How To Maintain The Concrete Line Pump Truck?

Good daily maintenance is the key to the good operation of concrete line pump truck.

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Daily Maintenance of Pumping System

  • Discharge water at the bottom of the oil tank periodically (per 10 days or per 50 working hours)
  • Fill the water tank with clean water, and the lubricating oil box and points with lubricating grease.
  • Make sure the good sealing of concrete piston and no mortar permeation into water tank.
  • Check out the interval between the cutting ring and the glass board (maximum 2mm)
  • Thoroughly clean the whole system and check the wear parts after each using.
  • Adjust the interval between the cutting ring and the glass board if it is more than 2mm.
  • Check the piston and replace a new one if necessary.
  • Check the wear of the S tube and the axle of concrete line pump truck.
  • Check the wear of the mixing device, mixing blades and the mixing shaft.
  • Check the air pressure of the energy storage ( 10-11MPa)
  • Check the connection and welded joint of the structural parts.
  • Check the engine oil level. Replenish or change oil if it is necessary.
  • Check the wear of concrete cylinder. Change a new one if the Chromium plating is severely worn.

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Daily Maintenance of Truck Chassis

  • Check the engine oil level and the oil quality.
  • Check the cooling water level and the temperature.
  • Check the oil pressure of the engine oil.
  • Check the wear and the pressure of the tires.
  • Check the electric system (such as illumination, indicator light, STOP light and so on).
  • Check the visual field of the rearview mirrors.
  • Check the air pressure of the braking system.
  • Check oil and gas leak (Tighten the joint if there is oil or gas leak.)
  • Check all moving parts(fixed legs etc..) before pump truck is started.

Daily Cleaning Methods

Each time after the completion of construction, the remaining concrete in concrete pump pipe should be timely cleaned. Daily cleaning will greatly extend the service life of the concrete line pump truck.

Before cleaning, it is recommended to pump 0.52-1m3 of mortar. Stop after all pumping. Flip the plate valve switch and then remove the pressure of the accumulator.

There are two cleaning ways, water cleaning and air cleaning. It is worth mentioning that no matter in which way, the valve box and the hopper should be thoroughly cleaned.

Air cleaning with certain danger, requires strict pipe tightness and the cleaning length is not too far.

While water cleaning is easy and safe, which is recommended widely.

There are also more details about how to maintain a line pump truck.

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