Maintenance of Luton Self Loading Concrete Mixer

LUTON self loading concrete mixer is a concrete mixing truck suitable for small-scale engineering construction, which integrates automatic loading, mixing, transportation and automatic unloading. Therefore it combines the functions of the concrete mixer, transit mixer and wheel loader which now is the more cost-effective equipment for construction.


As the construction equipment for dealing with concrete, appropriate maintenance of Luton self loading concrete mixer is very vital and it determines the service life to a large extent. Thus when we use the self loading concrete mixer in daily life, we need pay attention to the knowledge of maintenance of Luton self loading concrete mixer.

Before starting the self loading concrete mixer

Inspect all transmission pipes and hoses.

Check the hydraulic oil level.

Check the gear oil level.

Check the automatic lubricating oil level.


After using the self loading concrete mixer


Keep the water tank full of water, inject a certain amount of water into the mixing tank and make the mixing tank rotary slowly.

Turn on the car washing pump and make it connected with the high-pressure water gun.

When there is no cement and concrete caking, drain the sewage in the mixing tank.

First maintenance time — After working for 150 hours

Change the hydraulic oil.

Replace hydraulic oil filter(In Summer:L-HV68#, In Winter:L-HV46#. with GB11118J-94 standard).

Check and tight bolts.

Routine maintenance

After the first maintenance, working for 1000 hours (around one year), change the hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil filter.
Check Roller: maintenance with lithium grease and calcium greases weekly.
Check universal joint: maintenance with lithium grease.

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