Mobile Concrete Batching Plant In Kenya

Luton 60m3 mobile concrete batching plant sold to a Kenyan customer, who is looking for a suitable concrete batching machine for his medium scale project in Kenya.

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After a comprehensive understanding of customer’s needs, Luton senior consultant recommended this type of Luton mobile concrete batching machine.

Luton 60m3 mobile concrete batching plant is designed with compact structure, which can be transported rapidly to construction sites and assembled on site without any crane.

This kind of flexible modular unit design enable Luton mobile concrete batching plant to transfer flexibly and efficiently from one project site to another one. In this way, the time and money cost can be reduced efficiently. Eventually it brings more profits to the investor.

All in all, the outstanding concrete product performance and the cost efficient characteristic moved our Kenyan friend, who is now very satisfied with the versatile and flexible mobile concrete batching plant.

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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant plays an important role in construction project field. As one of the main force of the concrete mixing equipment, mobile concrete batching plant is well known in construction industry. Certainly, that depends on its excellent performance, including easy moving, installing and dismantling, high mixing performance, convenient maintenance, etc..

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