Concrete Batching Plant Cost

How Much Does A Concrete Batching Plant Cost?

While determining the concrete batching plant cost, production capacity is one of the main factors to consider.

Depending on production capacity, a concrete batching plant has three price ranges. The price range and the models are:

  • Small concrete batching plant
    Price range between $25,000 and $100,000
    Models include – HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS70
  • Medium-sized plant
    Price range between $70,000 and $350,000
    Models include – HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS70
  • Large plant
    Price range between $310,000 and $360,000
    Models include – HZS240
Types Model Price
Small concrete batching plant HZS25 $25,000-$40,000
HZS35 $25,000-$50,000
HZS50 $35,000-$60,000
HZS75 $60,000-$100,000
Medium-sized concrete batching plant HZS60 $70,000-$100,000
HZS90 $90,000-$140,000
HZS120 $180,000-$250,000
HZS180 $250,000-$350,000
Large concrete batching plant HZS240 $310,000-$360,000

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What Are The Factors That Affect The Price Of A Concrete Batching Plant?

Although the a set of concrete batching plant cost seems expensive at first glance, but when we consider the overall costs involved, the benefits outweigh the costs.

Generally, the price of a concrete batching plant is mainly related to the following factors:

1. Scale

The scale, model, site area, capacity of the mixing machines, infrastructure, and construction will affect the price. When considering purchasing a concrete batching plant, it is necessary to determine the purpose and model of the concrete batch station – whether you are investing in a concrete station for engineering purposes or commercial purposes.

The model of a plant is mainly based on its production scale. Therefore, the first step to consider is to determine the production scale of your plant before investing in a concrete plant.

The next step is to select a model (HZS25,HZS35,HZS50,HZS75,HZS90,HZS120,HZS180,HZS240) that most suits your requirement.

Finally, based on the purpose of the plant (whether for engineering or commercial purposes) the type of concrete mixer plant will be determined.

These are some of the major factors affecting the concrete batching plant cost from the ‘scale’ point of view.

2. Quality

A cement batching plant is assembled by many parts, such as the mixing machine, control system, weighing system, and so on from various manufacturers.

Different manufactures produce parts of the concrete batching plant with different qualities, performances, and prices. The price of parts sourced from reputed manufactures will always be higher than those providing inferior quality.

Therefore, the quality of the sourced parts involved in the assembly of the plant will invariably affect the cost, build quality, and output of the equipment.

3. Configuration

The concrete ready mix plant includes the mixer, weighing system, conveying system, storage system, control system, and other ancillary facilities. Various manufacturers have different configurations and designs for the same type of mixing station.

The difference also lies in the approach of different Research and Development (R&D) departments, and in the quality of the parts that are used. The specific configuration of the concrete plant will be determined according to the requirements and construction site.

The configuration of the same set of concrete batching plants may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. For example, the HZS60 model is usually equipped with

  • JS1000 forced double shaft mixer
  • Belt conveyor
  • Automatic control system
  • PLD1600 four bin batching machine
  • Water weighing system
  • Cement weighing system
  • Fly ash weighing
  • 100T cement silo
  • Pneumatic control system

Manufacturers can customize the equipment according to specific requirements, and hence the price will vary.

4. Regional Differences

Apart from the design and manufacturing cost, regional differences are also a determinant factor affecting the a concrete batching plant cost.

The cost of land and labor varies from place to place affecting the cost of site area and the salary of staff, invariably affecting the concete batching plant cost.

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Cost Analysis Of Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete batching plants play a vital role in the construction engineering industry, and it has been favored by many investors. In recent years, the demand for concrete mixing stations has increased due to new technological developments in the construction industry.

While considering the concrete batching plant cost, it is important to consider the following cost inputs:

1. Raw Material Cost:

This involves the cost of various raw materials required to produce the concrete mixture. It refers to the cost of all materials such as cement, sand, gravel, fly ash and additives.

2. Freight Cost:

The process of cement mixing involves a lot of logistics and therefore it is important to consider the fuel consumption of various vehicles, including the cost of mixer trucks, pumps, loaders, etc. which can be calculated by statistics.

3. Staff Wages:

Wage is an important part of the concrete batching plant cost as it involves manpower. The employee wages are generally a fixed cost to the plant. The larger the volume of concrete produced, the lower the production cost.

4. Depreciation Cost Of Equipment:

Depreciation shows how much value an asset loses over time due to wear and tear. The depreciation period shall be considered, if the boss decides to recover the cost in five years, depreciation cost is the total cost of the plant divided by five years of projected production.

5. Marketing Expense:

It includes all the expenses incurred by the marketing department in the sales process of commercial concrete. The marketing expense has to be controlled within the stipulated range.

