How to Install the Truck Mounted Concrete Mixer Pump

Truck mounted concrete mixer pump has advantages of mixing, transporting and pumping. So it is well received by customers. Truck-mounted concrete pump can be purchased as a whole, or only buy the upper part. How to install the truck mounted concrete mixer pump?

How to Install the Truck Mounted Concrete Mixer Pump

1. Find a truck chassis with a wheelbase of 3.8 meters (with a load capacity of not less than 6 tons), place the upper part (Part A) on the truck chassis, and install a rubber (5cm of wide, 5mm of thick, and 3.5m of long) between the truck and the upper part (Part A) to reduces iron-iron friction.

Truck chassis of concrete mixer pump

Truck Chassis

mixer machine of concrete mixer pump

Part A


  • Placed the upper part (Part A) of truck mounted concrete mixer pump stably
  • The two parts remain relatively consistent
  • Avoid pressing the car chassis wire
  • Not less than three fixed points on each side

2. Remove the four temporary outriggers and install the hydraulic outriggers.

truck-mounted concrete mixer pump for sale
How to install concrete mixer pump

3. Lift the mixer part up and place it on the pump.

hot mixer
pumping machine

Roller stuck need on track.

installation of concrete mixer pump

4. Locate the pin (as picture showing) in the accessory box to secure the device.

how to install concrete pump
hot to install concrete pump

5. Connect the wire lines, we have marked with numbers, the lines with the same numbers are connected together, and the same in the distribution box.

concrete pump installing
installing of concrete pump
control system of concrete pump
control cabinets

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