mixer truck consists of a diesel engine, a frame chassis, a saddle, a response frame, a power takeoff, a reducer, a hydraulic gear pump, a hydraulic motor, a hydraulic pump, and other components.

The diesel engine is the starting point for the whole diesel self-loading mixer truck. It is the heart of the diesel power system.

The frame chassis is the most fundamental and significant component of a self-loading concrete mixer truck. The chassis performs the transportation function for the whole self-loading concrete mixer truck. Almost all of the power components are also installed on the chassis.

A ball saddle is fitted on the chassis’s response frame, connecting the mixing drum to the diesel driving device and allowing the mixing drum to spin horizontally.

Power takeoff is a method for removing power from a diesel engine.

It is, in fact, a collection of variable speed gears, sometimes known as a power output device.

A reducer is a device that sits between the hydraulic motor and the drive shafts and is used to reduce speed while increasing torque. A reducer is also known as a gear motor.

A hydraulic pump is a drive mechanism that transfers mechanical energy from a diesel engine to hydraulic energy, then used to power a hydraulic gear pump.

The hydraulic energy is subsequently transferred to the hydraulic motor via the hydraulic gear pump.

A hydraulic motor is a device that transforms hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Reducers help cut down speed and increase torque, allowing energy to be directed to specific components such as the mixing drum, vehicle, and loader.

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Operation Principle of Diesel Power System of Self Loading Mixer Truck System

The self-loading mixer truck’s diesel power system is divided into three branches. The first is the power support for the vehicle’s journey, and the second is the driving power for the horizontal and axial rotation of the mixing drum. The third component is the power supply for the loader. The following is the primary working premise and method.

Diesel Power System of Self Loading concrete mixer

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To begin with, the operator starts the diesel engine and hydraulic pump by pressing the switch button and moving the lever in the driving cab.

Secondly, the power of the diesel engine is transmitted to the hydraulic pump through the power takeoff gear.

Thirdly, the hydraulic pump turns the mechanical energy from the power takeoff into hydraulic energy then distributes it to the various hydraulic gear pumps.

The hydraulic energy is then converted into mechanical energy by the gear pumps.

The reducers produce energy for each power actuator after reducing the speed and raising the torque (such as the mixing drum rotation drive system, the truck drive system, the charing bucket loading system, and many more).

Finally, all of the components above work together with the lever to drive and regulate the operations of numerous components.

This is the primary driving basis of the self-loading concrete mixer truck’s diesel system.

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