Mini Concrete Batch Plant for Sale

Mini Concrete Batch Plant for sale, is one type of concrete batching plant, with a capacity of less than 60 m³ per hour. The mini concrete batching plant combines various functional systems, such as feeding, batching, mixing, conveying and transferring, electric controlling, etc. 

Mini concrete batch plant for sale consist of portable shaft mixers, which give them good mobility, compared to ordinary mobile stations that need a drag chassis and wheels to achieve maximum mobility and quick installation.

It is easy to disassemble and assemble without too much preparation for the station’s construction. It is suitable for construction projects with short construction periods, long construction lines, and more functional at temporary construction sites.

Models of Mini Concrete Batch Plant for Sale

Concrete Batching Plant HZS25 installed In Pakistan
HZS25 Mini Concrete Batch Plant for Sale
Price$25,000 to $40,000
Mixing systemTwin-shaft concrete mixer
Aggregate feederBucket (Skip hopper)
Aggregate batching machinePLD800

Application of HZS35 in Indonesia
HZS35 Mini Concrete Batch Plant for Sale
Price$25,000 to $50,000
Mixing systemTwin-shaft concrete mixer
Aggregate feederBucket (Skip hopper)
Aggregate batching machinePLD1200

wet concrete batching plant
Two sets of HZS50 Mini Concrete Batch Plant for Sale
Price$35,000 to $60,000
Mixing systemTwin-shaft concrete mixer
Aggregate feederBucket (Skip hopper)
Aggregate batching machinePLD1600

LUTON HZS75 Batching Plant in Philippines
Two sets of HZS50 Mini Concrete Batch Plant for Sale
Price$60,000 to $100,000
Mixing systemTwin-shaft concrete mixer
Aggregate feederBucket (Skip hopper)
Aggregate batching machinePLD2400

Components of a Mini Concrete Batch Plant for Sale

Ingredients feeding system

The ingredients feeding system includes aggregate batching machine, aggregate weighing bin, and flat belt conveyor.

Weighing system

The weighing system includes cement weighing hopper, water, and additive weighing hopper.

Cement feeding system

The cement feeding system includes cement silo, screw conveyor, air compressor, and spiral electronic scales.

Mixing system

The mixing system includes twin-shaft concrete mixer and reducer.

Automatic water Feeding system

The automatic water feeding system includes water tanks, pumps, and pipelines.

Electrical operating system:

The electrical operating system includes computer, electrical control cabinet, and operating room.

Operation control system

The operation control system includes automatic control or manual control.

Features Of Mini Concrete Plants

The mini concrete batch plant for sale comes with the following features:

Flexibility: These are the features that make the mini concrete mixing plant equipment flexible, and they include compact structure, flexible layout, convenient disassembly, and transportation

Low investment: Small concrete mixing plants are much cheaper than large ones; therefore, small stations are more economical, making them the ideal essential construction equipment for small and medium-scale construction sites, bridges, highways, and other construction occasions.

Highly automatic: Mini concrete mixing plants are forced batch type mixing stations with highly intelligent automation functions.

Customizable: Mini concrete mixing plants allow various combinations, and you can customize loading methods according to your needs.

Advantage of Mini Mix Concrete Plant

The mini concrete batch plant for sale has many advantages as its mini size and compact structure.

  1. Easy transportation
  2. Rapid installation and disassemble easily
  3. Less installation space is required within the project area.
  4. Less concrete foundation requirement on a flat concrete floor.
  5. Easier installation permission. In some cases, no permission is required.

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Application of a Small Concrete Mixing Plant

Mini concrete batch plant for sale is used in constructing highways, bridges, power stations, and dams where there are field construction operations. It can mix dry hard, semi-rigid, plastic, and various ratio concrete, significantly improving concrete quality.

At the same time, it can be restructured to the user’s particular requirements. It usually is seen at a specific project site and small-scale construction site, playing an irreplaceable role.

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Used Mini Concrete Batch Plants

Some customers think that the small concrete batching plant parts are simple, and it is not cost-effective to purchase new equipment. Buying a second-hand small concrete mixing plant can save more money.

Although the price of the second-hand mixing plant is low, the later maintenance is troublesome, and it is only suitable for short-term projects. The new mixing plant has a slightly higher initial investment with simple maintenance, guaranteed quality, and the performance and quality of its products are more stable and easy to control.

Therefore, consumers are reminded again that if the purchased mixing plant needs to be used for a long time, buying a new set of equipment is still recommended. After all, buying second-hand goods to save some money may have a lot of hidden dangers.

Important Suggestion When Buying a Mini Concrete Batching Plant

When purchasing a small concrete mixing plant, you should be thoughtful and thoughtful.

LUTON GROUP as a professional concrete mixing plant manufacturer, has compiled the following content for everyone: the precautions for purchasing small mixing plants.

1. To purchase a small concrete mixing plant, you must go to the manufacturer to investigate the production workshop and observe its production capacity.

2. To purchase a small concrete mixing plant, you must buy it from a prestigious regular factory.

The equipment of regular manufacturers is more durable and has a longer life. In addition, after-sales, the standard mixing plant equipment manufacturers have a comprehensive and complete after-sales service system.

If problems arise, they can contact the manufacturer and solve them according to the process, allowing customers to purchase and use the mixing plant equipment.

3. When purchasing a small concrete mixing plant, you must carefully inspect and inspect the quality of the equipment. Now that the equipment specifications have been unified, the most significant factor affecting concrete output is the quality of the mixing plant equipment.

Everyone knows that the entire concrete mixing plant system is composed of a feeding part, a weighing part, a mixing part, a storage part, etc. Any problem in these components may cause the entire mixing plant output.

4. When purchasing a small concrete mixing plant, you must choose a suitable equipment model based on your actual needs.

Due to the limitation of many factors such as capital, site, and production requirements, some customers often ignore the manufacturers’ opinions when purchasing relevant models of concrete mixing plants and compulsorily require the replacement of different models of the same equipment on the composition of the appropriate equipment.

Take the small-scale engineering concrete mixing plant HZS35 plant as an example. The best concrete mixer configuration model should be JS750. However, suppose the customer requires JS500 instead, although the entire HZS35 concrete mixing plant can still operate and produce.

In that case, its mixing speed and performance are affected, so the final concrete production volume is also different from the theoretical 35m3/h.

LUTON GROUP has produced and manufactured concrete mixing equipment for more than 20 years. The factory has guaranteed quality after-sales. Welcome to inquire and purchase, or visit our factory!

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