6. Cost Of Water, Electricity And  Communication

Running a concrete batching plant requires the use of water and electricity. Adequate communication is also required to ensure the entire team is on the same page.

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Which Type And Size Of Concrete Mixing Plant Should You Buy?

Large or small concrete batching plant – what is the right choice for your company?

There are many factors to be considered while deciding whether to invest in a large batching plant or a small batching plant. Apart from the investment point of view, before finalizing the plant it is very important to consider other factors such as:

  • The actual demand
  • The size of the construction site
  • The speed of capital withdrawal

Advantages of Small & Large Batching Plants

Below are mentioned some of the advantages of small and large-sized concrete batching plants.

Large Concrete Batching Plant:

  • High efficiency
  • Large scale production
  • Suitable for the production of commercial concrete

Small Concrete Batching Plant:

  • Low investment cost
  • Quick return in investment
  • Convenient movement between construction sites
  • Suitable for engineering construction or rent
  • Lower price than a large-sized concrete plant

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What About Investing In A Small Concrete Batching Plant?

Although the initial investment in a small concrete batching plant cost might seem to be high, the corresponding profit cost is relatively high.

For example, consider the Luton HZS35 model (costing approximately $25,000 to $40,000).

In China, the actual production output of the Luton HZS35 concrete mixing station is about 30 cubic meters per hour (30m3/h).

However, when we consider a normal working day with a production time of 8 hours a day, the daily output is about 240 cubic meters of concrete.

The net profit of one cubic meter of concrete is about $8. Therefore, it is possible to get returns on your capital within a short span of three months.

What Is The Cost Of A 60m3 Concrete Batching Plant?

The HZS60 concrete batching plant is the 60 m3 concrete batching plant. It adopts JS1000 concrete mixer with a capacity of 1000 L. It has a high production capacity, compact design, high efficiency, and saves energy.

Some of the advantages of the HZS60 model are:

  • High-cost performance
    High output
  • Small floor area
  • Quick cost recovery

The choice is in the main equipment configuration of the small and medium-sized mixing station. Since the theoretical output value reaches 60 cubic meters per hour (60 m3/ h), it is known as the “60m3 concrete mixing station”.

The Luton HZS60 model costs from $70,000 to $100,000. The quotation of HZS60 concrete mixing station equipment sold by different manufacturers in the market varies, which is mainly determined by the specific configuration and the production strength of the manufacturers.

HZS25 concrete batch plant

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How Much Does It Cost To Produce One Cubic Meter Of Concrete?

A large concrete central mixing plant can produce hundreds of cubic meters of concrete per hour, and thousands of cubic meters of concrete per day.

For example, consider C30 concrete in China.

  • At present, the cost of production of one cubic meter of C30 concrete is about $41.
  • The price of C30 concrete per cubic meter is about $49 to $53.
  • The profit of C30 concrete per cubic meter is about $8.

The cost is different for different regions.

Is It Cost-effective To Buy A Secondhand Concrete Batching Plant Or A New Concrete Batching Plant?

While a used concrete batching plant cost is cheaper than a new concrete batching plant cost, one has to bear in mind that the average usable life of a concrete mixing plant is about 20 years. Therefore, it is not justified to consider the price and quality separately.

Often, manufacturers of used concrete stations renovate all parts in order to sell at a higher price. Truth is that the parts and processes of a used plant decline over time and you may end up spending a high amount on maintenance of the used concrete station to make it profitable.

Before you go ahead with buying a used concrete batching plant, it is advisable to ask yourself such questions as:

  • Is it really worth buying used equipment?
  • Is the plant good enough for the price?
  • Will the maintenance cost exceed anticipated profits?

A new concrete batching plant on the other hand is in brand-new condition for optimum performance in processes, mixing, operating system, and has a much lower carbon footprint for environmental protection.

Compared with a used concrete mixing plant, the price of a new plant will obviously be higher, but you can be assured of smooth operations, safe automatic mixing, accurate weighing, environmental protection, and perfect after-sales services.

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Are You Looking For A Reasonably Priced Concrete Batching Plant In China, LTG?

The Luton Group machinery has been focusing on the concrete batching plant manufacturing industry for many years and has extensive experience in the design and construction of concrete mixing plants.

Reasons to Consider the Luton Group Equipment:

  • The Luton concrete mixing station uses the factory-direct sales model; therefore, the middleman is eliminated, reducing the cost to you
  • Luton owns an independent research and development team, so the price of the concrete plant will be relatively more affordable compared to competitors
  • We provide guidance in choosing the appropriate models of concrete mixing stations according to the needs and requirements of customers. This helps avoid waste of funds and resources
  • We deal with problems from the customer’s perspective and strive to ensure customer satisfaction

For any queries, you can contact us directly and we will assist you by clarifying your questions and helping you choose the right product for your company’s specific needs.

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